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  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

In August 2021, Canada legalized single-game betting, allowing its citizens to place bets on individual games rather than parlays. Previously, Canadian citizens had been forced to use offshore bookmakers and risk their betting money with un-regulated bookies.

What is Single Game Betting?

Single-game betting is betting on a single line in any given sport. You’ll find markets to bet on at most online sportsbooks, and you can even bet against the line by taking that game’s opposite team.

How will Single-Game betting be implemented in Canada?

In the United States, sports gambling is run as a successful state-based model; in 2021, Canada moved to do the same, with Ontario being the first province to legislate. The move won’t only help provinces financially; it will also benefit citizens, since more money will be available for community reinvestment. The roll-out will be gradual; many will likely watch the developments in Ontario as a blueprint for successful implementation.

Pros And Cons of the Single Bets

Professional players understand that betting multiple lines on a single game decreases the chance of winning. A single-line bet offers greater chance at success than a double or parlay because it contains less lines. Most games have multiple betting options, so the best strategy is to research and make a single bet based on the most favorable odds. Although single-line betting has its advantages, there are also drawbacks, including the fact that increased bets can lead to excessive gambling. Betting on one game can be more expensive than an entire card filled with games, but winning bets can lead to large payouts. When gamblers win several bets in a row, they may become overconfident and decide to bet on games where their knowledge is limited. I think that parlays are a lot of fun. You have a small chance of walking away with a big reward, and it is unlikely you will win regularly. Betting on single games is a little more tedious and can lead to an addiction quickly. A whole new world for Canada, being able to bet on the single line, however parlays and teasers are still a crowd favorite. You should check out our article on parlay and teaser betting here

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Where can I make Single-Game Bets in Canada?


Betway is a popular bookmaker with a long reputation and good customer service. They go through a good KYC process that ensures players are both legal and able to play. Betway offers good odds in most sports, and you will find the single-lines worthy enough to invest in a single line in even some of the most obvious of games.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is a major Internet sports bookmaker that serves bettors in the Canadian market. The company is committed to the protection of players and will boot a player who has been flagged as a ‘problem gambler’. Its odds are competitive, and its offerings in multiple betting lines reflect the diversity of options for Canadian players.


888Sport is gaining popularity in Canada. The website is smooth and both new and existing players can take advantage of bonuses. Since 888Sport has opened, it’s taken market share away from some of the long-standing Canadian bookmakers; such is the power of their proposition.

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