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Winning a parlay is more than just financially rewarding. It’s exhilarating to watch the games play out through the day as you get closer and closer to your goal. You can’t just place a bet and hope for the best. Parlays require research, insight, and attention to detail—and that’s where we come in. We’re going to give you some soccer parlay tips below that show you how we achieved our winning record.

Saturday’s Football Parlay 25/08 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 28 05 Mixed Leagues

28/05 – Reasoning Tip

The MLS season is in full swing, and Philadelphia Union remain on top of the table. The odds against New England Revolution are just too hot to ignore! Real Salt Lake haven’t lost to Houston Dynamo in their last five meetings, making them strong favourites with the home advantage. Canadian club CF Montreal always perform well at home and should make a pretty decent proposition to take all three points.

Sunday’s Football Parlay 24/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 24 04 Mixed Leagues

24/04 – Reasoning Tip

Chelsea will look to rebound from their loss to Arsenal when they face West Ham today; they should expect a straightforward victory, though they may be fatigued from a mid-week fixture. Pacific FC will face HFX Wanderers in the Canadian Premier League and it should be an easy win for Pacific. Austin face a tough match against Vancouver Whitecaps but I expect them to pick up the three points.

Saturday’s Football Parlay 23/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 23 04 Mixed Leagues

23/04 – Reasoning Tip

Arsenal will play Man United today in one of the biggest games this weekend. Arsenal need the win to maintain their grip on European positions, and Man United are unlikely to make a big comeback from their confidence-struggling state. Bayern will face Dortmund today in one of the other biggest games in Europe. Bayern are odds-on favorites to win that game, with big Lewandowski up front. Pointy-headed Philly Union play home to Montreal today and should have an easy time of it.

Sunday’s Football Parlay 17/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 17 04 Mixed Leagues BetTipsCanada

17/04 – Reasoning Tip

Leicester take on Newcastle at St James’ Park. In the past, a Leicester win would have been expected, but Newcastle’s recent run of form makes this match much more interesting. West Ham host Burnley at Upton Park and should expect to win easily. The New York Red Bulls play at home against FC Dallas today. These two teams are not evenly matched; the Red Bulls should be able to count on a victory at Red Bull Arena.

Saturday’s Football Parlay 16/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 16 04 Mixed Leagues BettipsCanada

16/04 – Reasoning Tip

In Major League Soccer play, Montreal Impact FC will take on Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Stade Saputo in a game that will be hotly contested. Montreal is the favorite, as expected by the sportsbooks, but this game should be closer than most people think. Brentford FC are underdogs to beat Watford FC but given their recent performances, I believe that they have more than enough quality to defeat them at Griffin Park today. Tottenham Hotspur FC will continue their impressive form and beat Brighton & Hove Albion FC at White Hart Lane in front of the home crowd.

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Sunday’s Football Parlay 10/04 Mixed Leagues

Todays Football Parlay 10 04 Mixed Leagues

10/04 – Reasoning Tip

The MLS kicked off with vengeance last week and teams have been performing unpredictably. The LA Derby brings together two sides going for the win on Sunday. Real Salt Lake, I tipped to be one of the best sides in the MLS this season won last week and they should be expected to beat Toronto, despite Toronto’s new look last weekend. In the biggest game this weekend Man City will face off against Liverpool with a lot of anticipation.

What is a soccer Parlay bet?

Anyone familiar with sports betting has undoubtedly heard “soccer parlay”. One type of betting popular in soccer and sports, in general, is the parlay format. It is a combined bet in which the player chooses two or more options marked on his ticket, which must be correct if he wants to win. 

A particular feature of parlay soccer is that if one of the options chosen within the combinations is incorrect, all the rest is lost. And yes, if five possibilities were marked and only four fulfilled, there would be no winnings. However, if you manage to get all the factors right, the dividends obtained significantly exceed those earned with a simple bet.

  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
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  • Fast Payout
  • Cash out
  • Live Betting
  • Fully Licensed
Disadvantage list
  • Limited game options compared to other Bookies

  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

How to calculate the odds 

Before betting on parlay soccer, the main thing is knowing how the statistics work in this dynamic. If we know the odds of getting two, three, four, five, or more matches right, there will be more chances of winning. 

The common fault in many novice players in parlay soccer is creating tickets with multiple folds (7 or 8) without having full knowledge of the teams’ performance. There are cases of bettors who make combinations of 6 and get to hit 5, and the game they missed was chosen as a “filler.” 

