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  • 4.5
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  • Good selection of games and sports
  • Good odds for football specific betting
  • Multiple payment methods
  • App on both iOS and Android
Disadvantage list
  • Website feels a little dated
  • Coverage of leagues is limited for football
  • Relatively new in the market
  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

In 2022, Saskatchewan will see the legalization of single-game betting, in accordance with the C-218 bill passed in 2021. This will strengthen the position of many online sportsbooks; players may have missed out on online sportsbook gambling due to the prominence of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, but alternative sportsbooks are sure to stake a claim in the coming months. We’ll go through the options available for fans extremely passionate about Saskatchewan CFL gambling.

Is Sports Gambling Legal in Saskatchewan?

Are the Riders the best team in the CFL? Indeed, they are! Gambling in Canada, as a whole, has been miffed with a grey cloud through the last few decades. Legal status has long been a common question left with mixed views. Gambling has always been legal in this country—but the way you gamble has been more commonly scrutinized.

What are the Options for Betting Online in Saskatchewan?

Betting online can provide you with a ton of flexibility. You can place live bets on your favorite team, even as the lines change to reflect outcomes within the game. This makes for an incredibly enjoyable experience if you are a live bettor. Sportsbooks have a variety of games across more sports than Sports Select has been able to offer and, therefore, can provide you with more diverse market choices.

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Is Sports Betting on Apps Legal in Saskatchewan?

Yes, they are. In fact, betting apps can be the best way to enjoy your bets with live streaming of sporting events and dynamic betting markets. Personally, I tend to be a live player and watch the game or games while betting against the odds if pressure mounts for any one side. The apps tend to have a thinned-down version of their website, meaning that bets, leagues, sports, and markets are quickly accessible and faster to wager on.

Are there Taxes for Betting in Saskatchewan?

In Canada, gamblers won’t be taxed on their wins or losses. The only time that you could be taxed is if you are considered to be gambling professionally; that means that gambling is your main source of income, and you make most of your money from it.

Can I Legally Bet on Single Games in Saskatchewan?

In 2022 single-game sports betting will be available for Saskatchewan players, yes! Single-game gambling can be more lucrative for players due to the increased chances of winning in a single market against the old ‘parlay style’ wagering. The Canadian government legalized single-game sports betting in 2021, so open up your sportsbooks and check out the Riders markets available!

Are you able to Bet with Bitcoin in Saskatchewan?

Of course. Although using Bitcoin as a deposit method at a sportsbook is a bit trickier than using traditional payment methods, it is completely legal and is accepted at some sportsbooks. However, there are still a number of sportsbooks that do not accept Bitcoin deposits.

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