The Spanish Football League, better known as La Liga, is the second-best football league in the world. It boasts the clubs that have won the most European and Club World Cup championships and that’s Real Madrid and Barcelona, who have dominated the world of football in recent years and continue to do so. The La Liga is a historic league that all footballers from around the world aspired to play in one day, especially for Real Madrid or Barcelona. Ultimately, this football league makes it ripe for betting, and here’s our guide to betting on the Spanish La Liga.

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The Favorites to Win the La Liga

If the best two teams in the world are Barcelona and Real Madrid, you can bet your house that they will also be favorites to win the La Liga. Let’s take a look at the key pieces of data that you need to know to better place bets on the La Liga favorites.

Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid is now the reigning Spanish champions and the reigning European champions (14x European Champions) as well. Under the management of the legendary Carlo Ancelotti and the leadership of their talisman and captain, Karim Benzema, Real Madrid knocked out many big European teams from England and France on their way to winning the Champions League. In La Liga, they were by far the best side, scoring 80 goals and only conceding 31. Real Madrid will be favorites again, with Bet365 providing future bets with almost nailed-on odds of 11/10 for them to win the La Liga title again.

Atletico de Madrid FC

The former champions of the 2020/2021 season struggled to maintain their competitive edge to keep up with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Finishing 3rd, 2 points behind Barcelona. At least Atletico fans will be massively disappointed for not finishing as high as possible and not challenging Real Madrid for the title. Traditionally, they are always third favorites to win the league, but more often than not, they simply do not compete with the top 2.

Barcelona FC

Barcelona had a tumultuous season last year. They had a managerial change with legendary Xavi coming in to steady the ship mid-season and bring back what seemed to be the La Masia way that had gone lost. At some point, Barcelona was languishing at 9th. However, Xavi did manage to steer them back on track with the help of some mid-season signings. Barcelona also dropped into the Europa League for the first time in many years. They lost to Frankfurt in the quarter-finals, which just shows how far they fell off. Finishing 2nd will be seen as a positive sign regardless of their cup failures, and they will be second-favorites to win the La Liga title next season.

La Liga Soccer Betting Relegation

The bottom three teams in La Liga will be automatically relegated. There will be no play-offs to save any teams in the last-chance saloon, and the top 3 teams in the second division will be directly promoted to La Liga.


Osasuna could be one of the teams that could find themselves in a relegation scrap. They didn’t necessarily have a bad season, finishing 10th and winning 12 games. They only scored 37 goals whilst conceding 51 goals. If they want to avoid a relegation scrap again and finish as high as possible as they did last season or improve, they will need to improve their attacking options during the transfer window.

Celta de Vigo

Celta Vigo has had a decent season, finishing just behind Osasuna. Celta is a traditionally La Liga club, meaning they usually find themselves in a good mid-table position; they won 12 games as well, but their defensive organization had let them down. They scored more goals than Osasuna, for example, 43, but also conceded 43 goals. They’ll need to sort that their defensive abilities as a club to avoid fighting relegation. Celta did have some notable results, though, beating Barcelona as well.

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Getafe will fight relegation unless they invest heavily in the transfer market and ensure their on-field performances are bang on. They only managed to win eight games and were 1 point off the relegation places. They will need to be careful not to find themselves on the wrong side of the relegation battle this time.

La Liga Standing Table: Overall, Home & Away

La Liga Top Players: Goals, Assists & Cards

La Liga Betting Tips:

barcelona betting tips to win

barcelona betting tips to win

Home and Away fixtures

The location of the match is an essential factor to take into account. Teams typically perform better at home than on the road. The nature of the teams—who is the favorite and who is the underdog—also plays a part in this, though. There are anomalies like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid, who will always be the favorites wherever they play. When the cards are stacked against them, certain teams seem to perform better away from home. This may be a result of their playing style, which might involve a defensive attitude to the game or just a mentality problem. For instance, some players thrive in a hostile setting. The majority of clubs scored more points at home than on the road during the 2021/22 season.