Although there is a “chance” factor in sports betting, knowing the performance of a team’s players -as in the case of soccer- can be a determining factor in the outcome. Being invited or playing at home is another element to take into account. If the star player is injured, or if you are coming from a losing streak, there is a universe of elements to consider before wanting to “fill out a ticket wildly”. Knowledge is power.

A well-elaborated soccer parlay contains a balanced salad of options that keeps the “luck” factor as far away as possible. A good Acca (bet of two or more options) should be made consciously. Below are the basic ways in which they can be presented:

  • Double = 2 forecasts
  • Triple = 3 picks 
  • Four Fold Parlays = 4 predictions 
  • Five Fold Parlays = 5 predictions.

How to calculate whether or not you will win?

To know the chances of winning, it is necessary to know the teams’ probabilities. We can see this data on the portal —we should have access to it—although we could also quickly get it through the web. After having the numbers at hand, we apply the following formula (example for 4-way Parlay soccer):

Total Yield = Initial Bet x (Team 1 Odds x Team 2 Odds x Team 3 Odds x Team 4 Odds).

So if we had:

  • Team 1 x 3.00 odds
  • Team 2 x 2.50 Odds
  • Team 3 x 2.00 Odds
  • Team 4 x 1.5 Odds

             Total: 22.5 Odds

Benefits and advantages of placing a parlay bet

In addition to receiving a huge adrenaline rush after each victory seen on the screen, the financial gain after getting all the predictions right is the primary goal of any bettor. Parlay is one of the few forms of betting that allows obtaining great dividends from a minimum investment. 

One of the most well-known cases is Agustín Delgado, who transformed 50 cents into 9,773.10 €. This, of course, after hitting 14 games in a row. 

The best methods and strategies to use in Parlays betting

Moneyline betting

Moneyline betting is one of the most popular at the moment of getting started in the way of Parlay soccer. This is due to its simplicity. It involves betting on a match winner. When applied within the combined system, two or more money lines must be made.

Prop bets

The popularity of prop bets is based on the way it is carried out. This is not about predicting who will or will not win but determining what events may happen on the playing field during a game. For example: “In the upcoming Barcelona VS. Real Madrid, Marc-André ter Stegen will save three shots at his goal, and Karim Benzema will score two goals”. If the player gets both predictions right, he will win his Parlay.    

Spread bet

This type of betting is well known for its approach to the outcome. Spreads do not go for a particular winner but seek to predict the conditions under which someone will take the victory or defeat. For example: “In the next event of Barcelona VS. Real Madrid, Barça will win with more than three goals, two of which will be scored by Jordi Alba”. Of course, you can add three or more options, and the more you include, the greater the dividends obtained.

Future bets

This is a classic type of bet that is only used by veteran players nowadays. It consists of trying to predict the events that will happen at the end of a season. For example: “Real Madrid will win the Copa del Rey; the top scorer will be Karim Benzema, he will score 19 goals, two of which will be penalties”. 

With which method to start playing Parlays?

Although prop bets and spread bets are tempting, the most reliable method to start with is the money line. The reasons are simple: it is a basic winner-loser system. However, although it is an easy technique, that does not mean that you should not study the teams, the players, the conditions in which they face each other, and all the elements that allow you to be clear about the probabilities of winning. The best bet is the one that is made having precise what the dynamics are about.

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Can a parlay be cashed out early?

No, cash a Parlay is impossible before the betting pool’s last game is played and finished. As explained before, in this type of combined game, the final result is chained; if a single prediction fails, all of them fall.

However, something curious happens: there is a possibility that the Parlay can be cashed out earlier, but this does not depend on the player but the bookmaker. There is a historical precedent for this, well, if the bet that was made involves many possible hits, almost all of them have been fulfilled, and the last prediction will likely be fulfilled, the house can negotiate with the bettor and leave everything there. 

This happened in the famous case of the “Leicester City” victory (2015), in which the bookmaker asked an amateur bettor to please withdraw his Parlay soccer before his last prediction was fulfilled. At the time, the player had placed a future bet that his team would win the Premier League. The man, whose name was kept anonymous, bet £50 that this would be the case, with all odds against him, and he got it all right.

