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Portugal has one of the best players ever to grace the game of soccer in Cristiano Ronaldo; they have endured success at his hands, and at the age of 37, he still doesn’t look like he’s slowing down. Portugal took the longer route to the World Cup after having to go through the final playoffs to do so, Italy was also in such a situation, but they failed to progress. We shall be looking at the process of getting to the World Cup and how it affects the betting markets.

Portugal World Cup 2022: Future Betting Odds and Analysis

Portugal is still considered one of the stronger teams in the World Cup as it comprises of Cristiano Ronaldo but not only that, the team consists of players who play in the most prominent teams worldwide. The team has shown its resilience in qualifying with the odds against them. BetMGM has them at +1200 to win the tournament, and due to the strength and status of the Portuguese national team, the odds are more or less representative of their chances.

Portugal World Cup 2022: Moneyline Odds and Analysis

One of the most popular bets and markets players go for is the money line bet. This bet aims to ensure you pick the correct winner in a game; for instance, if Portugal is playing Macedonia, you’re meant to determine the winner between the two, and if you pick correctly, then you have won your wager. Now in the case of Portugal, you can see that the money line bet is worth placing on them; this is due to the fact that during their qualifying matches, they won 60% of their games, and it was even higher when playing home games at 86% which is a point that should not be ignored if one is looking to place a wager on Portugal.

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Portugal and the Over & Under Bets

The over and under market is one in which you can find good value if you’re one to do extensive research on fixtured before placing your wager. In the totals market as a player, you’re meant to be picking the number of goals that will be stored in a fixture by either team, so it could be more than 0.5 goals or even up to 5.5 goals, either under or over the amount picked. For Portugal, the trend that you pick up is that their even more formidable when they play home games as was in the Moneyline market; for the totals market, they excel in over 0.5 goals and 1.5 goals which were 90% and 80% being the latter. When playing home games, these numbers changed, even more, achieving 100% on over 0.5 and 1.5 goals.

Portugal World Cup 2022: BTTS Odds and Analysis

This market was one that was not favorable to the Portuguese team as they weren’t scored in many of their games, with their defense turning up on most games. BTTS is a market that requires you to bet on both teams to score in a game. Portugal had this occur only a measly 30% making it hard to pick them for this market, although it is only fair to mention the opposition is only going to get more challenging, and they will face off against some of the best offensive teams in the world, it would be wise to still keep a lookout for Portugal in this market.

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Portugal World Cup 2022: Top Goalscorer Odds and Analysis

When it comes to the top scorer for Portugal, it’s pretty easy to pick out who will stand out in this category for the Portuguese. Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading top scorer in the world for both club and country, and at 37, he was competing for the English Premier League topscorer trophy in the previous season. These are all to say that in most competitions that Cristiano graces, you will be sure to see his name amongst the scoring charts.

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