The English Premier League is the number one league in Europe due to its global reach, commercial success, and of course, great teams that play in it. You can find some of the most pulsating matches to be played and competitive teams from every point of view. Liverpool and Manchester City showcase just how good they are every week, demonstrating the likeness of the league; you will also find the best managers in world soccer coaching a team in England. We will look at the best odds, bets, and tips for the English Premier League.

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The Favorites to Win the Premier League

premier league betting picks

There are several teams in the EPL who are considered favorites for the title race; the number of teams that enter that list increases due to the high level of competition involved in the league; these teams are great options for a future bet to win the league.

Liverpool FC

The Reds are one of the biggest teams in the EPL and worldwide; they have numerous exploits and trophies to back this claim. They endured a rough patch of not winning the domestic league, picking up domestic Cups and European cups along the way, but they managed to get back and are considered arguably the best team in the world. It helps that the team has star players such as Mohamed Salah, who are also managed by one of the best managers in football, Jurgen Klopp. They are certain favorites as they look to renew their top-of-the-table rivalry with Manchester City.

Manchester City

Manchester City, led by the best manager in the world, Pep Guardiola, has taken this team to new heights ever since their new owner, Sheik Mansour, bought them; they have seen a large amount of domestic success domestically, especially. In the last five years, Manchester City has won more league titles than any other club in England, and they do not look to be slowing down. With the new acquisition of Erling Haaland, the highly rated attacker seems to be the missing puzzle in the team to ensure their place as title contenders and European cup challengers.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea has undergone quite a drastic change over the last few months, losing star players and their previous owner Roman Abramovich due to political reasons. The club, however, has managed to stay competitive, and under new ownership by the Boehly Group, you can be sure that they will pick up where they left. Chelsea is a team that has seen plenty of trophies over the years, and they have built a model around finding and nurturing the best talent possible. They will require some reinforcements, but you can always count on Chelsea to be among the title contenders.

Bet on relegation

Here are the teams we see fighting to hold off the drop comes to the end of the season.

AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth is finally back in the EPL again, this time without their star manager, who last brought them up from The English Championship, Eddie Howe, who now coaches Newcastle United. Bournemouth has performed admirably by getting back into the league so quickly; however, they will be more aware now that the EPL is a different ball game altogether, and you will need to be at your best to ensure they can avoid the drop once again.

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Nottingham Forest

It has been many years since we last saw Nottingham Forest in the EPL. As surprising as it may be, they were once the best team in the country due to their trophy exploits and fantastic football that legendary manager Brian had Clough curated. They will, however, be stepping out of the pot and into the fire with the EPL; the teams they will now face are some of the best in the world, and it will be no walk in the park to survive in the league.


Fulham is being brought back to life by Scott Parker, the former footballer now turned manager. He has imprinted his style of play on the team and brought a winning spirit back to the club. It cannot be enough, though, as promoted teams usually won’t have the same resources as teams in the Premier League for years. Fulham sold their young upcoming star to a now direct rival, Liverpool, and this won’t help Fulham’s chances of survival unless they can replace and add to their squad with players who are ready for the war that takes place in the EPL.

EPL Standing Table: Overall, Home & Away

Premier League Top Players: Goals, Assists & Cards

EPL betting Tips;

Pay attention to the odds;

When betting on sports, it’s important to keep an eye on the odds offered by sportsbooks. By joining multiple sportsbooks, you allow yourself to find the best odds available for any given wager. This will allow you to make the most of your bets and build a bet slip that offers great winnings over time.

Keep up to date with fixtures;

You should familiarize yourself with the English Premier League fixture list, as this will help you prepare for upcoming fixtures; this will help you stay prepared for games and understand the little details that can affect the game, such as coach decisions.

Injury list;

A team’s injury situation can affect its performance. If Chelsea lost star striker Kai Havertz to injury and their next fixture is against Arsenal, this will affect the strength of their attack, influencing how they will play and what strategies they will adapt to cope. This information lets you choose wisely when betting and get the best payouts.

Pay attention to streaks;

It’s important to look into this aspect of soccer betting, as it will help you make confident decisions on your bets. For example, Liverpool has been playing well lately, so if you think they’re going to continue their winning streak against a team at the bottom of the table, you can bet on them in their next game, knowing that you have all the information you need.

Know when to play for the underdog;

You can’t always bet on the biggest games as a sports bettor. The media can influence your opinion and make you think the favorite will win, but don’t let them influence you too much. Find out as much information as possible about each team before placing your bets.

Best Bets available on EPL

Live betting option:

Live betting is a popular option when betting on the English Premier League, as you can place wagers on teams as the game progresses. If Norwich City is playing Burnley, for example, you can watch a live stream of the game and place bets based on what you see. This is an option used by more experienced bettors.