The guy agreed to withdraw his bet and was given £72,000 of the £250,000 he could have won if he had persisted with his prediction. And yes, it is possible to be paid before Parlay soccer, of course, as long as you meet the historical conditions this case achieved. What are you waiting to try your luck?

Is the Parlay or the simple bet better?

It depends on the bettor’s taste. If we are referring to winnings, the Parlay bet gives much more dividends —the more predictions scored, the better—. However, despite giving fewer winnings, the simple bet is much safer. Therefore, if you are looking for more money in less time, Parlay soccer betting is what you should choose. Otherwise, single betting is your thing. 

What is the Parlay formula?

The Parlay formula is simple, the player’s initial bet must be multiplied by the total odds of the matches or events he chose on his ticket. It would be something like this (in the case of a triple Parlay): 

Initial bet x (Odds of team 1 x Odds of team 2 x Odds of team 3).

Example: “Joseph bet $20 in total on his soccer Parlay. He chose three matches applying the money line. The odds of his first team winning are 1.5; the odds of the second team, 2.3; and the odds of the third team, 3.0. How much will he win if he gets his predictions right? Let’s apply the formula to see:

Parlay bet= 20$ x (1.5 x 2.3 x 3.0) ¿= 20$x (10.35) = 207$.

Is it necessary to win all the matches in a Parlay?

One of the rules of the Parlay is that each of the predictions noted must be fulfilled. Otherwise: you cannot win. If you have chosen a Parley of 6 possibilities, and only five options are fulfilled, you will not be able to claim the money. 

Yes, it is more challenging to get a Parlay right than single bets, but if you win it – which is possible – the dividends are astounding.

How often do 5-team parlays succeed?

To have this answer, it is necessary to have the statistics of the teams’ victories in their previous matches. And, even if this data is available, it would be challenging to determine how often these 5-team parlays could be successful. If the data were available, separate calculations and an approximation could be made.

Let’s recreate a conditional environment to answer this question. Let’s imagine that the teams have identical statistics, i.e., their chances of winning are 50%, the same as you would have when flipping a coin. Yes, there is a 50% chance of heads and a 50% chance of tails.

Well, if you want to hit twice, then you must do the following calculation: 

P (probability)= ½ (chance of winning the first time) x ½ (chance of winning the second time) = ¼

That is, there is a 25% chance of being right twice in a row in two conditional games. The same could be applied to 5 consecutive games, which would be equal to=.

P= ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½= 0.03125

This means that by betting on a conditional system, there is a 3.125% chance of winning all the games. It should be noted, there is no room for ties in this simulation. Another obvious detail is that when adding the real statistics, everything changes. It can go up or down depending on odds of the teams (if they are favorites or not).

  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
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  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

The easiest soccer bets to win in Parlays

Here is a list of the simplest and most valuable betting methods to win in Parlays. 

a) Over/Under

Over/Under is one of the most popular soccer bets because of its simplicity. Its application is simple. The player makes his bet based on a prediction of a certain number within the match being played. It is said “Over” when the bettor indicates in his Parlay card that one of the teams will win with a final score of more than 1.5 —that is, “over”, higher than one goal—. 

On the other hand, the “Under” is the opposite of what has already been explained. In this case, the player indicates on his Parlay card that the team will win by less than 1.5 goals – i.e., under 2 goals. This must occur, of course, during the duration of the match (90 minutes).

The numbers placed here are hypothetical. They can be placed higher or reach the minimum (0.5 goals). Of course, this will depend on the player’s knowledge or intuition. 

b) First Half Over/Under

The First (or Second) Half Over/Under is a variance of the Over/Under. In this case, the bettor will try to predict how many goals will occur before the first forty-five minutes or in the last half of the match. As they are speculations with reduced times, it is less possible to be right. However, they are very tempting because they give better dividends if a win is achieved.

c) Double chance

For allowing the bettor to choose two of the three possible outcomes of a match. Double Chance has become one of the most popular bets among novices. These are the options it allows:

Home or draw: the home side wins or it ends up being a draw.

Tie or away: visitors win or it ends up being a tie

Home or Away: either team wins

The odds of winning are wider. In a conditional match whose statistics are 50% for each team, there is a 66.3% chance of winning either way. Of course, because it is so easy to win, the odds are low.

d) Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet has its place among the easiest ways to win at parley because its approach is very convenient and simple. What does this option propose, well, if the result of the match being played is a draw, then the bet is void and money is returned. 

