Riot Games confirmed that Malcolm Chung and Ryan Tan, (former) players of the Singaporean team Resurgence, seriously violated their rules against match-fixing, according to Yahoo! News, in July 2022. Specifically, the gamers mentioned above (whose aliases are “Germsg” and “Dreamycsgo”, respectively) were accused of “manipulating the outcome of a Valorant competition match to gain money”. To learn how to bet on Valorant, click here.

Riot’s investigation revealed that Chung and Tan made covert bets against their organization in the match against Japanese team BlackBird Ignus. Similarly, the former set up the scam while the latter provided the money for the fraudulent play. Consequently, Riot Games has banned both gamers from online competitions.

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Why Are Other Resurgence Members Involved in the Fraudulent Bet?

Riot Games’ investigations also uncovered that, although not directly involved in the scam, the other team members knew about the operation because “Germsg” had informed them. Consequently, they were complicit in the infringement and (probably) decided to remain silent for fear of losing their contracts within the Resurgence team.

Then, the match against BlackBird Ignus resulted in a 2-0 loss, and after the match, Chung tried —in vain— to pay off his teammates. Therefore, Riot decided to suspend Chung and Tan from Valorant competitions until April 2024, as the game developer considers April 21, 2021, the initial date of banning. The bans ruled by Riot Games on the other members of the Resurgence team are as follows:

  • One year VCT suspension for Sengdala “Jabtheboy” Jamnalong, and Justin “Boplek” Wong Chong Cheng
  • Six-month ban on Benedict “Benaf” Tan and Du Min “Mortdecai” Yeo
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The rest of the Resurgence roster received lesser sanctions due to their cooperation with the investigations and lesser involvement in the fraud.

Riot Games’ Conclusion of the Case and the “Singapore Issue”

The game developer concluded its rule with the following statement: “We take a substantial stand on player integrity and do not condone match-fixing. When we found out about the incident, we alerted the organizers immediately and cooperated fully with the investigations”. After the incident, the Resurgence team completely revamped its Valorant roster for the upcoming competitions. Everything you need to know about Valorant betting in this link.

On the other hand, as Resurgence is a professional eSports team based in Singapore, this represents a severe problem for Chung and Tan (far beyond the Riot Games sanction). Why? Well, this Southeast Asian country boasts one of the strictest anti-corruption policies in the entire world; fraud is severely punished. According to Singapore authorities, Germsg and Dreamycsgo face five to six years in prison plus a fine of at least US$100,000.

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Valorant’s Match-Fixing Scandal in China

In July 2021, Riot Games started a match-fixing fraud investigation in Valorant games during the ImbaTV Fearless Invitational Cup. After a year of inquiries, the game developer concluded that members of the teams Totoro Gaming, Invincible, and Underdog violated one or more of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy. Among these, the most severe infraction refers to the manipulation of the outcome of a competitive match to gain money.

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Eventually, Riot Games sanctioned thirteen players from the abovementioned teams with bans ranging from nine months to live (in the heavily involved cases). However, many gamers not directly involved in the scams received lesser punishments due to their low level of guilt and willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

eSports Betting Legislation in Canada

Online games such as Valorant are subject to reasonably lenient regulation in Canada. Likewise, all matters related to gambling regulations are the responsibility of the Canadian Gaming Association. However, most eSports betting websites are licensed in Malta or the United Kingdom. That is the case of William Hill, a primarily experienced bookmaker with the backing of the Gibraltar Government and the UK Gambling Commission.

For these reasons, Canadian bookmarkers users interested in Valorant or other eSports events have the necessary legal protection to make their bets safely. In addition, eSports is a popular trend in Canada, as evidenced by the growing number of registered professional teams and tournaments in cities such as Ontario, Vancouver, and Toronto. Betting on e-Sports is legal in Canada, read more here. 

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