Football is one of the most exhilarating sports in North America. The sport has currently achieved the status of a mega event involving not only the sport but also spectacular half-time shows. Before reading this article, take a look at our predictions for this season.

One of the most loved things by sports fans is the unpredictability of the game itself, especially in football. Many factors are involved in achieving victory, but the better team almost always wins.

NFL has expanded its own brand. The last Super Bowl was watched by 120 million fans in the United States, Canada, and Spain only. With that fanbase worldwide, it is not impossible to think that diverse technologies to predict NFL games started to develop.

With the development of computer science, statistics, and artificial intelligence, different tools have become popular in the industry. Now NFL expert picks and diverse computer technologies compete to see who hits the most.

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AI NFL Predictions

Algorithms studying almost every statistic in the recent campaigns of the teams in the NFL appear as a possibility for bettors to improve their performances. But is this actually true?

There are a few AI prediction options out there. Most of them are paid. Here are some examples:

Gridiron AI

Gridiron AI seems like the most aesthetic option. It has the most easy-to-use user interface of all the options out there. On their webpage, they state to produce 100% machine learning generated rankings. They claim to be 22% better than NFL expert picks like ESPN or CBS. They include various services like NFL picks against the spread, modeling data, player rankings, and NFL straight-up picks. It costs $5 a week.


It’s a sports betting tool developed by an Emory University Mathematics Ph.D. Beat The House offers its services for NFL and also for NBA fans, but they seem to prefer football. NFL picks straight up, player props, and over-under are their three basics.

Although it’s important to say, their performance seems to have decreased. NFL straight-up picks were 65% correct in 2020 but only 56% in 2021. Yes, it’s still above 50%, but it’s an almost 10% decrease.

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Beat The House also offers NFL picks against the spread, with similar results to their straight-up picks.

The webpage doesn’t talk about costs, but their services are paid.

Unanimous AI

Unanimous AI is a sports picker that works as a paid newsletter with sophisticated game analysis and commentaries. They claim to give their customers recommended bets, and also claim to be the only service that gives you a full analysis of every game.

On their webpage, you can check a graphic that shows their results. While the average bettor lost $1939 last season, their method showed a positive balance of $3223 for the same period. Clear, transparent, and powered by an AI.

Featured in Forbes, Sports Illustrated, and others, this ingenious tool appears to be the most expensive one on the market. Their season pass costs $1795, but if you think that’s too expensive and want to try for a small amount of time, you can buy the one-week pass for $149 and the four-week pass for $399.

statistics to predict nfl


FF-Winners is another option for the ones looking for computer game predictions. The first impression of the webpage is not as good as the other ones. It can be seen as ‘cheap’ in comparison. Unlike the others, these are not 100% AI-generated statistics, since they claim to have an expert in data science who seems to be the mastermind of all this.

The webpage says they were mentioned seven times in the 2021 NFL Award Bulletin, and their winning percentages claim to be 60% on NFL straight-up picks and 47% on NFL picks against the spread.

Their user interface is bad, and user experience is even worst. On the other hand, at least it’s free, so you can go now and check who to bet for.

There are also other free services like Pickwise or TheSportsGeek, but they don’t show as good results as the previous ones.

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Does Combine Performance Predict NFL?

The NFL Scouting Combine is one of the best opportunities for young athletes to show what they are made of and give themselves a chance to play in the big leagues. Ten thousand college football players are filtered, and only 3% of them are invited to Indianapolis, where they stay for five days during the NFL Combine. They have to go through physical and mental tests to collect unbiased data for the scout division of professional teams. Although it’s widely accepted and validated as a measure of performance, it isn’t a totally accurate font of results, and serious question remains.

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A study by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concludes that using correlation analysis, they didn’t find enough consistent statistical relationships between combine performances and professional football performances. But there is a notable exception when we talk about results for running backs. This doesn’t reproduce when we talk of quarterbacks and wide receivers.

How to Predict NFL Scores

Although football and science are not necessarily related, part of the development process of the new era of NFL is the result of all the time and effort scientists put into it. With the new internet era, many individuals needed only a computer and the capability to run the necessary programs to start predicting NFL Scores. You can use overall statistics to try to predict NFL scores by comparing away or home stats and unmeasurable conditions like the supporters’ atmosphere and what that generates.

Home field advantages seem to be one of the most important factors of prediction tools. The predictors are not as developed as AI you need to pay for. Making a Las Vegas level predictor requires considerable time and money. And although you can be a computer expert, creating a program that allows you to predict good scores is a really difficult task since you need to consider a lot of variabilities.

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Prediction NFL 2022

With the 2022 season already playing and some matches used as statistics, experts are showing us what team they think will win their conferences and of course the Super Bowl Winner.

AFC East

All six CBS experts unanimously agree that Buffalo Bills will win the East Conference. Andrew Buller-Russ from Sportsnaut also agrees. Adam Schein from the official NFL webpage agrees too.

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If you’re a follower of the NFL expert picks, it’s clear that the Buffalo Bills are the to-go option here.

AFC North

The North Conference seems to be a little bit more challenging to predict. Ravens and Bengals will fight to win their conference. CBS experts divided themselves, with 3 of them predicting a Bengals win and the other three predicting the Ravens victory.

Sportsnaut predicts a Baltimore Ravens win, and Adam Schein from the NFL site says the opposite predicting a Cincinnati Bengals win. It’s 4v4 here, so it’s up to you.

AFC South

Here seems to be easier than the North Conference. 5 out of 6 CBS experts agree that Indianapolis Colts will win the American Football Conference South. Only Will Brinson predicts a Jacksonville Jaguars Victory.

Sportsnaut agrees with CBS expert Will Brinson, and their expert pick is also for the Jaguars. On the other hand, NFL expert agrees with the majority of CBS experts and predicts an Indianapolis Colts victory.

AFC West

The CBS panel of experts goes 4 to 2, being the Kansas City Chiefs the ones with the lead over Los Angeles Chargers. Sportsnaut also agrees with the majority of CBS, but NFL expert pick closes the gap, giving the victory to Los Angeles Chargers. We will see.

Superbowl Winner

Well, it’s a long, long way until definitions. But currently, in the four weeks of the 2022 season, there’s an agreement that the Buffalo Bills will win their first Super Bowl.

NFL expert pick claims that, and so does the Sportnaut expert. Half of the CBS Panel also claim a Bills victory. What about the other 3? They have divided opinions. Will Brinson says Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl. Ryan Wilson thinks Los Angeles Chargers are the ones getting the trophy home, and John Breech expects a Denver Broncos victory.