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Over and Under 2.5:

Otherwise known as “under” or “over” bets, these are placed on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. For example, you predict that West Ham will score more than 2.5 goals in their match against Wolverhampton, so you place your bet on “over” 2.5 goals, and if both teams score that many goals, your bet wins.


The “Both Teams to Score” bets are straightforward wagers where you place a bet on both teams in a given match scoring. For instance, say that you think the Arsenal-Leeds match will end as a draw or with both teams scoring against each other. The match’s outcome doesn’t matter as long as both teams have scored for your bet to pay out.


Parlays are bets you make on several games and put together (on the same bet split). If one game doesn’t go right, the whole parlay will fail. So, with a parlay bet, there is high risk and a super good win. If you place your bets on Liverpool, Everton, and Tottenham, and your bet is right, you’ll get a big slice of the cake. Learn more about parlays.

Double Chance:

Double Chance is a bet in which you pick one or two teams to win or draw their match. For example, your bet will be successful if you bet on Arsenal vs. Bournemouth and Arsenal draws or wins the game. However, your bet will be unsuccessful if Arsenal loses the game. Read more about Double Chance bets.

Halftime Bets

Halftime bets are when you place wagers on the results of a game when halftime goes; this means bets will be placed on events for the first half. So, if you bet on Chelsea scoring two goals in the first half, and they do, your bet will win.

Best EPL betting sites in Canada:

William Hill:

William Hill is one of the most popular online sports betting sites today. They’ve been around for decades and provide great service, offering odds on all major sports, including soccer, football, and hockey. They offer plenty of funding options to find one that suits your needs. Plus, they offer great customer support in case you need any help getting started.


Betway is one of the best sportsbooks on the internet. They offer excellent odds, an online casino, and customer support via phone, email, and social media. They accept several different funding methods. They have recently added statistics options for each soccer match, which is a great help for betting during the game (although this is usually shown for the most popular soccer leagues).


888Sport is a top provider of sports betting and casino games. The site offers players various betting opportunities, including traditional sports and esports, roulette, and blackjack. The site is easy to navigate and provides players with plenty of deposit methods to meet their needs. It is one of the most fully-featured live betting bookmakers for soccer. Read more.

Best App for Canadians Players to bet on EPL

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction’s sportsbooks in Canada are a solid choice for betting enthusiasts. Their mobile betting app is friendly and offers the same great betting interface as their online platform. Click here and read our Sports Interaction’s review.


Bet365’s app is a fantastic tool for placing bets on sports. It has a neat design, is easy to use, and has loads of useful features – you can place bets live or pre-match, for instance. It works well on both Android and Apple devices.

Other competitions

Let’s see other competitions that may catch your eye and how they can offer more value.

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Champions League

The prestigious UEFA Champions League is the most sought-after trophy in Europe. The main reason is the commercial success for the participating teams is enormous and rewarding. Here you will see the best of the best. Other than Real Madrid, who have been winning the trophy for years, English clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City have been a fair shout, with Liverpool making it to the finals in the last two years. This cup gives teams the platform to play against the best.

Europa League

It has become an “economic support” for mid-table teams. The competition is becoming increasingly competitive, although English teams tend to advance easily to the quarter-finals. This tournament is often a mine of opportunities to win “easy” bets.

National Cup: FA CUP

The National Cup in England is known as the FA Cup; it’s one of the oldest cup competitions in soccer history and holds a lot of prestige in the country. The teams that play at the EPL to the lower leagues. It’s probably one of the most important national cups in Europe and literally a festival of adrenaline, ideal for Over/Under and BTTS betting.

Top Matches to bet on:

Here are some games that we believe will offer a betting opportunity, and also, these games are highly watched as they carry some significance and history.

Liverpool vs. Manchester City:

Liverpool vs. Manchester City is becoming more and more like a derby; these two teams have been fighting each other for the last 5-7 years for the same trophies, and the match never seems to disappoint. You see some of the best players to grace the game and two of the coaches in the world right now. This game offers a great opportunity for bets and markets. There are always goals in this match, no matter the date and which strikers are playing. The over 2.5 will always be an interesting bet to get.

Tottenham vs. Arsenal:

The London derby is one of the most entertaining derbies to be played; Tottenham and Arsenal both reside in North London, creating a fierce rivalry between the two. This match always offers many goals and highlight moments, as the match is filled with passion and pride; you can find great odds and opportunities within this fixture. Keep an eye on this match; Antonio Conte (Tottenham’s coach) built a really good team for the 22/23 season. Click here to read the betting tips about Arsenal vs Tottenham.

Manchester United vs. Manchester City:

The Manchester Derby has become more fiercely contested since Manchester City began its dominant displays in the last couple of years. The most successful team in England is Manchester United, and the most successful team in recent years go head-to-head with each other as they have but with more conviction than before. It was evident in the past who was the stronger of the two, but now the situation has changed. This game promises stunning moments and great betting chances.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more