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When you consider wagering your first sports bet, it is highly likely that you bet on the outcome of the game or fight – win, lose or draw – this is known as the moneyline. ‘Moneyline’ could sound like a special type of bet that only insiders know, but it is not, it is one of the simplest markets to understand! We will have a look at it in further detail in this article.

The Moneyline in its Simplest Form

Ok, so, you now know there are only three outcomes on a moneyline wager. You can select Winner A, a Draw or Winner B. Simple!

Without too much confusion, usually, the Moneyline bet is selected by players that want to wager on a team or fighter to win and is one of the most common types of bets. You will see that the moneyline, predominantly, is one of the first markets available at an online Sportsbook.

What is the position of the Moneyline?

When you are looking at the Moneyline market you will see the odds shown in each outcome in a three-way section. Team A – odds, Draw – odds, Team B – odds.

Take this example of Real Madrid vs Chelsea in the Champions League.

Picture 1

We have used decimal odds to view the market values for each side. You will see that Real Madrid are favorites to win the game at 2.37 odds – this means that $100 would return $237. The middle, at 3.40 is the Draw, and a Chelsea win puts them as underdogs at 3.00.

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Bet winning tips for Moneyline bets

Winning Moneyline bets can be tricky, despite having clear favorites at the Sportsbook. Usually this market is one of the more favoured by parlay bettors and so a great amount of homework is done into ensuring that the odds are reflective of possible outcome at the sportsbooks. As you come to learn the odds, how they are presented to you, players, sometimes, can be disgruntled by betting on the underdog. Here’s a piece of advice; go with your gut feeling! Just because the odds could potentially show your moneyline bet to be a rank outsider, it does not mean that the sportsbook has got it right all the time. It is the inspection of the moneyline, knowing your team or fighter, that can make this market pretty lucrative for players, especially if you check all sportsbooks opening lines odds! The Moneyline is one of the most common forms of betting. If you want to learn how to integrate your moneyline bets into successful parlays and teasers you should read this!

What sports have the best Moneyline odds?

You will find Moneyline odds in most sports including all of these important leagues!

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLS
  • EPL
  • NHL
  • UFC
  • MLB

The moneyline odds will always look similar despite what sport you are hoping to wager in, which makes it easy to understand the market. If you are viewing the odds in American Decimals then the (positive) + number, is considered the favorite and the (negative) – number, is considered the underdog.

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Opening – Closing probabilities and line variation

Sportsbooks will adjust their moneyline odds dependent on the traffic coming in from players. As build up to match-up starting, the moneyline tends to get the most attention and the lines will move (odds change) to reflect the bets being wagered. If the underdog is taking tons of bets, more so than the favorite, it is likely that the lines will move to create less value than the opening odds. Tracking the odds closely is important. If you track the odds wisely, you can pretty much tell what the sportsbook are thinking. Experienced players will know exactly when to wager and how to much to wager, after watching fluctuating lines.

How are the Moneyline markets managed?

Infrequently there will be no moneyline option for your match-up. This rarely happens opening market unless the odds on the favorite are so heavy there is no point opening a moneyline market – in which case you will usually see the spread as the main market. If you like betting live, or In-Play, the moneyline tends to move a lot more aggressively than in opening, reflecting the action. Sometimes the moneyline is closed completely, you will see this in soccer a lot. If a team is losing 6-0, could you imagine wagering on the zero team to come back and win 7-6? That being said, if you have a proposition bet, you can always contact your sportsbook to open a line for you!

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