Statistically, Draw No Bet benefits the player more than predicting whether the visitor or the home team wins. 

e) Both teams will score

Of all the betting options to win at Parlay soccer, BTTS this is one of the most preferred by novices and connoisseurs. The reason is simple: it is based on speculating whether both teams will score one or more goals in the 90 minutes of play. 

Taking into account this possibility gives you good statistics to hit on your parlay bets.

5-team parlay tips

While the odds of hitting a 5-team parlay are low, knowing the stats of the teams and the performance of their players can go a long way in helping you win. To make it easier for readers, we have chosen soccer teams whose performance in recent years has been exceptional. Therefore, keeping the following options in mind when marking your ticket will give you a considerable advantage. Likewise, we recommend you not to stick to what is written here and to check everything —knowledge is power—:

  • AFC Ajax 

AFC Ajax’s statistics in the Netherlands last season were exceptional: 26 games won, 5 lost games and 3 draws. They remained above 80 points (83 in total); in home matches they had the best performance in their league: 14 games won, 1 lost and 1 draw, scoring 43 points. As visitors, the results were not very different; out of 17 matches, they won 12, lost 4 and drew 1, reaching 40 points.

Regarding goals, they scored 98 and conceded only 19. Practically, they scored 2.88 goals per game; certainly, a team you can’t miss in your Parlay soccer. 

  • Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s statistics in La Liga last season were not the best of their career, but they were far above the vast majority. They won 26 of the 38 games they played and earned a total of 86 points. They lost only 8 games and drew 4. Their performance at home was identical to when they were away in games won: 13 and thirteen. However, something strange happened, they lost 5 games as hosts… soccer stuff.

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Their goal-scoring streak was intense, about 2.11 per game, that is, 80 goals in total. However, they received a considerable number of setbacks in their goal: 31. Both the statistics and the trajectory of this club still indicate that you must, necessarily, keep it in mind in your Parlay soccer.

  • Barcelona

Barcelona’s statistics in La Liga in the 2021-2022 season were below their average. However, they doubled the number of games won compared to games lost. They obtained a total of 21 wins, 10 losses and 7 draws, achieving 73 points. At home (12 games won, 2 lost games, 5 draws), they performed much better than away (9 games won, 8 lost games, 2 draws), an aspect that cannot be overlooked when filling your Parlay soccer in Canada.

Their scoring performance was also not what we are used to, but they did outperform most of them. There were 68 goals in total, which means a goal percentage of 1.79 goals per game. The reverses on his goal were the equivalent of 1 per game played… and yes, 38 in total. 

Despite not being their best season, Barca’s numbers still indicate that you should have them in your soccer Parlay. Don’t doubt it.

  • Juventus

Juventus’ statistics in Serie A in the 2021-2022 season are not far from those of Barcelona. They won twice as many games as they lost —20 against 10—, while they drew 8 of the 38 respective matches. The team ranked 4th in the league, where it won 10 of the home games, lost 5 and drew 4. As a strange coincidence, the away results were identical.

The numbers regarding goals were below their average: 57 in total. We are talking about 1.50 goals per game. For their part, goals conceded came to 37, which is equivalent to 0.97 per game. 

Juventus’ stats, even if their 2021-2022 matchday didn’t turn out to be the best, are still excellent. Be sure to include them in your 5-team soccer Parlay. 

  • Bayer Munich

Bayern Munich’s stats in the Bundesliga during the 2021-2022 season were extremely good. Their record was 24 wins, 5 losses and 5 draws, and they totaled 77 points, which made them number 1 in their league. At home, the team shined, winning 13 out of 17 games, losing only 2 games and drawing the remaining 2, or 41 points. As visitors, their effort on the field was not lacking: 11 wins, 3 losses and 3 draws, which translates into 36 points.

When it came to goals, they were a barbarian on the field: some 2.85 goals per game, or 97 through balls. They conceded only 37 goals, an average of 1.09 per game. 

Put Bayer Munich in your soccer Parlay? Of course you can!

  • PSG

Paris Saint-Germain’s stats in Ligue 1 in the 2021-2022 season were mind-blowing, not for nothing did they rank first, no contest. Of the 38 clashes, they won 26, lost 8 and drew 4 of them. Their performance as locals considerably surpassed their performance as visitors. Being the hosts they had 16 JG, 3 JP and 0 draws, while being hosted by the other teams they had 10 JG, 5 JP and 4 draws.

