Valorant is relatively new to the gaming scene; diving head first into the first-person shooter gaming industry, it has gone on to capture players’ interest in rapid fashion. The game is similar to tactical shooters like CS: GO and Rainbow six, only now incorporating abilities more fantasy-like being added to the mix. More and more sportsbooks are beginning to offer Valorant as a game you can bet on.

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How Does Valorant Work?

How Does Valorant Work

How Does Valorant Work

Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. Valorant aims to be fast-paced and well-balanced, appealing to casual and competitive players. It’s designed as a direct competitor to other esports titles like Overwatch and CS: GO. When it comes to how they structure their matches, instead of having 30 rounds, Valorant has a maximum of 25, and the first team to reach 13 wins.

The game employs a fast TTK (time to kill), meaning the time it takes to down an opponent is short; the game offers a dynamic approach with characters having unique skill sets that aid but do not steal the show from the gun aspect of the game.

How To Bet On Valorant

How To Bet On Valorant

How To Bet On Valorant

Valorant is relatively new, as was mentioned earlier, meaning the creators are learning and adjusting it as time goes by; this also means players are now starting to play the game, and the developers are creating and planning how the competitive scene is intended to be in their vision.

The game has, however, leapfrogged itself to being one of the best new FPS games out there. The developers realized the love for such games, already having League of Legends on their portfolio, but they added new ideas to make Valorant stand out. The game has gone on to be a favorite among players, and it has the potential to be one of the best. You will find more and more sportsbooks allowing players to bet on Valorant as a good amount already do.

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Popular Markets to Bet on

Markets to Bet on Valorant

Markets to Bet on Valorant

Below we shall look at the markets available for Valorant, going by the most sought-after markets to bet on.

Winner of the tournament.

It could not be any simpler; it’s similar to a moneyline bet on a tournament, where you simply pick the team or person you believe will triumph over all and take home the cup.

Competing for maps

Map winner is another market that offers an excellent opportunity for wagering on Valorant; this is basically the team or person that you believe will get the win on a particular map and/or kills in a game. Here you pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses teams possess on specific maps, be It the character’s abilities. You have to know all these things to make sounds wagers as every map has its perks and downsides.

Match Winner

Match winner is even more straightforward than tournament winner here; you pick the player/team you predict will win the maps, there is some degree of difficulty as the games are played on multiple matches rather than one, but if you research well, you could have some accuracy with such bets.

Over. Under 2.5 on VALORANT

Sportsbooks can offer odds on a variety of game statistics, including total aces, total kills, and so on. These are all tasks that either team or player can excel in.

Correct Score Bets

To bet on Valorant, there are two kinds of correct score bets: map-based and match-based. A map-based correct score requires you to accurately predict a single map’s result. A match-based correct score requires you to accurately predict an entire match’s outcome.

Tips for Betting On Valorant

Tips for Betting On Valorant

Tips for Betting On Valorant

Valorant is a pervasive game with many possibilities that push players to invent strategies and produce new ways to gain an edge over opponents. If you’re looking to wager on Valorant, this is definitely an aspect you have to consider. There’s more to Valorant Esports than meets the eye!

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I highly recommend studying the metagame. Understanding each character and how they work can help you make smarter bets. Riot Games usually work with “counter” characters, so knowing how this works can be very beneficial.

A second important point is the compatibility of characters, which is why we recommend analyzing which characters are picked when the team is formed. If possible, read up on each game’s maps so you can pick your bets more strategically.

Finally, there are the players. One rule of thumb in these games is to always watch for who is about to enter a game.

To know whether your odds are good or not, see which is your player’s win rate, how many wins he has, and if he is going through a losing streak. Also, see if he has a lot of kills and assists.

Best Valorant Tournaments

valorant esports `

valorant esports

Valorant plans to organize several tournaments per year. These events can draw a lot of attention to Valorant’s esports betting sites.

Riot Games promotes a number of tournaments each year, and this trend will likely continue with Valorant, so the betting sites that offer Valorant betting are looking forward to a boost in their player base.

The best teams to bet on Valorant

The best teams to bet on Valorant

The best teams to bet on Valorant

Despite being a new game, Valorant has already caught the eye of several professionals in the esports world. Players who have been playing CSGO for a while and want a change have started to see Valorant as a viable alternative. Here are some of the highlights:


CSGO veteran, winner of several tournaments in his time with the game of Valve, and part of an underdog team that shocked the world.


CSGO player belonging to the current G2 team and winner of several European tournaments.


Valorant’s top player and current leader in the game. He has gone on to become the current face of the competitive scene.


Zyppan has performed admirably since joining the Valorant, consistently appearing within the top 5 best players.

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Top Valorant Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Top Valorant Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Top Valorant Sports Betting Sites in Canada

As we reach the end of this article, it’s only right we recommend the best sites to use when betting on esports.


Betway has become one of the go-to sites for betting on Esports. Not only do they offer some great odds, but they even cover games such as Valorant, even though it’s relatively new. Betway has fully invested in Esports betting, and you can’t go wrong by using them to place your wagers. Read more.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is well aware of the increasing growth of the esports scene, especially with the sudden boom in the industry during covid times. Sports Interaction doesn’t hesitate to offer markets on Valorant during the current events held. Read more.


22bet has somewhat accepted the esports scene, and they show that by doing their best to offer competitive odds as well as popular markets on Esports and Valorant. You can be sure you will find something for everyone with 22bet, whether it’s Esports or traditional ones.


When it comes to sportsbooks that have adopted the Esports betting scene well, you will always find Bet365 alongside Betway. Bet365 is an innovator in the betting industry, and they do well to promote Esports as well as titles that are less popular such as Valorant. Read more.

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