The moment that all soccer fans around the world have been waiting for has finally arrived, with only two months to go before the start of the World Cup, thirty-two teams are competing to bring glory to their countries. This edition of the World Cup may be atypical, as it is the first time it will be played in November, and also the first to be played in Arab territories. Want to learn some curiosities about Qatar? Click here!

In this article, we bring you the odds that you can already find in sports bookmakers prior to Qatar 2022. With this data, you can begin to analyze your betting strategies, study the teams, their previous performance and their chances in this World Cup.

The cards seem to be stacked as to the clear favorites for this World Cup. We see Argentina and Brazil at the top of the odds, as well as England, France and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. But anything can happen, will there be any surprises in Qatar 2022? Let’s see what the predictions say.

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Group A | Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands

The Netherlands seems like the to-go option in group A. The payment for the bet of Netherlands passing their group is 2/5 in fractional, 1,4 in decimal, and (-250) in American odds. The European Team it’s most likely to pass without problems, but statistics aren’t in their favor since they haven’t qualified for the World cup since 2014, failing in the European qualifier to the Russia World Cup.

The battle for the second place seems the most difficult bet for the group, with Senegal and Ecuador fighting each other for a place in the glory.

Senegal has a slightly better chance in sportsbook, mostly provided by its superstars Sadio Mané and goalkeeper Edouard Mendy. They currently pay 9/2 fractional, 5,5 decimals, and +450 on American odds.

Ecuador’s team commanded by Argentinians Head Coach, Gustavo Alfaro, has shown a lot of solidity in the Conmebol Qualifiers, leaving no chance to Colombia and Chile, two national teams with World Cup experience. Bet365 pays 6/1 in fractional, 7 in decimal odds, and +600 on American odds.

Last (and least) comes Qatar. The home team is the weakest of the group, and the sportsbook is letting us know about that. The payment is 14/1 in fractional, 15 in decimals, and +1400 on American Odds. Want to learn how much can be won betting on the World Cup? Enter here.

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Group B | England, IR Iran, United States, and Wales

There’s no surprise that England is the clear favorite. They have shown solidity during the last year. They got first place in their group, not losing any qualifiers match, and got into the final of the Euro Cup, losing to Italy. Bet365 pays 1/3 for each dollar you bet, 1/3 in fractional, and -300 on American odds.

The battle for the second place seems pretty much like Group A, with the United States and Wales fighting for it. The United States has a slightly better odd off 11/2 in Fractional, 6.5 in decimal, and +550 on American odds. Wales, whose national superstar, Gareth Bale, becomes a monster every time he puts on his national team shirt, pays a little more. 6/1 in fractional, 7 in decimal, and +600 on American odds.

Last place is again for the Arabic Team. Iran has the weakest Team in the group, and the bet sites show that clearly. 16/1 is the fractional odd, 17 on decimals, and +1600 on American odds. A high-risk, high-reward bet for sure.

Group C | Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland

There is no surprise in seeing Argentina as the clear favorite of the groups. The National Team, commanded by superstar Lionel Messi, has shown much strength during Lionel Scaloni’s conduction. They even beat Brasil (the world’s cup favorite for bookmakers) in the America Cup finals. The sportsbook are paying 2/5 in Fractional, 1.4 in decimals, and -250 in American odds, no surprise here.

Poland Is Next

The National Team, commanded by striker Robert Lewandowski has a bet of 9/2 in fractionals, 5.5 in decimal, and +450 in American odds. Like the other groups, the battle for second place is a tight fight between two teams. Mexico has a 5/1 return, 6 on decimals, and 500 on American odds. My bet would be Poland since Mexico is not having a great present, and they tend to choke in difficult times.

Saudi Arabia is probably the weakest Team in the World Cup, but having an ‘easy group’ makes them not to be the high-risk-high reward bet of the World Cup. 20/1 is the Fractional odd, 21 the decimal, and +2000 the American.

Group D | France, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia

The last champion of the competition is the undoubted favorite here. Like Argentina, the bet sites are paying 2/5 in Fractional, 1.4 in decimals, and -250 in American odds.

Denmark predictions

The National Team has shown solidity in its functioning, and the betting sites are paying 3/1 on fractional, 4 on decimals, and +300 on American odds.

