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The Netherlands has created some of the best moments in previous World Cups, and they are set for another chance to do so. The team has recovered slowly from their golden generation departing, having managed to create a solid team of players with both promising talent and experienced winners mixed in the bunch. We shall review their previous exploits, the possibilities that lie ahead during the world cup, and the odds and chances surrounding the Dutch national team.

Netherlands World Cup 2022: Future Betting Odds and Analysis

Future betting in the World Cup, especially now, can turn out to be a masterstroke, or you could be unlucky; future betting aims to predict an event or outcome before it happens. In this case, we’re predicting which team will win the World Cup and, be more specific, the Netherlands’ chances of winning the tournament. Sports Interaction has them as one of their favorites at +1201, and that accurately reflects their current chances, as the team is capable of going all the way and challenging the other big teams for the final spots.

Netherlands World Cup 2022: Moneyline Odds and Analysis

Moneyline odds are some of the most common bets you’ll see on a sportsbook. The idea is to pick the winner of an event or fixture and place a wager on them. In the case of the Netherlands, and when we look at their numbers, this team was one of the best picks for the moenyline bet as they dominated their group in qualifiers, and they did so convincingly, losing only 1 game and winning 7 of their 10 games. They managed to amass a win percentage of 80%, which is an impressive number for a well-built team.

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Netherlands World Cup 2022: Totals Odds and Analysis

If there’s a team that shone in the totals market, it was the Netherlands, as they managed to score quite a number of goals while working to concede so few, which is a testament to the team’s attacking quality. To begin, we will look at the over 0.5 goals, which had a 100% occurrence in their fixture, in the over 1.5 goals, this occurred at 90% of the fixtures, and lastly, with over 2.5 goals, this happened at a rate of 60%. All these numbers showcase the strength of the Dutch national team and their frightening ability to score goals.

Netherlands World Cup 2022: BTTS Odds and Analysis

Regarding both teams’ scores and odds on the Netherlands, as the team was dominant in its performances, the chances of other teams scoring all the time were going to be low. In BTTS, the point of this bet is to wager on the fact that both teams will score in the game being played. The Netherlands had this occur in 60% of their games in defense. They boast arguably the world’s best defender currently in Virgil Van Dijk, and it shows in how they manage to contain their opponents when they play.

Netherlands World Cup 2022: Top Goalscorer Odds and Analysis

The Dutch have provided some of the best strikers soccer has ever seen, Van Persie, Van Nistelrooy, and Johan Cryuff, to name just a few. In the current crop of players, the striker that seems more likely to score the most goals at the World Cup for the Dutch is Memphis Depay; he possesses the right qualities to shine at the world cup and now with the experience to handle big-game pressure, he should be one to watch out for.

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