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Serie A is one of the top five European leagues, coming only behind the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga in terms of popularity and quality. The Serie A has been known to be a very tactical league and produces some of the best teams and players from around the world; in today’s article, we shall tackle the best bets placed on this League and which teams are the best to look out for.

The Favorites to Win the Serie A

The Favorites to Win the Serie A tips Betting Sites in Canada

The Favorites to Win the Serie A tips Betting Sites in Canada

There are usually a few teams that stand out as favorites to either win the title or challenge for it; here; we look at some of them who are seen as contenders for the League due to pedigree, quality, and preparation for the season.

Juventus FC

Juventus is one the giants of Serie A, even though in the last two years they have strayed in terms of the team’s performance. Juventus are still, considered favorites with every season and competition that starts; this is because Juventus attract the biggest stars, as they compete for the top prize in Italy and also in the champions league; they have recently recruited both Angel Di Maria and Paul Pogba to strengthen their team after a lackluster season in which they watched as Inter Milan and AC Milan compete for the Scudetto with AC Milan coming out on top. Juventus are not used to not being at the top, and with world football changing, Juventus looks to steady their ship and have them fighting for top honors once again.

AC Milan

AC Milan can best be described as a new era in the italian soccer, and not long ago, they wouldn’t even be considered title contenders; this is due to the club going through a period in which they hadn’t managed the club affairs in the best way possible, leading to the club slowly feigning from the limelight and becoming a forgotten champion. It has changed drastically over the last years; AC Milan have built a team with intelligent business, not overspending on players or paying huge wages that will offset the balance sheet of the club; they have worked within their means but have also managed to challenge better-equipped teams such as Juventus and Inter Milan. AC Milan goes into the next season as defending champions, something they haven’t felt in a long time, but it is their time now, and they look to stay competing for the coveted Scudetto.

Inter Milan FC

Inter Milan faced the slump earlier than AC Milan, from treble winners to a team that couldn’t qualify for Europe’s top competition, the UEFA Champions League. Inter Milan, was taken over by new owners who poured $600 million into the club to buy players and build its brand in some years. The coronavirus may have been tough on teams, especially since it brought to light the fragile infrastructure of soccer.

The neroazzurri, weathered the storm and managed to win the Serie A during the 20-21 season, and in the process, they have built a team capable of competing with the best; new incomings are Romelu Lukaku, the striker who helped fire them to their first title in years and was sold to Chelsea for $100 million only to go back on loan to Inter. This team is no longer underestimated and will be around fighting for the title for the next few years to come.

Bet On Relegation

Bet On Relegation Serie A Betting prediction

Bet On Relegation Serie A Betting prediction

These teams listed below are the ones we believe will be fighting to stave off the drop and book a place in Serie A for next season.


The last time Lecce was in the Serie A was during the 2019-2020 season. Still, they couldn’t beat the drop and were sent down to Serie B. Lecce has now made it back to the Serie A only spending one season in the lower leagues. They’ll realize the overall quality of teams has been improving, and it might be more difficult this time as soccer can sometimes be a cruel and honest sport. Lecce will need to be on their best tactically and physically to keep up with the demands of staying in the top flight.

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Empoli has been back in the Serie A after two seasons away, and they looked to be heading for the drop as the previous campaign began, but as the matches continued to pass by, Empoli grew into their skin; the turning point has to be the winner in the derby of Tuscany, where they earned a hard-fought victory of 1-0 against Fiorentina. They managed to secure their place for the next season quite comfortably, but they’re signs; that the team was lucky at times, and now more than ever, they need to be more prepared to depend on skill and tactical nous rather than luck.


Salernitana barely escaped relegation during their last season, beating the drop by 1 point to savor another season in Italy’s top flight; they won only 7 games throughout the entire campaign and conceded 78 goals which, however, you look at it, goes down as a horrible season for the team. Salernitana have to be careful this upcoming season due to the other teams reinforcing and showing they are on the cusp of coming back to their former glory; this means more quality from the opposition they face; this may be good for the health of the League itself, but for Salernitana they will have to ensure they are not on the lower half of the table once again.

