With its up-and-down speed and unmatched intensity on every shot, the NBA is one of the most entertaining leagues to wager on. It’s a sport that keeps you glued to the TV and draws bettors from all over the world.

Basketball betting opportunities are endless during the NBA calendar.

There are numerous matchups available, allowing gamblers to stake on their favourite clubs as well as the big games on TV each night.

Top Basketball & NBA Bookmakers in Canada 


Betway offers an amazing experience for its customers around the world. When it comes to the NBA, Betway is up there with the best sportsbooks from around the world. It covers the NBA extensively, with a fantastic variety of markets and mouth-watering odds. It provides in-play betting on the NBA as well and has one of the best platforms. Click here and find out more about Betway.

Sports Interaction

Canada’s very own Sports Interaction has become one of the great sportsbooks around the world. However, since it is one of the North American sportsbooks, you can imagine it has a particular focus on the NBA. It also provides great coverage of the games, with regular bonuses and promotional offers throughout the season. It also has a smooth in-play option for live betting enthusiasts and offers a wonderful range of markets for both in-play betting and traditional betting. Click here and read our Sports interaction review.

William Hill

It’s might be one of the most popular bookmakers in the last 20 years. William Hill also covers the NBA very well as they stay competitive with other industry leaders. In order to do so, they push their profit boundaries far to try and get an edge in the competitive industry of gambling. You’ll find William Hill give you some amazing deals in their promos and offers so check them out to take advantage of them. Check out our full William Hill opinion.


As probably the biggest sportsbook in the whole world, Bet365 obviously covers the NBA no matter where you’re placing your bets from, especially in Canada. It has one of the widest ranges of markets and decent odds as well. Its platform is second to none and they offer a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw your funds. Its platform is smooth and has a great user-design. Learn more about Bet365.

Best Basketball & NBA Betting App


The 888Sport app is among the top ones available. It’s built to perfection by 888Sport to maximise your experience and is accessible on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Players who want to wager on the NBA can take advantage of its broad odds and wide selection of markets. It is secure, has excellent security measures in place, and gives Canadian players a variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Read our review of 888sport Canada.


One of the top three bookmakers in the USA, Ladbrokes has one of the best betting apps available. Wherever you live, their application will have access to anything you can find on their websites. It is available for download from both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. It rarely experiences functional problems and is highly responsive and smooth. It is both well-designed and simple to use.

How do we select the sites to bet on Basketball & NBA?

To make things simple and convenient for you, we have outlined all of the requirements that a website must satisfy in order to provide promising results. You can gather useful information from this advice that will help you stay committed to a betting site. 

Integrity and Trust

Nothing is more crucial than keeping your money and information secure when betting online. So, when choosing the best website for NBA & Basketball betting, integrity and trust become the most crucial factors. We concentrate on a number of variables to determine this.

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The histories of the business and the management group are the most crucial among them. In addition, it is important to pay attention to consumer complaints, company reputation, legislation, licencing, and business practises. 

Betting Options

The majority of individuals believe that once they join up for a sportsbook, they are free to place any Basketball & NBA wagers they like. The issue is that not every website provides you with the betting alternatives that suit your preferences. We search for websites that let you place more chances than win bets. You can wager on a variety of various prop bets and tournament-long bets with Basketball & NBA.

Transaction and Betting Limits (For Professional Bettors Only)

The vast majority of readers won’t ever encounter any problems with this. Make sure the website you chose can handle your betting and transaction restrictions if you are a professional or high-roller who places large bets on Basketball & NBA. The majority of websites provide for high transaction and betting limits. Always keep in mind that the advertised restrictions change for different sites. 

Website and Its User Interface

If the site is not on top of it, this is the thing that could cause you the most headaches. User interface describes how a website is organised. The betting process can be made simple and painless by using an easy-to-navigate website. To provide a positive user experience, most websites place a close emphasis on the interface.

However, some people are having trouble in this area. It must be easy to place bets and navigate the betting interface. Awkward betting sites can make the process quite frustrating, so beware of them.

All of the websites that we have listed as recommendations in this manual provide a completely unique experience. If we discuss it, the levels of NBA & Basketball betting that these sites are providing are the key contrasts that one may anticipate.  

Basketball & NBA Betting FAQ

Is it legal to bet on NBA games in Canada?

The simple answer is yes. However, at international sportsbooks, you’ll need to ensure you can legally bet with them first as only a few have managed to acquire their betting licenses to, especially in Ontario. Learn more about Ontario legal bets.

What are the most popular Basketball bets?

In the NBA, point spread wagers are possibly the most well-liked betting options. They are like NFL spreads, really. In contrast, each NBA game’s point spread ranges from evens to 17 points. Most crucially, the strengths and statistics of a team are used to determine point spreads.

How to bet on Basketball – Types of bets

Basketball wagers can be placed in a variety of ways, and even the most seasoned sharps can enhance their abilities.

The most popular football betting categories are introduced in How to Bet on Basketball, along with tips for each one.

Game Totals (over & under bets) 

Basketball Over/Under odds, commonly referred to as the total, are a common way to wager on basketball.

