The Golden State Warriors played the best season in 2016, winning 73 games and only failing 9. After 2 years of not making the playoffs, the Boston team boosted their battery with Curry at the helm and achieved an excellent result in 2022.

The powerful battery of Steve Kerr is headed by Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Canadian Andrew Wiggins, with the intelligent addition of James Wiseman. The frontcourt duo is expected to be in the hands of Kevon Looney and Otto Porter Jr., with the company as guard Gary Payton II.  

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Can Warrior win the NBA?

The Warriors will fight to win the Larry O’Brien trophy for the second consecutive year, which would not be a new milestone for this team that was already champion in 2017 and 2018. But before making that a reality, they will face a few challenges in the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Predictions for the 2022-2023 season favor Boston Celtics (+450), leaving the Warriors in second place with (+600) in the NBA odds from Betway. In third place to win this season, the prediction goes to the Los Angeles Clippers (+650).

Golden State Warriors Best Bets:

Once the NBA action starts, the Warriors will have some good betting opportunities to win. Below, we will present the odds that dominate the most important bookmakers in Canada.

At the start of the season, the Warriors will be battling it out with teams from the Western Conference, which consists of the Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest divisions.

Division Winner:

Golden State Warriors are favorites to win Pacific Division in the 2022-23 season with (+185). With the same odds, they are followed by the Phoenix Sun (+185), one of the teams suspected to be surprised in this championship. In third place come Los Angeles Clippers (+225) and the following Los Angeles Lakers (+900). The Pacific Division promises this year, with three of the season’s favorite teams at the top of the NBA odds.  

Conference Winner:

Predictions suggest that this season, the Western Conference will continue to be led by Golden State Warriors (+300), who are projected as favorites according to NBA odds, including the playoffs. They will be followed in second place by Los Angeles Clippers (+350), in third place by Phoenix Suns (+400), and in fourth place in the Conference, Los Angeles Lakers (+650).

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Wins Total:

Betting on totals in a Golden State Warriors game will always be an eye-catching option because there are a lot of statistics on their previous performance, and with hindsight, we can know what to expect from this team. For example, in last season’s playoffs, the Warriors were over 100 points in 21 of 22 games, giving us a clear perspective on the number we could bet on over/under for the playoffs if the same performance is kept for the 2022-23 season.

Championship Winner:

Curry is not getting to the double championship as he plans, with predictions claiming that Tatum’s Celtics will be the over/underwinners this 2022-23 season. According to NBA odds found at Betway, Boston Celtics are the favorite (+450), followed by the 2022 champions Golden State Warriors (+600), and in third place of the odds Los Angeles Clippers (+650).

Against The Spread Betting (ATS):

Some say the math never fails, but anything can happen in the NBA. Teams’ performance can change for many unexpected reasons during the season, and in this case, it seems to be a profitable option to go against the odds. In some sportsbooks such as Sports Interaction, the Golden State Warriors are favored at (+344), a probability that differs from most bookmakers, but why not? It could be the season’s surprise and make Curry’s dream of a second consecutive championship come true.

Best Golden State Warriors Fixtures to Bet on:

Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics:

The Boston Celtics were the winners of the Eastern Conference in the 2022 season after a series of massive deficits. However, the Warriors came from the Western Conference with a much cleaner series. Celtics have the best defense in the NBA but had to contend with the Warriors’ shooters.

Season 2022 ended with an outlook that crushed the Celtics under the guile of Curry, but they are most likely gearing up with everything to come back and fight to reach the Eastern Conference Finals. The Boston team will return to the court with the leadership of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Robert Williams III.

Golden State Warriors vs. Orlando Magic:

Over the last few seasons, results between Golden State Warriors and Orlando Magic have been pretty close, every two games played between these teams, one in San Francisco’s favor and the other in Orlando’s favor. If the same performance continues this season, it will be a little challenging to predict which of the two could win the first game they face, but for the second game, if the statistics do not fail, we can play it safe.

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Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers:

In the 2020-21 season, Warriors had a bad streak against Los Angeles Lakers, who showed superiority; however, with the renewed battery of 2022, Golden State was able to overcome this lousy streak and beat the Lakers in 2 out of 3 games, which leaves a different picture for this season. The Los Angeles Lakers will have to keep an eye on the superiority shown by the team from San Francisco because the Warriors’ dominance is very likely to continue.

Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors:

Over the past two seasons, the Warriors have shown a commanding advantage over the Houston Rockets, leading in every game played. Last season, in every game against the Rockets, the San Francisco team performed over 100 points, which could be an exciting betting stat for the upcoming season.

Top Players

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is the #11 Shooting Guard out of the 2011 Golden State Warriors Draft, with a standout performance as the first player in a three-year career to already make 500 three-pointers. A native of Los Angeles, California, Thompson stood out in the 2022 regular season with 20.38 points per game and 2.75 assists per game. His performance this season will go a long way in defining the Warriors’ success.

Draymond Green

Green is the Warriors’ #23 Power Forward, was selected in the second round of the 2012 Draft, and has been a critical player for the San Francisco team ever since. In the NBA regular season last year, he scored around 7.52 points per game and 6.96 assists per game, with 7.3 rebounds. An active player who will define many details in Golden State’s strategy for the 2022-23 NBA season.

Stephen Curry

The Warrior’s golden man, #30 and Point Guard, drafted in round one of 2009, has an unmatched NBA career. The Ohio native had an outstanding performance in the regular season, with 25.47 points scored per game and 6.31 assists per game. This year he is on a mission to lead the team to a second consecutive victory if luck and performance are on his side.

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Andrew Wiggins 

Canadian Andrew Wiggins is the #22 Small Forward of the Golden State Warriors, drafted in the number one round in 2014. In last year’s NBA regular season, he played in 73 games and scored 17.21 points per game, with 2.21 assists. His presence this season could be definitive to guard the team in definitive moments of the contest.

Kevon Looney

Drafted in the 2015 round 1, the Milwaukee native, at just 26 years old, had conquered spaces in the NBA and helped catapult the Golden State Warriors to victory in the 2021-22 season, when he participated in 82 regular season games, with 7.27 rebounds per game and 2.01 assists per game.

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