Valorant has been causing a great commotion in the eSports scene for the past two years. Its impact has been such that Riot’s tactical first-person shooter has taken the spotlight away from giants such as CS: GO. This has been, among other things, thanks to its renewed game system and dynamics. Click here to learn more about Valorant Betting.

The thousands of users who have joined the 2020 boom have created hundreds of tournaments —local, national and global (such as the Red Bull Campus Clutch)— where large sums of money are moved.

William Hill is one of the most visited websites for betting on this eSport. And it is not surprising that it is among the favorite gambling sites, as its investments in recent years have been enormous. To improve its positioning in the eSports field, the bookie recently signed a contract with PandaScore to provide its probabilistic services. This partnership ensures that bettors can count on reliable, and recent information on the teams’ statistics and their players when placing bets.

Commenting on the agreement, Nick Maurice, general manager of betting at William Hill, said: “We see massive potential for eSports betting, allowing us to attract a wider audience while providing existing players with new betting experiences. Here are some tips on how to make money betting on Valorant.

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First, Learn About the Game: What Is Valorant and How Is It Played?

Here are some key details to understand the dynamics of this game.

It is a 5×5 Tactical FPS

“FPS” means “First Person Shooter”. And yes, it is a game with the same technical principles of emblematic sagas such as CS: GO or CoD, except that Valorant is played in teams of 5 players who control characters called “agents”. (This is Riot’s particular way of incorporating some of the features of its star game, LoL, into a shooter). It is important to note that each agent has their qualities that, if studied thoroughly by the players, can be decisive in winning a game. To learn about other e-Sports like CS:GO, click on this link and check out our tips.

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What Are the Game Modes of Valorant? (Some Recommended Bets)

If there is something that has characterized Riot’s games, it is their versatility compared to other options. The company’s creatives studied the market and competitors very well before releasing a game, which was no different from Valorant. Here are the game modes that you will find and that you should know well if you want to bet safely:

Practice Mode

This is the mode recommended for beginners. And yes, as you can imagine, all the essential dynamics to learn to master the game are offered here. If you want to climb in skill, it is recommended that you choose the same agent and learn to use it to perfection.


This is the basic Valorant gameplay. You enter here and are immediately assigned as an agent to one of the two teams. In this competition, wins the side that achieves 13 victories.


The particularity of this game mode resides in the fact that all players incarnate the same agent. Therefore, if a team masters the qualities of each character to perfection, it can achieve epic feats. A team of 5 masters, Sovas, would be the terror of stealth and surprise. It is a suitable mode for parlay betting.


Plant/ Defend

Connoisseurs should know what it’s all about. It is the typical “plant the bomb” mode of the classic Counter-Strike. There are three possible points where the spike can be planted. Therefore, each team must designate an agent in charge of infiltrating the enemy terrain, and the others must defend their strategic points. This mode is perfect for handicap betting.


It is the same as unrated, but the level of demand for players is extremely high. This space is reserved for people who have been able to develop their skills in practice for hours and have specialized in using one or more agents. Excellent space for expert bettors to make simple bets.

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Snowball Fight

This is the most comically brutal mode of the game. The 5 vs. 5 confrontations persist, with the same dynamics, only that the weapon available to players for killing contenders is a snowball launcher.

If the statistics of each team have been thoroughly studied, it is possible to make handicap, parlay, or simple bets in this mode.


12 players are left on a random map to show which of them is the best. It is not so much the individual skills of the agents that are taken into account, but the handling of the weapons and the effectiveness of the aiming. Excellent mode to practice.

It is a perfect game mode for the most knowledgeable elite players to make simple bets. The winnings can be considerable.

Spike Rush

This is the fastest mode of the game. It lasts about 10 minutes at most, i.e., 7 rounds. The weapons assigned in each round are randomized, which generates more adrenaline as it demands more from the contestants. The agents have their skills at the top of their game from the beginning —except for Ultimate—. Accuracy is vital if you want to win.

It is a perfect game mode for gamblers with little patience. Each game lasts a quarter of the usual time.


The difference is that each side is assigned a “scalation tool” from the beginning. This tool increases levels proportionally to the number of kills achieved by the team. It is necessary to point out that the weapons given in this game mode are not conventional at all. Those who manage to reach 12 levels first win.

It is a mode set aside for most veteran gamblers. Simple bets are recommended. You could also try your hand at Lol betting, here is our full article. 

What Is the Best Way to Approach These Bets at Valorant?

As we have been advising at Bettipscanada since our beginnings, it is necessary to study to achieve the best results when betting on a sporting discipline. Every good Valoran bettor must have a thorough knowledge of the game, its characteristics, and the most recent statistics of each participating team.

You can’t bet based on the “luck factor”, neither in Valorant nor in any other eSport or sports discipline. So if you are new to this game, you may need a week of training to be able to place your first effective bet.

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Such training should include at least two hours a day of reading about the rules, and game dynamics. In addition, they should watch another two hours a day of online games. In this way, the understanding of Valorant will grow organically.

If possible, it is also recommended to include a few hours of gameplay to understand more thoroughly the qualities of each agent and to have more authority when placing a specific bet at the bookies.

All bets placed at Valorant must be based on the individual statistics of the teams and their usual behavior towards their opponents. This is the only way to guarantee a higher probability of winning.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

Best William Hill Valorant Odds to Bet On

William Hill has some of the best odds in the Valorant market, click here to go to William Hill and take advantage of the odds. Best of all, following their agreement with PandaScore, bettors will have live access to up-to-date statistics on each team. Having quality odds on hand and fresh data on the upcoming games, while not a guarantee of winning on everything, does give a higher odds ratio.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 —where the best players from 50 countries will face each other— is expected to start soon. This sportsbook updates the Valorant market clashes daily, so if you want to be up to date, entering and checking the portal data before betting is recommended.