Goals Scored and Goals Conceded

In any sport, the over/under totals bet is a well-liked betting option. It might be difficult to predict if a given number of goals will be scored in a game by both sides when betting on totals. It’s critical to be aware of each team’s head-to-head record; for example, certain games, such as derby matchups, maybe high-scoring affairs with over 2.5 goals scored while others may be low-scoring affairs with under 2.5 goals scored. Knowing each team’s goalscoring capabilities can help you predict whether or not they can win your bet.

Keep track of offseason and mid-season transfers.

A key aspect of the sports industry is the transfer market. A club’s season might be made or broken by it. The teams’ performances during the season may be directly impacted by keeping track of the players the clubs sign or sell. Additionally, it can alter the way a team plays. This is true for the whole coaching team, including managers, assistants, fitness coaches, defense coaches, and offensive coaches. Player transfers are the ones to pay attention to, though.

Look at the statistics of the teams.

It’s crucial to consider the clubs’ offensive and defensive metrics when placing a wager on any market. You can usually win on BTTS (Both teams to score) bets if both teams have poor defenses. However, their ability to score goals will also play a role in this. The key to winning a BTTS wager is understanding if the clubs generate enough opportunities and have quality attacking players.

The teams’ form should be taken into consideration.

Throughout the season, teams’ performances may fluctuate greatly. Several factors can be at blame for this. A team’s players are often totally fit and have been for a while if they are in high form. Whether or whether they have a healthy roster, teams may also be in poor form following a string of challenging matches that they must play one after the other.

Best Bets available on La Liga

Halftime Bets 

Halftime Wagers are made on events that could happen before the break. You may base this on the game’s final score before halfway, as well as other outcomes like a team scoring or surrendering before intermission or players receiving red or yellow cards, for example.

Bets on Over/Under Totals

As was already indicated, these wagers are made based on the game’s final score. You enter your bet on whether the teams will score more goals than a predetermined amount or fewer goals. Depending on the market type, different odds are used, such as over/under 1.5 goals, 2.5 goals, 3.5 goals, or even 4.5 goals. When placing this wager, you must consider the match’s history (a head-to-head record), goalscoring and defensive statistics, and form. Click here and check out our latest over and under picks.

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Live betting option:

In-play betting, often known as live betting, is a very well-liked option for sports bettors. You can do so while the games are still being played. For gamblers, this is intriguing since it enables you to assess the game’s situation while placing bets. Before placing a wager, you may gain more knowledge by following the game statistics in real-time. However, this wager does not apply to all markets. Markets will occasionally close, so it’s important to keep track of which ones are currently open.


Both teams to score (BTTS) on soccer bets are very common. Your bet is on whether both teams will score if they do or not. It’s a straightforward yes or no, but the head-to-head records of the two clubs, their defensive and offensive statistics, and perhaps whether it’s a rivalry or derby game or not complicate matters.


One of the riskiest wagers you can make is a parlay. We urge you to just put them infrequently because there are too many factors to take into account. But if they are successful, you will receive substantial rewards. You can parlay bets by placing multiple wagers on a single bet slip. You may, for instance, gamble on the outcome of match A, the BTTS market for match A, the over/under market for match B, and countless other things. It would be dangerous because you would be leaving yourself vulnerable to a lot of potential outcomes. Read more about parlays.

Double Chance:

The double chance market predicts a team’s chances of winning or drawing the game. All things considered, it’s a straightforward wager to make and among the safest ones. All things refer to wagers like parlays and over/under wagers, among others. The two teams’ performance histories still need to be taken into account, so it’s not as easy as it seems. Click here and get our last double chance picks.

Best La Liga betting sites in Canada:


The largest sportsbook in the entire globe is probably Betway. In the gaming sector, its sports coverage is unmatched. It undoubtedly provides excellent betting possibilities in the markets they have available and thoroughly covers the Spanish La Liga. The live betting function offered by Betway is among the best available; it is slick, updates swiftly, and loads its open markets promptly. Have a look at their odds and available markets for La Liga.