Serie A betting Tips:

Serie A Tips Betting in Canada

Serie A Tips Betting in Canada

  • Look for the most competitive odds;

It is wise to pay attention to the odds that sportsbooks offer; you have the liberty to join multiple sportsbooks, meaning you can find out the best odds available from among the sportsbooks you choose. It will allow you to make the most out of your bets and help you build a bet slip that will offer much in winnings.

  • Fixtures being played;

It is wise to be aware of the fixture list of the Serie A; this will allow you to be more ready for the fixtures, as well as help you understand the small details such as the coaches resting certain players for less important games and all, this info will help when you’re picking your next bet.

  • Injuries;

Injuries could play an essential fact in how well a team plays; for example, if Inter Milan lost their star striker Lautaro Martinez to injury and their next fixture is against AC Milan, this will affect the strength of their attack, and this influences how they will play and what strategies they will adapt to cope, all this information will now aid you in what bets to place and the potential payouts involved.

  • Keep track of wins, losses, and streaks;

It is an important aspect to look into as this will allow you to make confident decisions on bets; for example, Inter Milan have won their last five games, and now they face bottom of the table, Lecce, here you can almost confidently place the Moneyline bet on Inter Milan as all evidence points to them extending their winning run. This information helps build into your research on soccer bets in Serie A.

  • Know when to bet on the underdog;

Media has a big role to play in sports nowadays, and it can’t be ignored; that’s why it’s always good to be careful when picking information from the news; this is because, as a sports bettor, you can’t always bet on the biggest games, being hyped by the media and fans on social media, you can bet on the underdog if you have enough information to believe they will be an upset.

A perfect example was the fan who placed a future bet on Leicester City to win the League, and his bet came through; this can be seen as a fluke or maybe a strong belief in his team, but there is value in betting on the underdog.

Serie A Standing Table: Overall, Home & Away

Seria A Top Players: Goals, Assists & Cards

Best Bets Available on the Italian Serie A

serie a betting picks

serie a betting picks

Live betting option:

Live betting is an good option to bet on the Serie A; here, you can place wagers on the teams playing as the game is going on; you can place wagers at the beginning, during the match, or towards the end. It is an option used by more experienced bettors. An example; if AS Roma is playing Sassuolo, you can watch the live stream and place bets you believe will occur due to the information you’re taking in from watching the game.

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Over & Under:

Otherwise known as the Totals market, here you predict how many goals both teams will score in a game. Let’s look at an example for this, Juventus vs. Empoli; and you predict that in this game, they will score more than 2.5 goals, you will then place your bet on over 2.5 goals, and if the match ends with more than that number of goals, your bet wins. Click here and Check out our Over & Under tips.


Both teams to score is pretty straightforward where you place a bet on both teams scoring in the fixture. Let’s say you see the game between Atalanta and Verona being a draw, or they both score against each other. It doesn’t matter who wins or losses; as long as both teams have scored, your bet goes through. Learn more about BTTS.


Parlays are a number of bets built on top of each other to make the prize pool more profitable; the only problem here is if one bet doesn’t go through, the entire parlay will fail, so with this bet, high risk, high reward. E.g.: If you place bets on the Juventus game, Inter Milan game, and Empoli’s game, but your bet on the Juventus game didn’t go through, your parlay bet will fail. Check out our last Paylays picks.

Double Chance:

Double Chance is a bet where you pick a team and bet on that team winning or losing their game. For instance, in Verona vs. Juventusi, and you bet on Verona to win or draw the game, if they draw or win the game, your bet goes through, and if they lose, your bet fails. Read more about double chance bets.

Halftime Bets 

A half-time/full-time (HT/FT) bet is a type of wager that requires the bettor to predict the outcome at the end of both halves and full-time. It is primarily available for soccer betting, where there are nine possible outcomes. The most usual bets at halftime are BTTS, and Over and Under. Honestly, they are also the most exciting in my opinion.

