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Serbia held out Portugal to take the top spot of group A for World Cup qualifiers; they performed admirably, not allowing themselves to lose even one game in their campaign to make it to the World Cup in Qatar. Serbia showed resilience and excellent football understanding to dominate their group despite solid opposition. In this article, we shall be taking a more in-depth look at Serbia and their chances, and also, we shall look into their exploits in the betting industry and how much value they have offered and will offer to sports bettors.

Serbia World Cup 2022: Future Betting Odds and Analysis

You can bet on Serbia to win the World Cup or advance past a particular stage before the event occurs. Sports Interaction has odds that are due to change as the months go by, and they have Serbia at +14800 to win the tournament. Serbia may not be the name that comes out of people when speaking about soccer but be aware not to underestimate the nation, they have produced talent for years, and they understand the game of soccer quite well.

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Serbia World Cup 2022: Moneyline Odds and Analysis

Serbia absolutely ran past their opponents in qualifiers to stand out as a genuine contender; in the progress, they even forced Portugal and Cristian Ronaldo to go an extra step to qualify for the World Cup by ensuring the top spot and making the second spot play a different game for the last few places at the World Cup. Moneyline bet is picking the winner of a match, and odds-on Serbia was quite good; they won 70% of their games, and it increased slightly to 75% when playing home games. Their records show they are a great pick when betting on the Moneyline.

Serbia World Cup 2022: Totals Odds and Analysis

Serbia was dominant in their performances, and as an apparent result, we wouldn’t be picking them for the totals (over & under bets) market, but this is not the case. Serbia may have performed very well, but this doesn’t indicate that they were a bad fit for total bets; this is because they conceded a few goals and those results showed they could be bet on in totals. Over 0.5 goals occurred at 100%. This is easy to see as they won all their games, and to do so, you must score goals. In over 1.5 goals, it decreased to 65% but was at 70% when playing home games.

Serbia World Cup 2022: BTTS Odds and Analysis

Now here is where Serbia was not the best choice due to their dominant displays. This is because for both teams to score and bet to go through, both teams must score in the fixture wagered on. Serbia in the BTTS market only had this occur in 40% of their games, which is just below the average, but it is also a good indicator of how you can bet on them in the World Cup. They conceded a few goals, but this number is sure to increase when they reach the World Cup, and they should be kept in mind when looking at BTTS markets.

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Serbia World Cup 2022: Top Goalscorer Odds and Analysis

Serbia has their own goal-scoring machine in the form of Aleksandar Mitrovic, the hitman managed to bag eight goals in their qualifiers, and this comes as no surprise as he has been bagging goals for his club throughout the season; he scored 43 goals and played in 44 matches. This is impressive for any standard, and he looks to bring this hot streak of form to the World Cup.

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