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In this article, we’ll discuss the best free bets for players in Canada and where you can find them. What are free bets, though? More often than not, free bets are a form of promotional offer that many of the best betting companies provide. Usually, the offer runs in a way where you bet a certain amount of your cash and earn an extra top-off that your betting firm will provide. For example, bet $10 and earn $40 in free bets, which you can use on their site. This is an example, so let’s discuss this further below.

How to get and claim free bets in UFC Fights

To start, you will need an account at the betting site. It’s always easy to register with one. Simply click on the “Sign-up” or “Register” button, which you can find on the home pages of all betting sites. Then, navigate to the UFC markets on the site, and you’ll find free bet offers. Of course, for some betting sites, you may have had to have held an account with them for some time before you qualify for free bet promotions. However, some sites have permanent free bet offers on their platforms. Once you find them, you’ll usually have to deposit a certain amount to earn the free cash they will provide in free bets for you to play with.

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Common Conditions for the use of free bets

Here are some of the things you need to know about how you will use free bets:

●      How do you get a free bet?

You must satisfy a certain condition that your betting company will require. Usually, this means using credit in your account balance.

●      How to use a free bet?

Free bets usually also have conditions on specific matches or sporting events. You can check your free bets in your active bets tab.

●      Are there any wagering requirements to access free bets?

Yes and no. Yes, because you will have to load your account and actually use that credit. No, because wagering is something you’re already doing to access those free bets.

●      Do free bets expire?

This might not seem obvious, but yes, free bets are promotions, and as with each promotional offer, terms and conditions will always apply.

Free bets types for new users

There are a number of free bet types that cater to a large demographic of users. Here are 3 of the most-liked free bets you will likely come across.

Free Bets

Free bets, as mentioned earlier, will require you to make a deposit and then place a certain amount of wagers to earn the extra cash in free bets. For example, Betway has an offer whereby you get $30 in free bets if your first match in your accumulator loses.

Sign-up Bonus

This bonus you will receive as soon as you sign-up with a betting site. Betway offers a 100% cashback bonus for up $500 on your first deposit. Make sure you have a look at the different offers that different betting sites provide.

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No-deposit free bets

This is a promotional offer where you are not required to make a deposit. However, the offer can be limiting and usually provides odds on small stakes, such as up to $5 only.

What are the best types of free bets for existing customers?

For existing customers, there are different types of free bets. The ones mentioned earlier were specifically curated to entice new users. The following are for customers who have an account with the betting firm.

Money-back Specials

Money-back specials are specially curated for certain markets, odds, and events. It’s exactly what it’s called; you get your money back if your bet doesn’t win. Many a time, the money-back specials are played on riskier bets such as accumulators. At Betway, for example, they require a minimum of 6 selections before you can access the offer and get a 100% refund, for example.

Loyalty-free Bets

Loyalty-free bets are earned by existing customers depending on how active they are with betting sites and how much they bet. There are usually tiers; silver, gold, platinum, and black. Depending on which tier you qualify for, you’ll see different promotional offers. Check out the loyalty-free bets at different websites if you are an existing customer.

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