When betting on Major League Soccer, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of the league. There are many factors to consider when making an informed decision about which teams to bet on. In this post, we outline some of these factors that you may not be aware of but will help you make an informed decision when placing bets on the MLS.

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How does the MLS work?

The MLS – or Major League Soccer – is the top level of professional soccer in the United States and Canada. The MLS has 26 teams, 23 from the USA and three from Canada. The league runs from late February or March to October, with sides allocated into two conferences based on geographical location. In the 2020 season, each conference had 13 teams. Each club plays a total of 34 games during the regular season, 17 at home and 17 away. Each team faces its divisional rivals twice—once at home and once on the road—and also faces each team from the opposing division once, either at home or away. Teams play an additional ten games against teams from the other conference — five at home and five on the road. The Supporters’ Shield is given to the team with the best regular-season record across both Eastern and Western conferences.

The Favorites to Win the MLS Cup and The Supporters’ Shield

In soccer, some teams are considered favorites due to their resources, reputation, or pedigree of the team; here, we look at the likely candidates for your future bets and possible winners of the league and cups.

Los Angeles FC

Los Angeles FC is slowly creeping up on L.A. Galaxy, looking to usurp them as the best team from L.A. they even finished behind them by one point in the previous season, with new additions such as Gareth Bale and Girogio Chiellini, some of the biggest winners from Europe. Los Angeles FC is willing and able to compete for the top prizes against the best teams. L.A. F.C. scored 53 goals and conceded 51 goals; this information showcases the type of bets that would offer value for L.A. F.C.; this could be the double chance, BTTS, and totals markets.

New York City Football Club

New York City F.C. goes into their next season as the champions, and the team to beat comes to the playoffs. They have done well to establish themselves as a strong contender for the league and the playoff spots. They finished fourth in the Eastern conference, booking them a place in the playoffs, where they went on to win the trophy. They were fourth as well in terms of goals, having scored 56 goals and only letting in 36 goals, one of the best goal stats in the league. The betting opportunities were there to see; if you placed a future bet on this club to win, the payout would have been great.

Los Angeles Galaxy

LA Galaxy has been one of the top teams since the inception of the league; they have won the most League titles with five to their name; the only other team to do so, New York Cosmos, does not exist anymore. L.A. Galaxy failed to qualify last year for the playoff spot; as shocking as it may be, their performances deserved the result they got. This team is, however, not one to underestimate. With other teams now getting stronger, L.A. Galaxy will be hoping their last season’s performance was a one-off and they can get back to their best as Los Angeles FC is right behind them to take the top spot in the city. They scored 50 goals and conceded 54 goals, and with such results, the best markets for that season were BTTS and the totals markets.

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Eastern Conference Standing Table:

Western Conference Standing Table:

MLS Top Players: Goals, Assists and Cards

How do the MLS playoffs work? When do they start?

The MLS Cup playoffs are an elimination tournament held after the conclusion of the regular season. The top two teams from each conference – determined by points, not goal difference – qualify for the MLS playoffs. The top seed from each conference is given a bye into the Conference Semi-finals, while the remaining six playoff teams play one another. All rounds are single-match elimination games. The teams that finished in the top five positions compete in the first round, while the teams that finished in sixth to 10th compete in the second round. The winner of the fourth versus fifth plays the conference leader, while the other semi-final is made up of two winners from the first round. Teams that survive the initial knockout stage then play in two more rounds of matches, with the winners of each conference final advancing to December’s MLS Cup final. The final is played at the team’s home ground with the best numbers in the regular season.

Bet on Relegation

In a number of European soccer leagues, the worst teams are relegated to lower divisions, but MLS has no such system. However, bettors can make a profit by betting on the worst teams in a season. Cincinnati and Toronto F.C. have been MLS’s “lazy ones” for the past few years, so these teams could be good bets to finish in or near the bottom.

MLS betting Tips:

Look out for good tipsters;

Following a good tipster can help you make more money from betting. If you follow some reputable websites, they offer tips, and you can use the tips to win more money. They also provide free tips if you want to check them out before signing up with them. It’s always a good idea to do your research before betting with any site – follow their tips wisely so that you can make a profit.

Give matched betting a go;

A match result bet is a strategy that allows you to guarantee a successful return from the bookmaker by using their free bets or offers.

Take the small wins;

The number of people who claim they can make big returns is frustrating. Even if they can do so, they probably won’t. Instead of worrying about the big picture all the time, think about strategies that are more likely to succeed.

Don’t Bet with emotion;

The saying that “your gut feeling is good” doesn’t take into account the realities of football betting. If you’re serious about making money from football betting, then you should look beyond your feelings and do some research.

Track your wagers;

Switching up where you bet can save you money and help you keep track of your bets. If you’re losing money on the market, for example, but claiming that you’re making more, tracking your bets will keep you honest.

Information on soccer is key;

Before placing your bet, consider the following: the team’s recent performance, how their defense and offense are performing, whether or not they have any injuries, and whether or not they ever manage to pull off a lucky win. These factors will help you determine which games are worth betting on and which ones aren’t.

Best Bets available on Major League Soccer

Over & Under:

When you bet on the outcome of a soccer match, and you predict that more than two goals will be scored during the game, then you have placed an over/under bet. If LA Galaxy is playing against Seattle Sounders, and you think that either team will score more than two goals, then you would place a wager on over 2.5 goals. If this happens, then you win your bet.

