• 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Fast Payout
  • Cash out
  • Live Betting
  • Fully Licensed
Disadvantage list
  • Limited game options compared to other Bookies
  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world and is played on a global stage. The sport is loved by many different types of people and cultures, and it has instilled a way of togetherness while the game is being played. Today we take a look at the best-sporting sites, leagues, and bets you or anyone interested in soccer can find, as we use our extensive research to ensure we leave you when all questions have been answered.

Top Soccer Bookmakers in Canada

We shall look at the best sportsbooks to use in Canada for all your sports betting needs, especially with popular sports such as soccer.

·       Betway

Betway is one of the leading sportsbook operators in the world; they have been around the betting industry for many years and are sometimes pioneers when bringing change to the betting industry. They offer great odds and markets for everyone to find something; you can also play on their online casino if you’re looking for something different. They support a lot of funding methods, so be sure you will find one that is compatible with you and your banking options. Another section to look at is their customer support, which is one of the best out there, with prompt responses and various channels to reach them with. If you’re looking for an excellent live betting sportsbook, you can’t go wrong with Betway.

·       Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of the top-tier sportsbooks operating in Canada; they have been doing so for several years. They understand the Canadian bettor’s needs and work to support that. They offer great customer support to their players, letting them reach out through email, phone, or an FAQ section on their site. You will also find that Sports Interaction offers great sports to bet on; alongside their live betting option and offers, you will find they cover most areas that hold value to players.

·       22Bet

22bet has gone to establish itself as a sportsbook that prides itself in its services to its customers. The sportsbook offers great odds and some enticing offers for newcomers and loyal customers; they also have a live betting option that lets you place wagers on numerous sports. The payment methods are one where they stand out, offering Canadians a handful of options to fund their sportsbook account with, even allowing the use of cryptocurrencies. They’re reliable and a great option to get started with.

·       Bet365

Another giant within the betting industry and one that has cemented its place as a go-to for the best sports coverage. Bet365 has done tremendously well with its sports coverage; they offer the best and biggest sports and events around but also ensure that those who have a deeper knowledge of sports betting can find niche markets to work with. They don’t slack off in other departments as well, with a competent customer service department, a variety of payment options, and a live betting section for more fast-paced betting.

Best Soccer Betting App

§  William Hill

William Hill has greater resources which they use to build a first-class customer experience. The William Hill betting App makes it easy for people already familiar with the site to place bets on their phones. The interface is designed to reflect the desktop user experience so that you can get started quickly.

§  888Sport

888Sport has one of the best apps in the market. The App has one of the cleanest systems, and all-around it performs quite well; with the App in hand, you are able to make bets and make wagers on live betting, and the overall design is quite nice. The App functions to a great standard and offers information for those looking for it while also being available on both the Google Play store and the App Store on Apple. Check it.

§  Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes, one of the oldest bookmakers in the world, offers improved and innovative services to its customers. The Ladbrokes app is a great way to place bets on the go. The App offers a host of markets to bet on, a live betting option, and even offers exclusive to the App.

How do we select bookmakers to bet on soccer?

We have detailed a site’s criteria to give you good odds and payouts. This guide will help you choose a site that offers the features you want.

Integrity and Trust

The most important thing about online betting is that your information, money, and identity are safe. To help you make the right choice, we’ve gathered all the important facts about each site in one place. The most important thing we look at is the history of each company, both on its own and through its management team. We also consider customer complaints, feedback, licensing, and other business practices.

Betting Options

It is common for people to assume they can only sign up with a sportsbook that offers odds on soccer matches, but they don’t realize there are many different types of bets besides win bets. We look for sites that offer prop bets and tournament-long bets so you can place more than just straight-up bets. Soccer’s unique scoring system allows you to bet on many different outcomes besides simply whether your team wins or loses.

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Transaction and Betting Limits (For Professional Bettors Only)

Most readers won’t have any problem with this. If you’re a pro or a big-time player making huge bets on soccer, you might want to check that the site you choose can handle your betting limits. Most of them can accommodate high betting and transaction limits. Remember that posted limits can change from time to time.

User Experience

One of the most important things when it comes to betting is the user interface of a site. An easy-to-navigate site can make the betting process pain-free and easy. That’s why most sites pay close attention to their user interface to ensure a positive experience for their users.

However, some websites can be difficult to use. It is important to find a betting site that offers a good interface. If the site’s interface is difficult to use, it can make placing wagers on games very annoying.

All the websites we recommend in this guide are ones that offer a unique experience. If you want to bet on soccer, the major differences you’ll see among these sites are the kinds of bets they offer.

Best Soccer League to Bet on:

MLS – Major League Soccer:

The MLS has continued to grow, as its European counterparts overshadowed it, but as time goes by, the MLS is attracting top stars from all over. The league itself continues to expand drastically. MLS bettors can wager on a host of different markets. The most sought-after are a match and competition betting, correct scores in MLS games, handicap betting, various goalscorer markets, and over/under for total goals scored. You could say that spread betting is closer to handicap betting, which you can find in sports that are more favored in North America.

