• 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Fast Payout
  • Cash out
  • Live Betting
  • Fully Licensed
Disadvantage list
  • Limited game options compared to other Bookies
  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
Advantage list
  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

Sports betting in New Brunswick has a new excitement after the change of the law in Canada in 2021, with the introduction of single game betting. Although the new law has opened up gambling a little more in the players favour, there is still an uncertainty of legality in a shifting marketplace for both players and sportsbooks. The Canadian market is beginning to take ownership of their betting population by allowing provinces, for the first time, to decide on legislation of their own. We will go into further detail where New Brunswick currently stand.

Is Sports Betting Legal in New Brunswick?

Absolutely. Providing you are over the age of 19 you are legally able to wager on sports bets across New Brunswick. You do need to have identification so you can be verified at the sportsbooks to wager legally, most commonly in the form of a driver’s license or passport.

Legal Betting Online in New Brunswick

ProLine seems to have been around for an eternity and you are still able to wager bets at ProLine. Sportsbooks, however, have an abundance of sports and markets available for those fancying something a little more engaging and with more lucrative returns. You can use any one of the host of sportsbooks available which gives you options in virtually every sport across the globe. Playing with sportsbooks without a license to operate in Canada specifically is, of course, not recommended. All of the sportsbooks you can view on our site have been reviewed and are totally legal to play with in Canada.

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Are Sports Betting Apps Legal in New Brunswick?

Yes, whether its Android or iOS, some of the best apps by sportsbooks are available in New Brunswick. More often than not, sportsbooks websites due to the vast amount of markets and sports can be a little clunky, if not confusing to use. Apps offer a slimmed down version of the sportsbooks websites and can offer you an exciting, fast and seamless user experience that will bring the sports to you within seconds.

Does New Brunswick Tax Sports Betting?

Across Canada you will not be taxed on your betting winnings providing you are a recreational gambler. If you are seen as a professional gambler, then maybe, is the answer. You would only be considered a professional gambler if gambling is your primary source of income and living.

Is Single Game Betting Available in New Brunswick?

Yes. Single game betting was introduced in 2021 and has opened up legal single market gambling for New Brunswick. The dated model of only being allowed to legally gamble in multi-bets favoured the sportsbooks more than it did the player. Single line betting means you can effectively wager within the hundreds of markets available per sport and multitude of odds. In soccer alone one game could give you over 100 single betting lines from moneyline to props, so more creative betting can now be rewarded.

Can I Bet with Bitcoin in New Brunswick?

Yes. Bitcoin betting is allowed at the sportsbooks in New Brunswick. It is important to check that your chosen sportsbook has relevant licenses to operate within New Brunswick, however, as there are a number of offshore books still available to the market. If you check our reviews section you will find a number of sportsbooks we have reviewed and are completely legal and licensed to take bets in Canada.

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