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Australia and Tunisia

For the bookmakers, it seems clear who will pass the round. Australia, who beat Perú in the last chance qualifier, has a bet of 10/1 on fractional, +1000 on American odds, and 11 on decimals. On the other hand, Tunisia is the less favorite of the group. With a bet of 14/1, 15 on decimals, and +1400 on American odds. Can Tunisia beat the odds?, find out here.

Group E | Spain, Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica

The ‘group of death as the press says. 2010’s champion Spain has shown some solidity under Luis Enrique’s coaching, and the renovation of new blood in the squad is showing good chemistry lately.

Bet365 claims a 5/6 bet on Spain’s National Team, 1,83 on fractional, and -120 on American odds. Not much behind comes Germany. The 2014’s champions want to leave the Russia 2018 fiasco behind and are the other clear favorite. 11/10 is the fractional pay for that bet, 2.1 on decimal and +110 on the American odds.

Behind comes Japan with a 14/1 bet, 15 on decimal, and +1400 on American odds. The Asian Team had qualified for a seventh straight World Cup, and wanted to repeat the results of the last one when they managed to beat and eliminate Germany.

Finally comes Costa Rica, with the highest risk, highest reward bet of the entire group phase. 50/1 on Fractional, 51 on decimal, and +5000 on American odds make the Costa Rica team the less favorite to be one of the sixteen Teams that would survive the group phase. Although the Team relies mostly on their goalkeeper Keylor Navas, it wouldn’t be the first time that Costa Rica managed to surprise us all.

Group F | Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia

Maybe we won’t find a natural contender for the championship, but we have a very entertaining group. Belgium is the less risky bet here. With a payment of 8/15, 1.533 on decimals and -187 on American odds for each dollar bet.

Next Comes Croatia

Although they managed to get an impressive second place in the last World Cup, they keep not being favorites. Moreover, Croatia’s golden generation is getting older (Luka Modric is 37 years old). The sportsbook are paying 5/2 in fractional, 3.5 on decimal odds, and +250 in American.

Morocco and Canada Come Closer

Both having young elite talent. Achraf Hakimi’s will try to achieve glory, but betting sites put a 10/1 bet for them to qualify, 11 on decimals and +1000 on American odds.

Almost the same happens to Canadian superstar Alphonso Davies. The young player and his partners made an excellent qualifier in their group, taking 12 out of 12 possible points. Bet365 claims a 12/1 fractional odd, 13 on decimals, and +1200 on American odds. Is Canada going to be a surprise in this World Cup?

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Group G | Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon

Brazil enters the competition as the clear favorite to win their sixth World Cup. Neymar, Vinicious Jr, Firmino, and many others provide the national Team a formidable offensive power, so expect a lot of goals from them. The sportsbook claims a 4/9 fractional odd, while 1.44 on decimal and -225 on American odds. No surprises here.

Switzerland and Serbia

The alpine Team has a bet of 9/2 in fractional, 5.5 on decimal, and +450 on American odds. Slightly behind comes Serbia with an 11/2 fractional odd, 6.5 on decimal, and +550 on American odds.

Far behind comes Cameroon with the riskiest bet of the group. 12/1 fractional, 13 on decimal, and +1200 on American odds, would make you receive 12 dollars for every dollar you bet. African teams normally show a lot of strength in World Cups, so despite being the less favorite of the group, maybe it is not that a dreadful bet. Will Serbia qualify?, click here to read more

Group H | Portugal, Uruguay, Ghana, and South Korea

One of the most diverse groups of the Cup. We have Cristiano Ronaldo and his last chance to lift the World Cup, which will be the last time for him as a player. On the other hand, Ghana and Uruguay will face each other again, with the memory of Lucho Suarez’s hand and the missed penalty in 2010 that ended with a spectacular 3rd place for the south American Team.

Portugal Runs as the Favorite for the Group

With a bet of 4/6 on fractional odds, 1.667 on decimal, and -150 on American odds. Behind comes Uruguay as the other clear favorite with a bet of 2/1, 3 on decimals, and +200 on American odds.

Ghana and South Korea, both bets pay the same. 11/1 on Fractional odds, +1100 on American, and 12 on decimals. It seems pretty clear for the betting sites who are going to pass.

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