They certainly stood out as scorers, with 90 goals (about 2.37 per game). In terms of goals conceded, they had 36 goals against, which translates to about 0.95 per game. Include PSG in your 5-team Parlay soccer, obviously: yes.

  • Liverpool

Liverpool has always been a fan favorite, and their stats in the 2021-2022 Premier League season ratify why. With 28 games won, 8 lost and 2 draws the team managed to be the second best in their league. As hosts, they defended very well at home: 15 wins, 4 losses and no draws. Their role as visitors was not very different: 13 wins, 4 losses and only 2 draws.

If we talk about goal scorers, Liverpool has history… and they managed to prove it again with their 94 goals, about 2.47 per game. The goals conceded were extremely few, only 26 in the 38 matches, that is, less than one goal per match, if we talk about percentage (0.68).

A five-team soccer Parlay that wants to win must, without hesitation, include Liverpool.

  • Manchester City

The undisputed leader of the Premier League in the 2021-2022 season, Manchester City. Their statistics are among the best in their league —no wonder they are the champions—. The 29 games won invite you to write them down, obligatorily, in your 5-team Parlay soccer. They only lost 6 games and drew 3. They obtained a total of 93 points, a gem of a selection.

At home they managed to win 15, lose 2 and draw 2, while as visitors they won 14, lost 4 and drew 1. Goals? well… 99, an average of 2.61 per game; while the setbacks were insignificant: 26, just about 0.68 per game.

  • Sporting Lisbon

The Premier League had Sporting Lisbon as 2nd in the 2021-2022 season, so we can’t leave them out. The team’s stats are very good: 85 points achieved thanks to 27 games won, 4 lost and 3 drawn. At home, they behaved like warriors, winning 14 games and losing only 1, the rest, 2 draws. Their away luck continued to be stupendous: 13 wins, only 3 losses and 1 draw.

In terms of goals, they averaged 2.15 goals per game, that is, 73 for the whole season. Against them, they conceded only 23 goals; certainly not bad. The above simply proves that having Sporting Lisbon in the 5-team Parlay is to increase the chances of winning considerably.

  • Oporto FC

Let’s talk about the leader of the Premiere League in the 2021-2022 season, yes, Oporto FC. Their statistics could be cataloged as unique since, out of the 34 matches played, they won 29 of them and lost only 4, drawing only 1. As the home team, they won 15 games and had only two defeats, while as visitors, they reached 14 wins and 2 losses, with only one draw.

Goals in the season, a lot: 86, about 2.53 per game. And now an excellent statistic: only 22 goals against (0.65 per game). So far, this information positions Oporto FC as one of the best teams to consider when filling a very good and feasible 5-team soccer parlay.

  • 3 Team parlay Tips

The teams we have selected in this section are among the best in their leagues —top 6—. Therefore, they usually offer low odds. However, combining them effectively can generate considerable profits in a 3-team Parlay. While extensive research has been done at the time of creating this article, as mentioned above, it is good to review recent stats before betting.

  • Manchester United FC

It seems like a small thing, but reaching 6th place in the Premier League in the 2021-2022 season is a huge accomplishment, especially considering the opponents crowned above them. Manchester United FC is a dream team, and although their statistics were not the most optimal, everything points that they will continue to rise. Their best performance was at home, 10 wins, 5 losses and 4 draws; while as visitors their performance was a bit weak: 6 wins, 5 losses and 8 draws.

In total, they had 16 wins, 10 losses and 12 draws; this last data, is certainly, a little strange, but great for those who love to bet on the “Double Chance”.

Another curious fact is that the team scored 57 goals and conceded the same amount. That is, 1.5 goals per game, both for and against. Would I place Manchester United FC on my 3-team Parlay soccer card, of course, it is still an excellent choice.

  • Atletico Madrid

We continue with the 3rd of La Liga, the great Atletico Madrid. Their statistics during the 2021-2022 season are good. We have that they won 21 games, lost another 8 and drew 9. It could be seen that they perform better being hosts, as 12 of their wins were at home, in addition to 5 of their losses and 2 of their draws. As visitors, however, they did not fare so badly, but could have done better: 9 wins, 3 losses and a very rare 7 draws.

