Apple Pay is one of the newest and most popular tools for online sports bettors to top off their accounts. Apple Pay accounts are free and easy to set up, and Apple Pay sports betting deposits are more and more popular. In this review, we shall take a look at all that Apple Pay is and how Canadian bettors can use it.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a popular form of payment around the world. People can use it to pay for goods and receive payment for transactions instantly. This technology has become so widely used in sports betting, with thousands of gamblers paying their wages using Apple Pay every month.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

To fully grasp how Apple Pay works, we should compare it to e-wallets. When you use Apple Pay, you are not actually sending money directly to the retailer or website where you are shopping. Instead, your credit or debit card information gets transferred to Apple Pay, which is then sent to the retailer’s bank. The bank accepts or declines the transaction and sends information back to the retailer and Apple Pay through a secure communication channel. Apple Pay can be used in place of other forms of payment like PayPal. If you’re shopping at a retail store, hold your device near the terminal (even if it doesn’t have NFC technology) and confirm the purchase with one of the authentication methods on your device (Touch ID or Face ID).

Apple Pay makes it simple to make purchases online and in-store. You are able to use the credit or debit card you already have on file with Wallet, and you don’t need to download any additional apps. Once you receive money through Apple Pay Cash, it will be automatically transferred to your Apple Pay Cash card, which is a virtual debit card linked directly to your bank account. If you want, you can transfer your funds from your Apple Pay Cash card to your personal bank account at any time.

To make a payment with a mobile app, choose the “Buy with Apple Pay” option. This also applies to sportsbook apps that support Apple Pay. This way, punters can deposit the betting app with just a few steps on their Apple device. To pay at websites, use Safari and verify your transactions with Touch ID on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

To use Apple Pay, save your credit or debit card in the Wallet app and set up your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can then use your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to pay at stores, while you can also use your iPad for purchases on mobile apps. To use Apple Pay online on Safari’s browser, you’ll need an iPhone with Touch ID or another Mac device with Touch ID.

You can use the messaging app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to send or receive money from people in the United States. In the United States and other countries, including China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, you can use Apple Pay to pay for public transportation via your iOS device.

Pros And Cons of Using Apple Pay Betting Sites

It’s better to understand the use of a payment method if we look at its advantages and disadvantages for using the service.



Using Apple Pay is simple due to the fact that when making a payment, all one needs to do is use their apple device, and when prompted, you can either scan your face or fingerprint, and it’s done.


Your card information is not stored on your device, and even when using your card, other third-party companies do not share the information. This added layer of security is a plus for bettors.

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You must own an Apple device;

The problem here is obvious, the number of bettors who can use Apple Pay is reduced to only those who have access to an Apple product or device. Also, while the service is new, it poses the problem that not many sportsbooks have picked it up yet, and it is not available yet in many countries.

No Withdrawal;

Unfortunately, you can only deposit using Apple Pay, meaning that if you intend to cash out, you must use another banking option to obtain our winnings.

Is it Legal to Deposit on Betting Sites with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is Legal to use in Canada for deposits on your sportsbook; it is to be mentioned that you cannot withdraw using the service, and you will only be able to find this service on a select few sportsbooks due to the service being rather new. Payment options

Can I Use Apple Pay and What is Required to Use it Legally?

Apple Pay is legal, and you are able to use it on the select few sportsbooks that offer the payment service. However, you must meet the normal requirements before you can start betting using Apple Pay as your funding option, which is to be of legal age and ensure you have the evidence to support your age or identity.

Setting Up Apple Pay Cards

Apple Pay can be used with the following devices: iPhone 6 or a later  version, iPad mini 3 or a later model, all Apple Watch series, Mac models launched after 2012, and Mac models with Touch ID.

To use Apple Pay, you need an eligible card issued by a bank that supports the service. You can check the list of supported banks on Apple’s website. Your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac must be running the latest version of iOS, watchOS, or macOS.

You’ll need your Apple ID, which you already use with your other Apple devices. If you want to use Apple Pay on every gadget of yours, add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on each device you intend to use for purchases.

Older Apple devices can store up to 8 cards, but newer models of the Apple Watch and iPhone can store up to 12.

Adding a new card to the Wallet on your iPhone is easy. First, tap the “+” icon on the top right corner of the app. Then choose how you want to add your card—either enter the card details manually or scan it using the camera on your device. Next, follow the instructions from your banking institution, and your card will be added to your Wallet in no time.

To use Apple Pay on your iPad, go to Settings, select Wallet & Apple Pay, and then choose Add Credit or Debit Card. You will have to enter some details about the card and contact info. Your bank will verify the card, and you are ready to use Apple Pay.

If you want to add a credit or debit card to your Apple Watch Wallet, you’ll need to open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to My Watch > Wallet & Apple Pay. The following steps are essentially the same as for other devices.

In order to use Wallet & Apple Pay on your Mac, you’ll need to enable touch ID or go to System Preferences and enable the feature that allows payments. If your Mac has a fingerprint sensor, open System Preferences > Wallet & Apple Pay, tap Add Card, enter your card details and wait for verification from your bank that this is a valid payment method.

apple pay cash

Setting Up Apple Pay Cash

The Apple Pay Cash card (US citizens) is a virtual debit card that allows you to send and receive money directly from your messages, make purchases with Siri, and chip in for a gift for your co-workers. It’s an excellent payment solution designed to make things as simple and convenient as possible for Apple users.

