• 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Fast Payout
  • Cash out
  • Live Betting
  • Fully Licensed
Disadvantage list
  • Limited game options compared to other Bookies
  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

As the world continues to advance, new forms of currency tend to emerge; Ethereum is one such currency; in simple terms, it is a new form of digital currency, and in terms of market share, it is only behind Bitcoin. The world’s most recognized cryptocurrency.

In this article, we shall evaluate the currency as a deposit and withdrawal method as well as answer questions on whether you can bet with it and if it is legal within Canada.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency; this is a form of currency that is mainly in digital format. It can be used to invest and make payments in countries where the law allows it. Ethereum, unlike Bitcoin, is much more than currency; it brought about the age of NFTs (nonfungible tokens). But all in all, it has expanded into much more, but its core is in the digital currency space.

Is it legal to deposit on betting sites with Ethereum?

It is legal to deposit using Ethereum on betting sites.

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by a storm, and it is being integrated into our way of life and the methods in which we use to buy and sell or pay for services offered; this is also transpiring in the betting industry as most sportsbooks nowadays are accepting cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

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Can you deposit and withdraw with Ethereum?

Since it is legal to use cryptocurrencies to deposit, then it is also allowed for you to deposit and withdraw using Ethereum, for example. However, this is subject to a sportsbook allowing this particular payment method; some don’t offer this method of payment as of yet.

To deposit using Ethereum, you will first need to acquire an Ewallet so as to be able to store your crypto coins. Next, you will need to go and purchase, in this case, Ethereum from the market, be aware that the value of the currency fluctuates daily, so your deposit value may differ from day to day. For withdrawing purposes, it is precisely similar to the process of depositing, and it is less of a hassle.

Ethereum fees for betting sites:

When it comes to Ethereum and cryptocurrencies, the upside of using this method of funding your playing account is that the fees are non-existent, and if a sportsbook is charging any fees, it will be so small that it almost feels insignificant.

Ethereum Betting

Pros And Cons of Using Ethereum Betting Sites

With every method of payment, there are always some ups and downs of using one; in this case, let’s look at the pros and cons of using Ethereum.


  • The deposit and withdrawal times are instant, and this is definitely one of the best parts of using crypto to bet on sports.
  • One of the most vital points of using crypto is the security involved, meaning transactions usually are well protected.
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  • As mentioned earlier, the fluctuations of Ethereum can be a downer due to the value of your deposit possibly reducing in the span of 24 hours, and this can be a hindrance because it reduces the number of funds you can use to play.
  • Some sportsbooks are yet to accept Ethereum as a method of payment.

Best Betting Sites with Ethereum In Canada:

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of the few sportsbooks in Canada that accepts Ethereum as a method of payment. This is included in their already extensive list of approved methods of payment. If you have crypto on you, then Sports Interaction is one of the best to visit in order to bet using your Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. 


Betway is one of the largest sportsbooks in the world, and they are not going to let the times overtake them. They accepted Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on their site, and coupled with their expertise in the betting industry; you can’t go wrong with Betway. 


888sport is one of the first sportsbooks to accept Ethereum and Crypto as a whole on their site. This allows their users to bet safely and legally using Ethereum. The odds on offer are great, and the markets available are extensive.

More digital wallet payments

If you liked this article we will show you more about the most popular payment methods on betting sites and how they can be used.

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Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more