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Tunisia has already managed to progress to the World Cup on five occasions, and the 2022 edition will now be their sixth tournament. Tunisia had a more or less comfortable run to qualifying, so they top their group. In this article, we look at their performances over qualifiers and their chances in the upcoming World Cup. We analyze their odds and look at the markets in which they would excel if you’re looking to bet on them.

Tunisia World Cup 2022: Future Betting Odds and Analysis

Future odds are an exciting market in betting; if your prediction comes true, then the payout can be enormous. Future betting is predicting and placing a wager on an event or fixture yet to take place; in this instance, we’re looking at the possibility of Tunisia winning the World Cup; Sports Interaction has them at +34700 to win the entire tournament. These numbers were taken before Tunisia had qualified for the World Cup, which means they’re subject to change over time.

Tunisia World Cup 2022: Moneyline Odds and Analysis

A Moneyline bet is where you pick the winner of a fixture; an example of this can be if you place a bet on Tunisia to win against South Africa; if Tunisia wins, the bet wins, and if they lose, your bet fails. At the moment, Tunisia has a 40%-win chance from their previous games, but it is only right to mention that throughout their qualifiers, they only lost one game and drew another, the other games they won. Tunisia is seen to have low chances in this coming World Cup, but with soccer, nothing is set in stone, and if you were to place the Moneyline bet on Tunisia, picking the suitable game is essential.

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Tunisia World Cup 2022: Totals Odds and Analysis

Currently, Tunisia’s stats don’t show that the totals or over/under market is one for them, the team has been suffering a slight dip in form after qualifying for the World Cup, and their numbers have slowly declined. In over 0.5 goals, they have an 80% occurrence; this is the only section of totals where they are well above average. For the over 1.5 goals, they stand at 30%, which is way below average, and that makes them undesirable to bettors for this market.

Tunisia World Cup 2022: BTTS Odds and Analysis

Both teams to score in betting that currently holds no value for Tunisia. The teams run during qualifiers have shown how good they can be, but in betting, just being good doesn’t mean you will be a good pick for bets. In qualifiers, they scored 11 goals and only conceded 2 goals making the chances of BTTS happening very low. To add on to that, for games after the qualifiers, they have a 0% chance of BTTS having happened in their games. However, in a tournament like the World Cup, dismissing teams from specific markets can make you lose out on great opportunities, be sure to research and pay attention to details that can affect a game, whether internal or external.

Tunisia World Cup 2022: Top Goalscorer Odds and Analysis

Wahbi Kazri, the Tunisian forward, plies his trade in the French Ligue 1 with Montpellier. The veteran forward has been tasked with leading the line for his home country. The team has not produced high-scoring matches, but Kazri can be seen as a constant striker who will put away the crucial goals for his home nation. Wahbi Kazri will be among the top scorers for Tunisia. He may not have the speed and strength of his youth days, but he substitutes that with experience and intelligence.

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