The Portuguese Soccer League is one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world. It’s also considered to be one of the best, thanks to its many talented players and successful teams. This season, we’re predicting that FC Porto, Benfica, and Sporting Lisbon will fight for first place in the league, but there are a few other teams that have an equal chance of winning—particularly because there are several opportunities for fans to bet on games.

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In this article, we’ll tell you all about these predictions and betting opportunities so that you can be as informed as possible when you make your own choices about who to root for.

The Favorites to Win the Primeira Liga

These three teams are the favorites we have picked as the most likely to win the title or at least be challenging for it.


Benfica is one of the giants of the Portuguese league, and they have won numerous trophies over the years to be seen as one of the premier clubs to come out of Portugal. Last season they only managed to finish third behind Sporting and league winners Porto, making this another year they have gone a season without any silverware to show for it. They also sold their star striker Darwin Nunez to Liverpool for $100 million, allowing them to invest in new players to help them in keeping Sporting and Porto at bay. They finished with 78 goals scored and only 30 conceded; these numbers show the team has goals in them, and in the betting market, such stats are important in helping make informed decisions on bets; Benfica really excelled in Double chance and Moneyline bets.

Sporting de Lisboa

Sporting Lisbon did everything they could to match Porto’s stride for stride, but unfortunately, the Porto machine was not to be stopped. Sporting treated fans to wonderful football and scintillating matches over the course of the season. They dominated other teams, showing that Porto was not the only team to fear; scoring 73 goals, conceding 23, and having a win percentage of 79% shows just how good Sporting was. The betting markets were profitable when betting on Sporting; the Moneyline bet was one to watch and the totals market.

Porto FC

The champions of Portugal had a season to remember; the table reflects just how good their overall performances were, winning 29 games and only losing one the entire season. The betting markets were full of opportunities for Porto fans and bettors; totals, Moneyline, and double chance stood out as the bets to pick for Porto. The champions have recorded 30 title wins so far throughout their history, and they also have 2 Europa and 2 Champions league titles.

Portugal League Betting

Primeira Liga Soccer Betting Relegation

In soccer leagues, if they’re favorites within the league, then expect a few teams also to be considered relegation threatened; here are our picks for the teams we believe will be battling it out to survive relegation.


After being back in the Primeira Liga for one season, Arouca was close to being sent back to the second league after only one season. The team qualified for the first league through the playoffs, and many of their fans were hopeful the team was back, and they were there to stay. You can feel the sigh of relief due to just making it and avoiding relegation by 2 points, scoring 30 goals but conceding 54 goals to have them end on a negative goal difference; they could only muster seven wins in the league, and if they aren’t careful, they could be going down after only two years back at the top.

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Futebol clube de vizela

Vizela is another club that gained promotion to the first-tier last season, and it seems they weren’t fully prepared for the trials that the Primeira league had to offer. Vizela wasn’t any different from Arouca, where they even conceded more goals; the number is 58 goals. They managed the same number of wins and only finished above the rest of the relegation-threatened teams due to drawing more than their opponents lost.

Portimonense SC

The team had a frustrating season, suffering many injuries and departures. They were relatively safe early on, but the expectations at the beginning of the campaign were not just about staying in the top flight. They did not manage to get into the top half of the table, though.

Primeira Liga Standing Table: Overall, Home & Away

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Primeira Liga Top Players: Goals, Assists & Cards

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Primeira Liga betting Tips:

Keep up to date on the news.

Keeping up with the media can provide valuable information, especially if you’re trying to predict which teams will do well in future matches. For example, if a team is focused on winning cups instead of the league, then you can assume they won’t perform as well in their next game.

Keep track of player information and statistics.

Keeping track of who is playing on the teams you want to bet on can help you in a variety of ways. It lets you monitor which players are doing well and, therefore, might be worth betting on, or it allows you to keep an eye on the team’s attacking and defensive strengths, so you know who is most likely to score or concede goals.

Know when to bet on certain teams

Sometimes each game is equally important, but if a team is in a relegation battle and many games are coming up in quick succession, then most games are important. Suppose a team like Paris Saint-Germain has a Champions League semifinal match and has already secured their spot at the top of the league table. In that case, they might put out a weaker team to get some rest for the upcoming semifinal match. This is why keeping track of teams’ positions and schedules is important when deciding which games to bet on.

Analysis of statistics

It is important to read the statistics the league publishes regarding previous seasons and the ongoing season. This will give you enough information to make informed bets, such as which teams are on a winning streak or whether goals scored by a team are high or low compared to other teams.