CPL – Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League is an infant in terms of how long other leagues have been operating. The league’s aim was to ensure that there were multiple means by which homegrown talent could be nurtured on a competitive stage. The league offers value on markets, and you can mainly find odds and markets on overseas sportsbooks operating in Canada. The league has yet to establish a style, and games can be a bit tricky to predict, but the bets and markets that stand out are outright winners and double chances as the teams participating tend to play all-out football, meaning a win or draw is very likely.

EPL – English Premier League

The English Premier League is known to be the best worldwide. It garners fans from all over and has been providing the best quality football and entertainment for years. The EPL is known for its high-paced games and entertaining matches. You will come to see that the league houses some of the best teams in Europe, and as such, in betting markets, it offers a lot of variety when it comes to placing bets. Because of the overall strength in the league, the markets that are most sought after are double chance, Moneyline due to some teams being overwhelmingly strong, and the totals market of Under and Over. These may be the most favored, but you can also find quite the various number of bets available.

Serie A – Italian Soccer League

With Serie A it has established itself as the league dominated by tactical nous and information. The teams within the Serie A play a brand of football that focuses on the cohesion and understanding of the coaches’ tactics. In this league, the bets that are more likely to prosper and are chosen by players who wager on Serie A would be; BTTS, both teams to score with every game being a battle of tactics; you can see how both teams will devise their own manner in which to break the defense and score. Another market that is a good bet in Serie A would be the double chance. With the competition being so fierce and more teams starting to compete for the ultimate prize like in the old days, you will find games with double chances occurring more often.

La Liga – Spanish Soccer League

La Liga is one of the best leagues in Europe, and it stands high in the eyes of fans and sportspersons due to the sheer competitiveness and style of football that is on display.

It also contains arguably the two biggest clubs in the world in the form of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, these two have dominated local and European football for decades now, and they continue to do so, with maybe Barcelona recovering from bad management at the moment. In betting, the markets available on betting sites are vast due to the league’s popularity; you will find that the most wanted markets are BTTS and Moneyline bets. This is due to the average number of goals scored by teams in La Liga. Due to the dominance of the two top teams, you can find favorable odds on the smaller teams as they’re underestimated.

Eredivisie – Dutch Soccer League

Netherland’s top-ranked league, the Eredivisie, is one of the more prominent leagues in Europe. Unlike the others, it is known as the best place to nurture talent as most teams field young players, which in turn, once developed, they sell to other bigger clubs. The league is dominated by so many young players, which makes it an interesting look when making wagers on teams in the league. The two biggest clubs are definitely Feyenoord and Ajax, with both going toe to toe with the best in Europe. In terms of betting markets that are favorable to players, this would be the Moneyline bet and BTTS, as well as the top goal scorer. These bets are the most promising, and they are the ones that occur the most with various markets on the Bundesliga. It offers a lot of value to bettors looking to expand their soccer betting into the Bundesliga.

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Bundesliga – German Soccer League

Explain which type of bet is best suited to this league (Moneyline, btts, parlay, over & under, or double chance); for example:

This league is well known for its high-scoring matches, and this has been a trend in the last three years as the average is 4.1 goals per game. Also, the style of play is very offensive and very vertical, which translates as a game of fast soccer, short possessions, and a little “fight” for the control of the ball in the middle of the field. Another important fact is the fact that it is a league with very young players, so the pressure factor always plays against goalkeepers and defenders. And finally, it is said that this league is a 3-team league since, in recent seasons, “team A,” “team B,” and “team C” have been superior to the rest of the league in all aspects from offensive effectiveness, in the play area, in the recovery of “lost balls” and have even been successful in the signing of players.

Without a doubt, we generally recommend betting on an Over 2.5 and always make a double chance (win & draw) for the teams mentioned above. More odds

Ligue 1 – French Soccer League

Ligue 1 is France’s top league and is ranked 5th in Europe by FIFA, and this is due to the fact that Ligue1 is one of those leagues that combines both youth and experienced players to create a good balance of soccer being played and entertainment shown to supporters. PSG has dominated the league since its ownership changed to its new Qatari Owners. This afforded the club the resources to grow and take its place at the top of French soccer. The odds on this league may be affected by the position held by PSG, but that’s not a bad thing as many teams are undervalued by sportsbooks in recent times, most teams are becoming more and more competitive, and they offer bettors a chance to make killer winnings if bets are placed correctly. I’d say the most frequently occurring bets are double chance and BTTS.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

Best Soccer Teams to Bet on:

Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid has solidified its position in soccer as one of the heavyweights of the game; they have dominated both in La Liga and in Europe (Champions League), and they have done so with style. If you’re looking for a team to bet on that will earn you quite a significant amount of winnings, Madrid was the way to go; out of their 38 games played in the league, they won 26 and lost only 4. The Moneyline and double chance markets were perfect for Real Madrid. Even in European games, they overturned the games in the quarterfinals and semi-finals to reach the final game and take the penultimate cup.

