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Since their inception in 2012, daily fantasy sports have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. From the creation of the inaugural season of FanDuel to now, DFS have become an increasingly important revenue stream for the broader sports industry—in a good way.

Where Do Daily Fantasy Sports Originate From?

Fantasy sports were invented in 1980 by sportswriter Daniel Okrent. He invented the concept of a “fantasy baseball league” while drinking beers with mates. The concept quickly grew among sports fans. Soon, fantasy sports blew up beyond baseball to other sports and leagues.

Who First Played Fantasy Sports?

The history of fantasy sports dates back to the early 1960s, where competition between friends and family (and bragging rights) were the prizes for a league. They were played via mailing or fax, with people in far-flung locations connected by the love of the sport.

How Do Fantasy Sports Work?

Fantasy sports is a form of entertainment in which participants (also called owners or managers) choose professional athletes on their teams. Each manager competes against every other manager with his or her own roster of players in a specific sport. The team with the best score wins money for the owner who, depending on the league and season, may also win prizes like trophies or physical gifts, bragging rights, or even a championship ring. 

How Are Fantasy Sports Scored?

Fantasy sports are available for a number of different sporting events. Scoring is based on a compilation of points obtained, based on selected players’ stats in the sport. For baseball, a player would be scored on home runs. In hockey, it’s down to goals. In football, touchdowns, and field goal points. The winner of the league is the person that takes the most points throughout a season.

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How Daily Fantasy Sports Is Different Than Regular Fantasy Sports

You can stop and start as you feel, play as many or as few games as you’d like, plus entry fees are lower than traditional sports.

There are many reasons why people choose daily fantasy sports over traditional fantasy sports. It’s fast, fun, and easy to play, for starters. You can play as much or as little as you want and join more contests than you normally could if playing in a traditional fantasy league.

Types of Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is a variant of fantasy sports in which contestants can enter into a single, short-term competition and compete for prizes. DFS offers many thrilling head-to-head competitions that allow you to experience the thrill of winning cash prizes in your favorite sports. It’s a fun and exciting alternative to traditional fantasy sports and allows you to play the biggest games of the day!

Sports Betting vs. DFS Which is Better 1

The Internet Makes the Growth of Daily Fantasy Sports Possible

The Internet has been the single biggest contributor to the rise of daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports, which are the only way to legally place money-making wagers on sport in the United States, can involve literally millions of participants from across the world, who can take part from the comfort of one’s desktop or mobile phone using a dedicated application, and can be done in as little time as it takes to check your most recent messages.

Daily Fantasy Sports Owes a Lot to Sports Betting

Modern DFS is certainly inspired by the success of online sportsbooks, but they share more than a few similarities. The daily fantasy sports industry benefits immensely from these similarities and therefore owes an ample amount of its existence to the online sportsbook industry itself.

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Strategies that Can Help With Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports

The majority of players who participate in daily fantasy sports (DFS) do not have a solid understanding of how to place well-considered lineups. By finding sportsbooks with favorable lines and probabilities, as well as acquiring important stats from multiple resources, a DFS player can outsmart the competition.

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