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Parlays and Teasers are a fantastic way to bolster the odds by mixing up games and outcomes simultaneously. Betting on Single Games is a good way to build your bankroll but these multi-bets have potential to building a profit when you are certain in more than one game. Parlays and Teasers are bets that can mix different bet types into one single stake. Obviously, it is a lot harder to get all of your selections correct, but if you do, there is potential to making huge profits.

What are Parlays?

Simple explanation: A parlay is a combination bet of multiple sports events outcomes into a single wager. To win a parlay, all of your selections must be successful when settling at the sportsbook – meaning, all of your selections on the wager slip must win. With parlays, you are able to combine all betting market options into one single stake. An example: Over 2.5, Under 2.5, Moneyline Win and Asian Handicap. You could also decide to have the same bet type but in multiple events as your parlay, either way, your bet value is calculated by the combined number of odds.

We love betting in the Canadian Premier League and sometimes, when the big hitters like Forge, Pacific and Cavalry all play on the same day against lesser opposition. A multi- threefold bet could be an effective way to bolster the returns, rather than selecting three singles.

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What you Cannot Add into a Parlay

Most sportsbooks will have a few restrictions. The most common restriction is being able to bet multiple markets in the same game, combined with other sporting events; especially moneyline combined with spread. The same restrictions also pertain to Future Bet parlays, any markets which are connected are usually suspended on parlay options. Of course, you cannot always be certain what sportsbooks are going to allow but as a general rule of thumb, connected markets are usually unavailable.

Parlay 1

What is the Payout for Parlays?

The theory behind parlays looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. Ultimately, each market line that is added to the wager betslip is multiplied and then gives a total odds for the parlay bet at the end. When you are scrolling through sports, markets or teams it can be quite daunting to consider all of the odds and combining them to one sheet; but effective parlay creation is incumbent on this behavior. Sometimes you will find valuable lines, and these can be more lucrative to a player without including extra events, to create elevated odds.

There is a temptation by players to add in extra lines (events) in order to bolster the total odds of a parlay. Typically, you are more likely to succeed with less events and better researched odds addtions.

What are Teasers in Betting?

Teasers are a type of parlay that only include bets on the spread or the totals. Teaser bets allow players to adjust the spreads in their favour for smaller potential winnings. It is not uncommon to find sportsbooks that allow “teasing” the spread of an event in one direction or the other – however, typically teaser parlays are spread bets that have been adjusted in favour of the player.

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Are Parlays worth the Extra Financial Risk and Effort?

More complicated bets usually have the most monetary value, understandably. Creating effective parlays can be totally worth the risk. Where players tend to create themselves issues is by not effectively managing their bankroll against the likelihood of a parlay. Parlays should, generally, make up a lot less of your total bankroll than any other bet, at least if you want to remain in the financial green! The EV (expected value) is rarely positive in parlay bets for players; that is not to say it is not an effective method of gambling. There have been many players that exclusively use parlays to gamble and are successful.

How to Win Parlay Bets

Research, patience, odds calculation and monitoring the lines. These four rules will give you better chances at making successful parlays. Considering the line values, can be more lucrative to a player than creating tickets with 7-10 events (which stands more chance of losing) against three events with good odds at the same returns value as the aforementioned. Parlay betting is exciting but your strategy is important. One of the most common forms of parlay betting is betting on the moneyline. We have written an article on the moneyline, you should check it out

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