The money will be securely saved to your Apple Pay Cash card whenever you get paid. The card will also be available in the Wallet app on your supported device, which must be the same device you used to sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID.

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To activate your Apple Pay Cash card, go to Settings > Wallets & Apple Pay and select the Apple Pay Cash card. You’ll then need to follow several steps to complete the activation process. You can still use it on other devices on which you are using the same Apple ID, even if you turn off Apple Pay Cash on any device,

You are able to use the credit or debit cards you have already added to your Wallet to add money to your Apple Pay Cash card. To do this, open your Wallet app and click the Apple Pay Cash card. Then tap Info, then Add money. On your iPad, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay; on your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap Wallet. Finally, click on add money, and you will then be prompted to verify the transaction through Face ID or Touch ID.

If you activate the “Manually Accept Payments” option in your information section of the Apple Pay Cash card, you will be able to see the money that has been sent to you. If you tap on “Automatically Accept Payments,” any money sent to you via iMessage will appear on your Apple Pay Cash card automatically.

Depositing Your Sportsbook Balance with Apple Pay

When you come across a sportsbook that accepts deposits via Apple Pay, you will find the process extremely easy. Just head to the Cashier page of the betting site and select “Apple Pay” from all available deposit options. Then enter your amount and select “Apple Pay” again. The next move is to confirm the transaction by either scanning your fingerprint or verifying your face.

If you press the home button of your device with the finger you registered when setting up Touch ID, you will then be able to verify any of  your transactions. The Face ID is alos another option available on newer iOS devices and lets you confirm payment by simply looking into the camera.

Once your deposit is processed and confirmed, your funds will appear in your betting account immediately, and you can make real-money bets immediately.  Ensuring additional security when you are handling your betting deposits online.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Balance with Apple Pay

Unfortunately, Apple Pay cannot be used to make withdrawals at virtual sportsbooks. That means you will have to look for another payment method if you want to withdraw your winnings.

Apple Pay FAQs

Do I need an account with Apple Pay to use it?

To purchase on a merchant site, you will need to have an Apple Pay account, Apple supported device, and the latest software from Apple. However, you do not need to pre-register for the account. You can create your account during your first transaction and use it immediately.

How long will it take for the funds I withdraw from my Apple Pay Account to be available in my bank account?

Funds availability is subject to account security checks, which may require additional time. Instant Transfers typically post immediately but can take up to 30 minutes. Debit cards issued in the United States are eligible for this offer. If you aren’t sure whether your card is eligible, contact your card issuer if you aren’t sure whether your card qualifies.

What happens when I receive funds from a betting site with Apple Pay?

Since it is not possible to receive funds from a betting site as this payment method doesn’t allow for withdrawals, in the case of a return of your deposit due to any reason whatsoever, the fund that has been refunded will appear immediately in your Apple Pay account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

Apple Pay Fees for Betting Sites:

Apple pay, like other E-wallets, doesn’t incur any fees while depositing on a sportsbook, you will also not incur any fees if you top up your Apple Pay card with a debit card, but if you decide to top up using a credit card, you will incur a fee of 3% from your bank. There’s a $1 minimum when you transfer money from your Apple Pay Cash card to your bank account. If you have less than $1 left on the card, the minimum is still $1. But the minimum deposit is $10.

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Best Betting Sites with Apple Pay in Canada: 


Unfortunately, for users in Canada who would like to use Apple Pay to deposit funds into their account, this payment method is yet to be incorporated as an option on Betway, and as such, you will be required to use one of the available options they have.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is another site in which they do not offer the service of Apple Pay as an option. You can use the other methods of depositing permitted by the sportsbook. 


888Sport is a great sportsbook that has very competitive odds and various markets to choose from; the sportsbook has established itself as a trustworthy site to bet on as it continues to expand globally. They offer some of the best customer services in the industry, and you will find a number of banking options when you use the sportsbook, including Apple Pay, which is slowly becoming more and more popular.

Security and Privacy

The Apple Pay app is easy to use, secure and efficient. You can add your credit or debit cards to your device’s Wallet app to make online and offline purchases. Your card details are not saved on your device, so no one can access them. Plus, Apple uses advanced security software in addition to industry-standard encryption methods to further protect your safety when making payments via Apple Pay.

To use Apple Pay, you will need to set a passcode on your device beforehand. Touch ID and Face ID are options that are available on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. You can choose a simple passcode or a more complex one with more characters, which will make it harder for others to access your information.

To activate the Touch ID feature, go to Settings, choose Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode. Click on Add a Fingerprint and place your finger to be scanned on the Home button. Hold it there you will feel a vibration or are prompted to lift your finger. Follow the next steps to adjust all the angles and your grip. Once you’re done setting up Touch ID, you can use it to unlock your device and verify Apple Pay purchases.

For users with an iPhone X or newer, there is also the option to unlock your device and verify payments using Face ID. To set up Face ID, go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode > Set Up Face ID. Put your device in front of you within an arm’s length, and tap Get Started. Follow the instructions on-screen to scan your face. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to unlock your device with your Face ID and make purchases via Apple Pay.

Apple takes security seriously. The company encrypts your data when it stores financial information in your Wallet and uses encryption when processing payments.

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