Bet365 is neck and neck with Betway when it comes to football betting. It covers the Spanish La Liga extensively with all the markets you’d expect to find, great offers on their future bets for promotion and relegation, and their live betting feature is top-class. It send you notifications (on their app, for example) and an extensive list of detailed stats as the game goes on.

William Hill:

Since William Hill is a UK-based bookmaker, they have a laser-like concentration on football betting. If you want to wager on La Liga, William Hill has great odds and promotional offers on every market you could possibly want. All of your standard betting services, such as live betting, are available. Additional options include BTTS, future wagers, and over/under.

Best App for Canadian Gamblers to bet on La Liga

Sports Interaction:

The Sports Interaction mobile application is well-optimized for Canadian players. You can find it on both the Apple Store and the Google Playstore. It’s extremely reliable, rarely crashes, runs smoothly no matter the phone you’re using, and anything you find on their mobile and web browser sites, you’ll also find on their mobile app. This includes live betting, the same consistent odds for the same matches, and the same offers you’d find elsewhere.


888Sport launched as a betting site on a mobile application before having a website or mobile browser. Despite them also now having designed a proper website and mobile browser, their mobile app is one of the best around. It’s, first of all, available on both Google Playstore and Apple Store. Secondly, it’s got all the odds, markets, and offers you’ll find on the websites. Thirdly, it’s incredibly smooth and interactive, making it easy on the eye. Because of its functional excellence, its live feature is world-class. Read more about 888sport.

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Other competitions in Spain

Of course, the Spanish League teams get to participate in international, continental, and local competitions that run concurrently with the league calendar.

Champions League

The Champions League has been won by the biggest and most successful club in the world, Real Madrid, a record 14 times. Barcelona has won it five times. It’s fair to say that the Spanish teams have largely dominated Europe over the last two decades. Real Madrid is the defending champions of the competition and will be the favorites to win it again next season, while Barcelona won’t be too far off.

Europa League

The Europa League is also one of the competitions that Spain has dominated in recent years, with Sevilla winning three times under Unai Emery 3 years in a row. There are other teams like Atletico de Madrid as well who have won it more than once. This time out, Real Betis and Real Sociedad will represent the Spaniards in the Europa League, but their chances of winning the competition will be lower than those of some others, like Arsenal and Man United.

La Copa del Rey

The Copa Del Rey is the national cup tournament where all league clubs take on each other across the divisions, with knockout rounds to determine the Champion. Any team can win this tournament, as last season’s champions, Real Betis, has shown. However, as it stands, Barcelona has won the most Copa Del Reys with 31 titles. Still, the favorites will be Real Madrid again.

Top Matches to bet on Spanish Soccer League:

Here are the best games to watch and bet on when it comes to La Liga football.

Real Madrid FC vs Barcelona FC

This is one of the biggest rivalries in football history and certainly the most famous. Between Barcelona and Real Madrid’s historical successes, they have more success and tradition than most of the other clubs combined. Their matches are more often than not classic matches that you could watch again and again. That’s why this game is known as El Classico. Surprisingly, Barcelona has won 25 to Madrid’s 23 while scoring 114 goals to Madrid’s 97.

Real Madrid FC vs Atletico de Madrid FC:

The Madrid derby is between Atleti and Real Madrid. More often than not, Atleti is the underdog, and Real Madrid is the favorite. History has shown that Madrid has won 29 games vs. Atleti’s 12. We don’t expect that to change anytime soon, but under Diego Simeone, they have managed to bridge the gap between them, even winning 2020/2021’s La Liga title. 

Real Madrid FC vs Sevilla FC:

This fixture boasts the Champions League and Europa League’s most successful teams with Real Madrid vs. Sevilla, respectively. Despite both accumulating honors in the continental tournaments, the gulf in class is massive, and Madrid has won more (34) than twice the number of games that Sevilla has won (16).

Valencia FC vs Barcelona FC

Barcelona is simply the outright favorite of this fixture, winning 29 to Valencia’s 12 while drawing 16. Traditionally, this may have been a tighter game to call when it had the squad full of players like David Villa and David Silva. Still, those days are long gone, and now Barcelona has maintained its status whilst Valencia has dropped many levels.

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