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Live betting option:

Live betting allows you to place wagers on live events—such as sports matches, political debates, and reality T.V. shows—as they happen. Live betting is available for MLS fixtures, which experienced bettors often watch.


The ‘both teams to score bet is easy to understand, as the name implies. This bet is placed on a game when you think both teams will score in a match, not just one team.

Parlays or ACCA:

Parlays and accumulators combine multiple bets on one betting slip. The payoff is greater than the bet made on the individual selections, but the entire bet is lost if any selection loses.

Double Chance:

Double chance bets are a way to hedge your bets on a game that you aren’t sure about but believe in one outcome more than the other. A good example of this in MLS would be Seattle Sounders vs. Inter Miami because both teams are strong, and you don’t know who will win, so it is more likely that you choose between the two to either draw or win.

Halftime Bets

When you place a bet on the outcome of a football match before the end of the first half or at any point in the second half, this is called a halftime bet. A good example of this is betting on the first scorer in the MLS game between Inter Miami and L.A. Galaxy.

Best MLS Soccer betting sites in Canada:


This is a top-notch online betting site. They offer a wide variety of betting options and a great live-betting platform. Betway makes it easy for players in Canada to deposit using UPI, NetBanking, Paytm, and other great methods for the convenience of bettors.

Sports Interaction:

Sports Interaction allows bettors to place wagers on a wide range of sports, so players should have no trouble finding an event to bet on. The odds are excellent, and its website is beautiful and easy to use.


Bet365 is a trusted and secure online platform with excellent odds and a wide variety of sports to bet on. Their eSports games’ live betting and streaming options are some of the best around.

Best App for Canadians Players to bet on MLS

William Hill:

With the William Hill Mobile App, you can bet on your favorite sports and access exclusive promotions. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


888Sport has a sleek, easy-to-use app with a clean design. This allows you to place bets for live and pre-match events and participate in other activities, like watching live games and entering their many promotions.

Other competitions in the U.S.

These are the other trophies and competitions to play for in the U.S., here you can see other opportunities for placing bets and finding markets.

CONCACAF Champions League

The CONCACAF Champions’ Cup is an annual international soccer competition open to the leading club teams in the regional governing body of North America and the Caribbean. This tournament is meant to emulate the Champions League in Europe, and the competition offers teams from all over the region the chance to be the best on the continent. This cup competition also offers a lot in terms of betting.

Liga Concacaf

The Liga Concacaf was initiated in 2017 as the second tier to the champions league; if you’re familiar with the Europa League, then this is almost similar. This cup competition offers great odds as most of these teams weren’t favorites and hence why they could only qualify for Liga Concacaf and not the Champions League.

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup

Holding the title of the oldest cup competition in North America, it is a highly sought-after trophy. The top eight teams from each tier of soccer in North America qualify for the knockout cup competition. So far, MLS teams have been dominating so far, but the smaller ranks are always looking for an upset; this is a great way to find the right games and bet on the underdog.

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Top Matches to bet on MLS Soccer:

To cap off the review, we shall look at some of the most anticipated fixtures on the MLS calendar and what opportunities for betting are available.

D.C. United – New York Red Bulls

This fixture promises a lot; here, you will find D.C. United are no pushovers, having held N.Y. Red bulls on many occasions. Although history and recent results point to the more dominant team being the Red Bulls, they have shown they have the prowess and skill to beat anyone, and D.C. United is no exception.

Toronto Football Club – C.F. Montreal:

As the two of the teams to come out of Canada, you can expect this match to offer a lot of fireworks and great soccer. The pride that comes with being the best in a region definitely fuels the anticipation of such a game for fans and players. Here you will also find some great chances to bet on this fixture.

Houston Dynamo – FC Dallas

Both Texan teams have been performing poorly in the league, but a game against your rivals will always look to bring out more from the teams. This fixture is quite the exciting one counting that both teams have been so poor in fixtures they’ve played a number of games, with each finishing close and both teams either drawing or winning by a small margin. Here the best bets to look out for are; BTTS and totals.

Los Angeles Galaxy – Los Angeles FC

The LA derby is one to keep on your calendar; both teams have been at it since L.A. F.C. were able to play in the MLS; granted, L.A. Galaxy has been a shadow of the team it used to be; derby games are not the same as other fixtures, and that is why this game is so exciting. In terms of betting, the odds can go either way, but in this case, betting on the underdog can help earn a nice sum.

Los Angeles Galaxy – New York City Football Club

This game is new versus the old, whereas it is current champions versus the best team in the league historically. NYC FC has appeared and disrupted the status quo in the league by winning and establishing themselves as credible title challengers. L.A. Galaxy is not seen as washed up, as what they’re experiencing is only temporary. This fixture offers a unique chance to make some money if the right bets are placed.

New York Red Bull – NYC FC

In the game that consists of two teams from the big apple, the current favorites are NYC FC, as they have been dominant of late, showing they can pull out all stops to win a crucial game if necessary. With such a game, the stakes are high, and bragging rights are for the taking. Betting-wise, it gives a great opportunity to place a bet on this game if researched well.

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