With an average of 1.71 goals per team, their 65 goals speak very well of the team. Perhaps they need to improve their defenses a bit, as the 43 goals conceded place them among the highest scoring teams. However, these numbers can be put to good use in a 3-team Parlay soccer if they know how to do it. 

  • Club Brugge

The 2nd team in the Belgian First Division A for the 2021-2022 season, the great Club Brugge came in with a bang. Their statistics are considerably above average: they won 21 games, and lost 9, drawing 4. At home, they were victorious in 10 games, lost 6 and drew 1; while as visitors they won 11 games, lost 3 and drew 3.

From the data obtained, we highlight their goal scoring streak: about 2.12 goals per game, 72 in total during the season. Should Club Brugge be considered in a 3-team Parlay for the next Champions League, definitely: yes, the numbers don’t lie.

  • Inter Milan FC

Now it’s the turn of the team that took 2nd place in Serie A in the 2021-2022 season, the famed Inter Milan FC. Their statistics are really encouraging: 25 games won, 9 lost and 4 draws. At home, they were at their best, winning 14 games, losing only 3 and drawing 2. On the road, their performance was not so bad: 11 wins, 6 defeats and 2 draws.

When it comes to goals, Inter Milan FC works magic: 84 goals, about 2.21 per game. They conceded only 32 goals against them (0.82 per game). Including them in a 3-team Parlay soccer, more than a suggestion, is a must if you want to win. 

  • Chelsea FC

What can you expect from the 3rd place in the Premier League in the 2021-2022 season, quite simply: the best. Chelsea FC’s stats are among the best: they won 21 games, lost 11 and drew 6, accumulating a total of 74 points. Strangely, their best performance was as visitors: 12 wins, 4 losses and 3 draws; but as home team, their performance was not the best: they won 9 times, lost another 7 and drew 3.

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However, their goal-scoring was exceptional —far above Juventus—: 76 goals, about 2.00 per game. Their goalkeeper was breached 33 times, or about 0.87, less than once per game. Including this team in a 3-team parlay is a brilliant decision, if we are talking about possibilities. 

  • 2 Team parlay Tips

2-team soccer parlays are among the favorites, and there is no need to explain why. Their simplicity allows, mathematically speaking, to hit them 25% of the time in a controlled betting environment under the money line strategy. Below is a selection of the best teams to place a combined bet with good odds of winning:

  • Benfica FC

Benfica FC ranked 3rd in the Portuguese First League in the 2021-2022 season. The above mentioned was not by chance, the statistics of the selected team show a portentous work on the field: 23 matches won, only 5 lost and 6 draws. Their performances as visitors stood out, as they won 13 of the matches, lost only two and drew twice. At home, although their performance was lower, it was not bad at all: 10 wins, only 3 losses and the remaining 4 draws.

They scored 78 goals, equivalent to 2.29 goals per game. They conceded only 30 goals, a mere 0.88 goals per game. The numbers indicate, without equivocation, that including Benfica FC in a 2-team Parlay is a statistically wise decision, so don’t hesitate.

  • PSV

PSV Eindhoven’s stats in the Eredivisie during the 2021-2022 season are extraordinary. They came within a whisker of being crowned league champions. The team obtained 26 victories, 3 defeats and 5 draws, which translates to 81 points. Their performance at home was exceptional: 14 wins, 0 losses and 3 draws. As visitors, they never failed to dazzle with 12 wins and only 3 defeats and two draws.

PSV scored an average of 2.53 goals per game, i.e. 86 in total. The goals against were 42. All of the above is nothing more than a concrete invitation to add this selection to your 5-team Parlay soccer, without hesitation.

  • Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund took 2nd place in the Bundesliga in the 2021-2022 season. The statistics show the astonishing numbers that allowed this team to achieve its position: 22 matches won and only 3 lost, completing the streak with 9 draws. In total, the team accumulated 69 points. 

Its 85 goals (about 2.50 per game) put this team’s performance well above that of teams such as Atletico Madrid, for example. They conceded 52 goals, perhaps their worst number. However, the fact that they have only lost three times in 34 matches makes Borussia Dortmund a must in any 2-team Parlay.


AS Roma was 6th in Serie A during the 2021-2022 season. While the team is below the picks shown above, their stats are good: they won 18 games, lost 9 and drew 11, for a total of 63 points. When playing at home, they were victorious 10 times, lost 6 and drew; as visitors, on the other hand, they managed to win 8 times, lose 3 and draw 8.