Best Serie A Sportsbooks in Canada:

Best Sportsbooks in Canada Bet on Serie A

Best Sportsbooks in Canada Bet on Serie A

William Hill:

William Hill has been a leading name in sports betting for decades and is one of the most popular online bookmakers today. They offer odds on all major sports, including soccer, American football, and hockey. Their customer support is great, and they’re efficient when it comes to dealing with any problems that might arise. Plus, they offer plenty of funding options to find one that works for you.


Betway is a top sportsbook that draws players from all over the world. They offer excellent odds, friendly UX, great customer support, and an online casino for those who like to play other games. You can fund your account with many different payment methods and get in touch with their helpful staff via phone, email, and social media. Read more about Betway.


888Sport is one of the top online bookmakers around. It offers a wide variety of betting opportunities, including traditional sports and esports, as well as casino games like roulette and blackjack. 888Sport has plenty of deposit methods for players to choose from, which can be helpful for players who want to fund their accounts with their preferred method.

Best App for Canadian Players to Bet on Serie A

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction has much more to offer than other sportsbooks. They have a mobile betting app that makes placing bets on your phone easy because the interface reflects the desktop user experience.


Bet365’s app is one of the best in the market. It has a clean design and is easy to use – you can place bets for live betting and pre-match events, among other things. It works well on Android and Apple devices and provides information for those who want it.

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Other Competitions/Tournaments

Other CompetitionsTournaments Serie A Betting in Canada

Other CompetitionsTournaments Serie A Betting in Canada

We also look at some of the competitions that Serie A teams are looking to win alongside the League; these are domestic cups and European competitions that elevate the status of the winner.

Champions League

It can be argued that this is the biggest cup competition in world soccer today because the Champions League consists of some of the biggest teams in Europe. Here you will see the best players flaunt their skills, and you can be sure to find high-octane games. Juventus have been one of those teams that are a constant in the tournament; but Italian teams, have found it difficult to win the Cup, facing tough opposition such as English teams or the likes of Real Madrid, who are serial winners of the competition.

Europa League

This League is for those teams that are good but fell short or are either not good enough for the Champions League that season; The Europa League is not to be looked down on, though; this tournament has been a staple of soccer for years now, and you’ll find some of the biggest teams compete in the tournament such as Atalanta, Sassuolo, and Roma just to name a few.

National Cup: Coppa Italia

It is a domestic cup that is played by teams from the tiers of soccer leagues in Italy; here, they play a knockout cup competition that ultimately decides the winner of the Cup. This Cup is seen as a source of pride and a chance for silverware by both big and small teams; it’s always the aim to win the treble or double, and the Coppa Italia is among those trophies the Italian teams are hoping to come away with.

Top Matches to Bet on:

Top Matches to Bet on Serie A

Top Matches to Bet on Serie A

They are a few matches that stand out more than others; these blockbusters of games are the ones that have the media running and fans planning months ahead to attend the fixture; from a betting perspective, they also provide great opportunities to win.

Juventus vs. AC Milan:

Juventus vs. AC Milan used to be a clash of titans that fizzled out as the latter went through a down period, but now that they are back at the top, it promises to be a game one isn’t to miss. Juventus will be without club legend Giorgio Chiellini as he has called time on his Juventus career to play in the MLS; AC Milan will look to continue on their previous campaign and keep the winning streak going even against hard opponents Juventus.

Internazionale de Milan vs. Juventus:

Inter Milan vs. Juventus has grown into one of the fiercest fixtures in Serie A, and this is because both teams have invested heavily in their teams, and as such, they expect to see immediate results. Inter Milan is the one that halted the years of dominance that Juventus were enjoying, and this is not something Juventus have forgotten easily; they are now well aware that Inter Milan is a direct threat to their plans of dominating the League, and they won’t be easy to beat.

Internazionale de Milan vs. AC Milan:

Derby Di Milano, these two teams have been rivals for as long as one can remember, and this intense rivalry does not seem to settle down. Both teams share the same home ground, the San Siro Stadium, which makes the atmosphere when they play one of the best to experience. From a betting outlook, you will see that this fixture is not the simplest to predict the outcome due to many factors surrounding the clubs, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to bet and win while being entertained, watch out for this fixture.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

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