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Best Bets available on Primeira Liga

Halftime Bets

When you place bets on the outcome of a game before halftime, that’s called a halftime bet. In a halftime bet, you make wagers on events that occur within the first half (such as which player will score first) or before the end of the match.

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Parlays or ACCA:

A parlay, or accumulator as it is sometimes called, is a combination of bets that you place together with the hopes of winning more money. If all the bets win, you will make more than if you had placed them separately. However, your entire parlay will be lost if even one bet loses.

Over & Under:

If you believe that a game will have more than two goals scored, you can bet on the over/under of 2.5. For example, if Porto is playing against Braga and you think there will be more than two goals scored from either team, you would place a wager on “over” 2.5 goals, or if the game ends with less than two goals scored, then your bet loses.

Live betting option:

Live betting allows you to place and withdraw wagers as you watch or stream a live sporting event, including Primeira Liga games. Live betting is available for experienced bettors.


As the name suggests, both teams’ scores are a simple concept to grasp. In this bet, you will win if both teams score at any point during the match.

Double Chance:

A double chance bet is one where you aren’t certain which team will win but are pretty sure it won’t be a loss. An example of this would be Porto vs. Sporting Lisbon in Primeira Liga. Both teams are known as powerhouses, and recent form shows this to be true. If you placed your money on Porto, it would likely be a winning bet.

Portugal Liga Betting

Best Primeira Liga betting sites in Canada:


888Sport is another legitimate betting site offering high odds and a wide variety of games. Their eSports live betting and streaming options are a nice complement to their already solid gameplay.

Sports Interaction:

Sports Interaction is one of the most popular online sportsbooks on the market and in Canada. They offer an excellent user experience and have a wide range of options for bettors, with deposit methods catered to their Canadian audience.

William Hill:

William Hill is one of the world’s most popular and trusted betting sites. They offer a wide range of betting options, including live betting, and they’re a great choice for players in Canada. With easy payment methods, William Hill makes it quick and easy for bettors to deposit money and start betting.

Best App for Canadian Gamblers to bet on Primeira Liga


The Bet365 app is easy to use and has a clean design, allowing you to place bets for live and pre-match events, watch videos, access exclusive content, and get free bets.


Betway gives you a fun and easy-going betting experience with a mobile app that allows you to place bets from your phone. You can also access live betting and special promotions just for app users.

Other competitions in Portugal

Champions League

The Champion’s league is one of the most prestigious tournaments, and every team in Europe that is eligible to play aims to win it no matter how big or small the team is, making it a highly competitive cup. Benfica was able to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament but eventually were kicked out by finalists Liverpool.

Europa League

The Europa League is another European tournament that can be seen as the second tier of the Champions League, where teams battle it out for the cup through a knockout format. Teams that fail to go past the group stage and finish third in the group for Champions League will drop down to the Europa League to have a chance of winning silverware. Here you will find teams like Braga and Benfica vying for the trophy.

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Taca de Portugal

Around 154 teams play this cup competition, and they battle it out to reach the final, where the trophy awaits. In this cup competition, you not only win the cup as a prize, but the winner also stands a chance of qualifying for the Europa League group stages. Porto lifted the most recent editions, and they look favorites to take it back home with them for the next edition.

Top Matches to bet on Portuguese Soccer League:

Let’s now look at some of the best games to watch out for and some of the most promising matches to bet on:

Benfica vs. Porto FC

The O Clasico is one of the best games to catch coming out of the Portuguese league, they offer so much in terms of betting opportunities, and it does not skip out on entertainment. Benfica is yet to win against their bitter rivals since a 2-1 victory in 2019. With the search for their first victory after eight attempts, Benfica will look to get rid of the unwanted record when they face each other next.

Benfica vs Sporting de Lisboa:

The importance of this match can’t be stressed enough because these teams only face off for crucial games as both teams are always vying for the league title. Sporting has been remarkable over the past few years, but Benfica has been able to match their pace throughout. Both teams offer quality and great soccer; with such an unpredictable game, you will find great odds to bet on this match.

Sporting de Lisboa vs Porto FC:

Sporting Lisbon and Porto have to go down as one of the games to watch as Porto is the team to beat and the closest rival is Sporting. Sporting had gone on a run in which they hadn’t lost many games since 2020, about ten games, but this was not enough as the Porto soccer machine was in full flow. Both teams possess tremendous quality and offer so much in terms of betting chances and markets.

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