Their 59 goals scored —1.55 per game— and their 43 goals conceded —1.13 per game—, together with the data presented above, give an acceptable average. And yes, AS Roma is a very valid option for a 2-team Parlay soccer bet.

  • SC Napoli

SC Napoli, who took 3rd place in Serie A in the 2021-2022 season, closes the sample of selected teams lavishly. Their statistics show a remarkable performance on the pitch: out of 38 matches, they won 24, lost 7 and drew 7. They defended their home ground masterfully: 11 wins, 3 losses and 5 draws. Their role as visitors was no different: 13 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws.

Their performance of 74 goals —1.95 per game— places them among the greats, such as Barcelona or Real Madrid. They had only 31 goals against (0.82 per game), which is another excellent data in their favor. Having SC Napoli in your 2-team soccer Parlay is a choice that will bring very good odds to your bet.


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What are the best sports betting sites to use for parlay betting?

It is well known internationally that the Canadian citizen is culturally accustomed to parlay sports betting. And this is not strange, since, from the beginning, it had been the only way to bet legally after the legitimization of gambling in the country. Now, although the situation changed in 2021 after the implementation of Bill C-218 —which allows single bets— the Parlay still has a privileged place in Canada. 

Here are the best and safest sites for Canadians to place soccer parlay bets:


When it comes to sports betting history, Bet365 is undoubtedly one of the most highly rated sportsbooks. With 20 years in the market and millions of dollars in prizes behind it, do you want to place a soccer Parlay that includes Club Brugge, Inter Milan FC and Chelsea with total confidence? well, this is the right place for you. 

Its odds are among the best in the market, besides, it has the endorsement of the MGA, the DGOJ and the UK Gambling Commission, among others. And when it comes to security, its SSL encryption will keep your data safe, so you don’t have to worry.


Placing a combined bet on the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga has never been as simple and as secure as it is with FandDuel. This Sportbook belonging to © Betfair Interactive is among the most respected worldwide, and has earned its place with effort and transparency. 

Its odds are very accessible, hand in hand with the teams’ statistics. Prepare your soccer parlay with peace of mind on this platform and expect the best results with the recommendations we have given you. You don’t have to worry about your online security, their SSL encryption safeguards your connection. 


If you need a portal where you can bet on AS Roma in Serie A in a combined double with PSV, 888Sports is a good place to do it. The site belongs to 888 Holdings PLC, a company with a long and respected history – one of the longest in the business, in fact (1997). They are internationally licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, so there is no problem to enter the portal legally.

Go and enjoy their wide catalog of simultaneous international soccer matches and score a winning Parlay without any inconvenience. Of course, be sure to check the recommendations we have given you in advance. Enter the website with peace of mind, your data is safe with its SSL encryption.

William Hill

Placing an Over/Under bet on a Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich match in the Bundesliga combined with a money line has never been as simple as it is at William Hill. This is not surprising, we are talking about a company that has been operating since 1934 in the betting industry and has been able to adapt to new technologies throughout its history.

The portal is regulated by the British Gambling Commission. They are also supported by the Government of Gibraltar. They offer a unique experience, with odds adjusted to the realities of each match and multiple betting possibilities. You won’t have to worry about security, since they have the most sophisticated SSL data encryption.


Would you like to bet on the Real Madrid vs Barcelona derby with a mix of spread bet, money line and prop bet on the upcoming La Liga season? Well, Betway is the right place to do it. This portal has been gathering a loyal clientele since 2006, who follow it for its reliability, good service, variety of options and security.

MGA/B2C/182/2007 is the number of its license, which was granted by the MGA at an international level. Their consumer protection policies and strict data encryption parameters will keep you safe on their website. It is a safe and reliable option to place your Parlay soccer bets whenever you want.

Sports Interaction

Of all the options mentioned throughout the article, this one is 100% Canadian and has been on the market since 1997. Every citizen residing in Canada, and who has had contact with the world of betting, should know Sports Interaction. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission granted it the permits to operate legally in the country. 

It has a very large portfolio of regular customers, who follow it because the portal knows first-hand the tastes of Canadian citizens. Soccer lovers cannot miss the opportunity to make their Parlay on the Serie A season —Juventus and Inter Milan FC, AS Roma and SC Napoli—, La Liga —between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona— or the Bundesliga and its laureates. What are you waiting for?

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