The best time of the year is coming for DOTA 2 fans worldwide. After one year of battling through qualifiers for DPC points, we have 16 out of the 18 teams competing in the 11th Edition of The International. Check out our full guide about Dota 2 betting.

Teams worldwide have shown their capabilities to achieve a place in the biggest event of the eSport, and after showing they are the best in their regions, the moment of the truth is arriving. Singapore will hold the ones with enough hunger for glory, and it’s only a matter of time for them to show us what they are made of.

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Dota 2 Is Free to Play Online

Not only the constant development and changes with new patches -thanks to Valve developers- is the reason for DOTA 2’s success. But also because it’s Free to Play from the beginning of the game. Unlike his little brother League of Legends (where you need to buy the heroes to play them). Everything you need to know about League of Legends betting at this link.

Dota was born free, and that’s a principle for the developers and the community. Want to collaborate and invert on the game? Well, every The International prize pool is crowdfunded with the Battle Pass, a feature that provides you with a new game experience by leveling it up.

Each level you up, there’s a new prize, like arcanas, immortals, new terrains, announcers, etc. Nothing will make you play better since there’s zero pay-to-win, only cosmetics that will make your heroes look better but will give you no advantage in-game.

Dota 2 Betting Tips

With the increasing interest in the electronic sports industry, logically, there’s a betting market behind it. Although every DOTA 2 organization has a year plan of achieving a ticket for The International, the new Dota Pro Circuit and occasional Tier 1 tournament gives us, the fans to sneak peek at the teams’ strategies.

Two times TI champions organization OG has won two majors this year, ESL One Stockholm in may and ESL One Malaysia in august, getting them the direct invite to TI. Still, they won’t count on the only remaining Champion of their old squad, ‘Ceb’. Russian player ‘Misha’ was the team’s official captain but couldn’t be present in the previous tournament because of Visa Issues.

PSG.LGD is a strange case

They seemed like an unstoppable force during the past two years but have a pretty consisting tend to choke in decisive moments, losing the finals of TI10 and TI8. They defeated Team Spirit in Riyadh Master during July, winning a 4-million-dollar tournament but losing another two. Maybe it’s the better decision to bet for them only in the early stages of the tournament but not in the finals.

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Last year nobody knew who Team Spirit was, but after surprising the community all by achieving the most significant success in the sport are now a team to watch. They won the PGL Arlington Major in august, the last Tier 1 tournament to be played this year. They have an excellent chance to repeat their performance to become the 2nd team to win two Internationals in a row.

What Is the Best Site for Dota 2 Betting?

There are plenty of options if you want to bet on eSports. As we have been advising at Bettipscanada, it’s necessary to study to achieve the best results when betting on a discipline, even if it’s an eSport.

tournament dota 2


Betway is one of the most prolific sites in the Dota ecosystem. It is even the main sponsor of the Peruvian organization ‘Beastcoast’. Consider by many as the most straightforward platform to bet online, Betway offers eSports fans a wide variety of eSports besides the editor’s favorite Dota 2. Go to Betway and get the best odds on e-Sports.

Having a personal category on the main page between basketball and tennis talks about how lucrative the eSports scene is nowadays. Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, or Valorant are some options Betway offers us to cash out some money.

William Hill

William Hill is another runner in the eSport betting career. They recently signed a contract with Panda Score, a purveyor of statistic and probabilistic services, to give their customers the best possible analysis before placing the bets. Check this website by clicking here.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction doesn’t get behind if we talk about betting on Defense of The Ancients. The site provides gamblers with various possible bets to achieve victory or at least try to do so.

Whether you want to bet on map 1, map 2, or map 3, or if you want to place an over/under bet, these sites are the best Canadian alternatives. Easy-to-use interfaces and premium quality of live betting markets convert them into some of the best options for fans to prove their knowledge. Click here to find out the betting offers at Sports Interaction.

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Pay Close Attention to the Pick and Ban Phase

In competitive Dota 2, the drafting phase decides a big part of the games since the level of the professional players is the highest possible.

Previous to each game, we have the drafting phase. The part of the match where the teams decide which heroes they want to play and which they want to ban so the other team doesn’t out-draft them.

Many lanes are decided not by the players but by the matchups they face. For example, it’s almost impossible to win a match as a Phantom Lancer, a hero that generates illusions of itself against an Earthshaker, a hero who makes more damage as more units are around him.

The game needs the knowledge to predict which team will win only by seeing their picks. But with already existing tools like liquipedia, you can see which are the strongest heroes of the patch and their win rate in the professional circuit. And always remember, if the enemy team last pick a Broodmother and your team doesn’t have any counter to it, start to suffer. Or bet for it!

Live Dota 2 Betting?

Also called ‘in-play betting,’ it’s a new feature that allows the bettors to bet when a game has already started. This feature is indeed good for games like Dota 2 where, as we told you above, the drafting phase can change the course of a game, and having the possibility of live betting can increase the percentage of your winning chances.

Live Betting has been increasing in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic. And even if the professional eSports scene has been affected by events cancelations, the possibility of playing online tournaments gives us the bettors the chance to keep betting and enjoying the game even during the lockdown.

Even though COVID changed our lifestyle, the truth is that online betting has developed rapidly to adapt to the fact that going to betting places was prohibited, and online betting is expected to keep growing and growing as a moneymaker indeed is. Live betting is one of the most recommended ways of betting in many countries, and eSports fans are among the most profitable groups.

Since the 90s live betting as had a lot of development, the gamblers no longer depend on calling the bookies as an event is taking place. With online betting rising, almost every sportsbook (and casino) provides live-betting services.

Although there are high differences between the different sites and live betting, a kind of recent gambling, not every betting site will have this feature. Success is just around the corner if you have success mixing live-betting and drafting phase analysis. Check the Best Sportsbook in Canada to bet on Dota 2.

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Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

Look for the Best Odds and Promotions

If you want to be a pro in Defense of The Ancients betting, a good start will be to place your bets before the competition starts. If you place your bets before it gets popular, you can find better odds than if you let time pass.

Bookmakers are constantly seeing and taking notes of the wagers’ behaviors. If a team attracts much attention from the gamblers, the bookies will adjust the odds accordingly. If a Dota team is the point of attention, the odds will go down.

You should bet early on to maximize your return on investment. Or you can just go with the tournament’s underdog and expect another miracle, but that already happened last year, so I will not be so sure about that. Some tips to manage your bankroll in this link.

Strategies That Could Work for You

Good advice is always to check all the available DOTA 2 betting sites and compare the exact match between all the available bookers. There’s some kind of misinformation that the gamblers can take advantage of. Bringing an example, Felt and SG eSports are playing right now, and Sports Interaction pays 4.33 in decimal for a Felt win. But in Betway, the exact match pays 7.0 in decimal for a Felt win.

Another good example is The International 2022 Outright. While SportsInteraction and ggBet pay 3,25 decimal for PSG.LGD victory, the 2nd contender Team Spirit have a slight difference between both bookers. While SportsInteraction pays 6.0 decimal for the Team Spirit bi-championship, ggBet thinks their chances are lower and pays 7.0 decimal for their International victory.

As we repeated many times, the more extensive the research you make for the tournament, the big the chance you have of achieving winnings.