The total number of points projected to be scored by both teams during the game is determined by the way oddsmakers evaluate the contest between two teams, taking into account both offensive and defensive production. Bettors can place a wager on whether the final score will fall Over or Under that total once a sportsbook sets it. Read more about Over & Under 2.5 bets.

Basketball & NBA Props Bets

Prop bets, which let you wager on more than simply the outcome of the game, are a fast-expanding type of basketball betting.

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Prop bets can concentrate on game outcomes as well as a team’s performance and the performances of specific players. Betting on the first team to 15 points, the total number of three-pointers a team has made, or a player’s overall points, rebounds, and assists are a few examples of game and individual props.

Quarter winner bets 

These are simply placed on which team or player has won a specific quarter. You can place the that bet on any of the quarters and add the markets of anything for that.

Halftime Bets  

These bets are placed on what you could expect to have happened by half-time. You can place them on the team or even the goal scorers or other but it all depends on your tactical analysis of the game 

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are simply placed on the expected team wo win. The more reward odds will be provided to the underdogs of a fixture. 

Markets and Multi bets to Bet on:

Parlays on NBA & Basketball

You can multiply your odds and possible rewards by stacking many bets into one large stake using parlays or accumulators. Parlays are advantageous since you may combine wagers from numerous sports and wager types into a single group wager. They are risky, though, because you open yourself up to numerous potential outcomes that might not go your way. If one wager loses, the entire parlay loses. Learn more about how parlays. 

Future Bets 

Future bets are placed long before a competitive event happens and even long than when it is to end. These bets are placed on who people think might win the overall competition for example, or in other sports, who they think can be relegate. 

Live Betting 

Live betting is a major feature of the betting industry that allows for players to use their knowledge of the sport to better predict the outcome. Usually, you’ll find the live betting feature offers real-time stats to help you make better decisions and run smoothly to make sure you don’t wait for close markets.

Basketball & NBA Betting tips 

Find the best odds

Once you’ve decided who to pick, be sure your bet is being placed at the best price. For strong favourites, other sportsbooks, like Pinnacle, will give far better odds, and the more you wager, the greater your profits will be.

The best chance of making money from sports betting is long-term line shopping.

Utilize the odds comparison tool on Covers to compare the odds on your wager across numerous books.

Understand when to wager against the crowd

The vast majority of people enjoy betting on prominent teams like the Lakers, Nets, and Clippers. A club like the Lakers may appear to be huge favourites in a contest when it is actually a toss-up due to the media’s perspective and erroneous build-up of that squad.

Betting on the Grizzlies, a playoff team that gets less attention, in a game between Los Angeles and Memphis, for instance, might not sound cool. But more often than not, it is the appropriate move in response to Lakers square motion.

Support the away team

Road underdogs may seem intimidating to bet on, but there is a lot of value in doing so. NBA underdogs triumphed against the spread 50.3 percent of the time and over 30 percent of the time last year.

In contrast to the NFL, crowd noise has less of an impact on NBA players and is less of a factor in basketball. Teams who are road dogs and would be clearly favoured if they were playing at home are common. These are the kinds of matches that shrewd bettor can profit from.

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Stay up-to-date form

NBA teams play three to four times over the course of seven days, but football teams only play once per week. As a result, gamblers should place more emphasis on recent hot streaks and cold skids. And not just teams are affected by that.

Additionally, bettors should investigate which players have been dominating recent games and which ones have been laying bricks.

Pick your spot

Situational basketball bettors can discover value almost every night because of the NBA’s tough schedule. Keep an eye on a team’s schedule to see if they have any situations where they must travel across the country or play several games in a short period of time. 

Before betting on tonight’s point spread, consider the most recent matchup as well as the following opponent because there are lots of lookahead and disappointment opportunities.

Keep track of injuries

In order to keep their main players, fit and fresh while adapting to opponents and injuries, coaches frequently switch up their lines in the NBA, which is a daily grind for players.

Follow beat reporters and keep a careful eye on injury reports to get the most up-to-date information on which players will suit up and start that particular game.

Best Basketball Leagues to Bet on:


The National Basketball Association is a North American professional basketball league. One of the top professional sports leagues in the US and Canada, the league has 30 teams. It is the world’s top league for men’s professional basketball.

Euro League

The Euro League, sometimes known as the Turkish Airlines Euro League due to sponsorship, is a professional basketball club championship in Europe. The league is commonly regarded as Europe’s premier division.

Spain’s Liga ACB

The top level of the Spanish basketball league structure is the Liga ACB, sometimes referred to as Liga Endesa due to sponsorship reasons.

NCAA Basketball

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA), the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), and the National Christian College Athletic Association are among the collegiate athletic associations that oversee elite basketball in American colleges (NCCAA). Based on the quantity and quality of scholarships that may be offered to the athletes, each of these numerous organisations is further classified into one to three divisions.

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

The top-tier men’s basketball league in China is called the Chinese Basketball Association, or CBA for short. It is largely recognised as Asia’s top men’s professional basketball league.

Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL)

The Canadian Elite Basketball League is a professional men’s basketball league in Canada. Six clubs playing in the CEBL, all owned and run by ownership group Canadian Basketball Ventures, started play in 2019 after the league’s founding in 2017.