Los Angeles Galaxy

LA Galaxy is widely known to the fans of the MLS; the franchise has gone on to establish itself as one of the best teams to come out of the western conference and in the entirety of the MLS. They have attracted big names from Europe, such as Beckham and Ibrahimovic, to play for the American side. In terms of betting the best bets and markets when looking to wager on LA Galaxy, this would be; Double Chance and BTTS. To expound on this point, last season LA Galaxy was slow on the uptake, and they even missed out on the playoffs, but this doesn’t mean they didn’t have value in markets. Throughout the season, they scored 50 goals and conceded 54 goals making both teams score a great bet due to the volatility of MLS games and the weak defense of the LA galaxy. More picks

Liverpool FC

Liverpool is like a bear that has woken up from its slumber, it had taken over 30 years for Liverpool to compete for the league and win it and an additional five years for their manager Jurgen Klopp to bring them back to the limelight. So far, this has worked out well with Liverpool, one of the world’s best teams. Liverpool is now one of the most successful teams in the league, and they showcase their prowess in every game. In the betting markets, one bet that stands out is the money line bet for Liverpool, and they won 70% of their games last season. Another market was the totals, and in almost all categories from over 0.5 to over 3.5 goals Liverpool excelled with them scoring in this bets with 0.5 goals (100%), 1.5 goals (91%) and 2.5 goals (82%) and this was due to the overwhelming strength in Liverpool’s attack. Winner odds

Toronto FC

It’s easy to see why Toronto FC would want their fans to forget about their previous season. They were abysmal and not reflective of the best team out of Canada. In the entire season, they only managed six wins. Now when we look at the betting markets, even a team as defensively weak as Toronto was last season offered great opportunities in the betting markets. Over 1.5 goals was a good bet to take on Toronto as this occurred in 88% of their games and is indicative of the numbers as the team conceded quite a few goals. In this bet, it doesn’t matter who scores the goals, as long as the goals scored go above or below the number you bet. More odds

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Bayern Múnich.

Bayern Munich is the best of the best when looking at teams that come out of Germany. They have stayed at the summit of German soccer for years now and are also consistent in reaching the latter stages of the Champions League. In the betting markets, of course, due to their fantastic record last season, Moneyline was a great bet to make on Bayern as they won 71% of their games. The totals market is another in which Bayern excelled; in over 2.5 goals, this was in 82% of their games, and it even got higher with over 1.5 goals, which was at 92%. Bayern is a dominating team, and as such, these markets are where you will most likely find the best value in wagering on Bayern.

New York Red Bulls

As you will have come to notice when betting on soccer, within the MLS, the teams tend to score quite a few goals against each other and ultimately, whoever has the best defense, manages to scratch out a win. NY Red Bulls are in that category, too, they barely just managed to qualify for the playoffs last season, and in doing so, they were a constant in betting markets such as BTTS and Over totals marker; they scored over 0.5 goals 91% and over 1.5 goals at 60% of their fixtures. More odds

Austin FC

Austin is relatively new to the MLS, and inexperience is showing clearly. They had a horrible first season, as they were outplayed, and they barely managed to make points all throughout the campaign. But again, in betting, you never count a team out as it is more complex than wins and losses, they’re other ways to earn winnings. Austin fared well in the totals market, especially over1.5 goals, which occurred in 74% of their games. Another market being a team that is playing in the MLS that Austin appeared in would be BTTS. More picks

Orlando City

Orlando City has been up and down the table of the MLS over the past few years. In some seasons, they promise to show fight, and in others, you see a team trying to find its identity. In the betting markets, though, they offer a lot, as when placing bets, picking the teams that win won’t offer a big payday. Orlando is best in double chance, and both teams score bets. This is due to games in the MLS always being a head-to-head of who can score the most goals. They also won 13 games and drew 12 in the season prior, prompting bettors to bet on double chance as it seemed to occur frequently.

soccer leagues betting

soccer leagues betting

Most Popular option to bet on soccer


The Moneyline bet is one that is simple to understand; you’re required to place a wager on the team you believe is going to win the game; for example, when you place a bet on MLS side LA Galaxy to win against NY Red Bulls, and they manage to win the game, then your bet goes through, and you win. Read more


A parlay bet is when one player makes multiple wagers into one. The risk with such a bet is; that if one of those wagers loses, then all the bets lose too, but if all the wagers win, your winnings are multiplied. Read more


Both teams to score is when you place a wager on a soccer game for both teams to score. For example, if Manchester United is facing Liverpool and you wager that both teams will score and they do, the wager wins. Best picks

Over & Under Goals

Over & Under goals or otherwise known as the total markets, is when you predict how many goals will be scored in a fixture by either team. For instance, if Calvary FC vs. Forge were to happen and you wagered, the game will have Over 2.5 goals, meaning the score line will be 2.5 goals or higher, then your wager wins. If the goals scored were below 2.5 goals, you lose the wager.

Double Chance

A double chance bet occurs when you wager on a team to either win or draw. An example of this could be Real Madrid vs. Barcelona; if you feel Real Madrid is strong enough to win, but you also see that Barcelona can cause issues, you could wager on a double chance, and if they win or draw the game, you win! Best predictions

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

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