It is getting to that time of the year that every Dota 2 fan in the world is waiting for. International 11 is about to kick off, this time in Singapore, and we all know that’s extra spice for this beautiful world. The crows of Southeast Asia are some of the hippest, and this will be the first opportunity to prove it to the world in the most important competition of the circuit. Check the Best sportsbook in Canada to bet on DOTA 2.

Dota 2 is not only the eSports with the most gigantic prize pool in history, but also one of the most beloved by its community. Players being the ones who fund the prize pool event by purchasing the “battle pass”, a feature that gives players cosmetics to be used in the game. But for those who don’t know, we have the answer:

What is DOTA 2?

Dota 2 is a free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). They were divided into two teams of 5 each. Every team will defend one of the sides of the map to destroy the enemy Ancient. The origin of the name is DOTA, the quick way to say Defense of The Ancients.

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A Map, Three Lanes

The map is divided by a river which separates the ‘good’ side or Radiant, and the ‘bad’ side or Dire. Although there are no truly good and bad here, every hero has a Lore. A little story background that serves as an argument for them to be playing the battle of the Ancients. The five players of each team will divide themselves into different roles. There are three lines: top, middle, and bottom.

The bottom line, if seen from the Radiant Side, is where the carry and the complex support go. The carry usually is useless here at the beginning of the game. He needs to farm gold and experience to be helpful to the team. The Hard Support, his lane partner, needs to babysit it at least in the planning stage, buy the vision, and usually is the one captaining the team, calling for objectives, more of a ‘cerebral’ playstyle than a ‘technical’ one.

The top is where the offlaner and the soft support go. These two guys’ job is to make the enemy’s carry game almost insufferable. The offlaner is often a ‘tanky’ hero with the capabilities to be on the frontline, receiving the enemy’s damage and making space for the other two cores to farm. Soft support is the hero that accompanies the offlaner. Usually is aggressive in their natural style and don’t need gold to be helpful, only experience.

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Last but not least comes mid. Mid players 1v1’s themselves. Support players don’t accompany them since they are the ones who need to farm experience faster to start rotating on the map and bring chaos to their enemies.

A World of Stories

Since the birth of DOTA 2 game developers, Valve and their founder Gabe Newell could anticipate his competitors, and kind of ‘create’ (or at least shaped) the eSport industries as we know them today.

It is not a minor thing to watch ten years ago that a bunch of new boys who grew up with a computer would change their bats, and balls for mice and keyboards. With the substantial interest of the young boys increasing the player base of his newborn game, Gabe Newell knew that he could make millions.

2011 was the year that the scene was born. Young boys from all over the world with much less developed skills in the game were reunited in Cologne, Germany, to play the first edition of a tourney. With a great marketing campaign via the documentary ‘Free To Play, which followed participants from Europe, China, and North America; Valve put his event as a milestone in videogames history. Videogames were no longer just a waste of time. Now it was an opportunity to become a millionaire.

That was the beginning of the adventure. Patches started to change the game, and players needed to improve to be the best. Prize pools of the events started to increase, and the regional internal competitions professionalized. TI1 players were already heroes for the community, and with coming events, that list of names was increasing.

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The International 3 finals were the most exciting ones to date, making their winner Alliance loved by everyone. The International 5 was the year of North American DOTA 2 with the championship of Evil Genius. Wings made an incredible run in The International 6 and were OG, the team that conquered all of our hearts with BigDaddyNotail’s Cinderella Story, building a team from scratch with no time and carrying them from open qualifiers to the finals.

Where they beat the unstoppable force of Chinese team LGD. Coming back next year and becoming the only team to achieve the back-to-back championship.

How To Play DOTA 2?

Luckily for us, since its release in 2013, DOTA 2 has been a Free-To-Play game.

Although it can be seen as a challenging game for new players, there’s nothing that you can’t learn with enough time and dedication. The only thing you need to start playing DOTA 2 is a Steam account and 10GB of space in your Hard Drive.

Once you are in there, I recommend watching all the tutorials the game offers new players and spending a good quantity of hours in the newbies’ mode, which allows you to practice without being penalized for your mistakes.

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In addition, you have multiple guides on YouTube that can make you climb, and watching the pros is always helpful. More like a Shooter Guy? Learn how to bet on Call of Duty!

How to Bet on DOTA 2?

Logically, being the most lucrative eSport in history, with more than 200 million dollars in prices delivered to the players and organizations, the industry of betting on eSports is becoming more and more popular over the years.

There are plenty of sites that recognize DOTA 2 and eSports as a form of entertainment, that attracts a lot of new (and not so new) generations who will put their knowledge to the test to win.

With the game’s chaotic nature, you will have a lot of things to bet on. Not only who will win the series, but also who’s going to take the first blood. The number of kills each team can get each match (because, unlike football, you can end a match 16-29, and still be able to win by destroying the enemy ancient) or who will kill the first tower.

Sites like Betway, William Hill, 888Sport, Sports Interaction, or ggBET offer a world of possibilities for their customers around the world. It’s only a matter of going to the site you prefer and searching for the ‘DOTA 2’ section. Is Valorant the new gold mine of e-Sports?, click here to find out

DOTA 2 Moneyline Betting

Moneyline Betting is the bet placed on the team you expect will win. The team most expected to win is “PSG.LGD” will give the smallest rewards, while the underdogs can make you rich. For example, if you bet on Team Spirit last year, you are probably a millionaire right now.

A bunch of teams can lift the Aegis of the Champions. Chinese teams always look strong on paper, like two times 2nd place PSG.LGD. This year they had moments in which they seemed like an unstoppable force, and managed to win Riyadh Masters. But they tend to choke in vital moments.

Multiple times champion OG had a fantastic year. They have won ESL One Stockholm and ESL One Malaysia, farming the necessary DPC points to achieve a direct invitation to The International. The only thing that can ruin their aegis run is inexperience since only one of the team’s five players had ever competed in an international.

Team Spirit was the revelation last year. Eliminating heavyweights like OG, Team Secret, and finally, PSG.LGD in the grand finals was the finishing touch of an unbelievable run. Now they will try to live up to last year’s performance.

DOTA 2 Handicap & Spread Bets

Let’s get back to basics: what is a handicap bet? Well, it’s an additional option for bettors that doesn’t feel filled by simple Moneyline betting.

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In DOTA 2, the draw is not an option. You can win or lose depending if you destroy the enemy ancient or if the enemy destroys yours. But DOTA 2 is more complex than that, and it opens a world of different possible results, so that’s when handicap bets enter.

Handicap bets let gamblers bet on specific criteria to win the bet. It is a way of matching the odds when there’s a firm favorite involved in a matchup.

Let’s say you know Team A is better than team B, and only a disaster could avoid them the victory. Bet sites could put a Handicap on the match, and only if Team A meets the requirements will bettors win the bet.

This is more difficult than Moneyline betting, but believe me when I tell you, the gains will be more significant. I strongly recommend not to enter DOTA 2 handicap betting without proper research, since the lack of knowledge about the subject could make you lose a lot of money. If you want to learn how to bet Handicap as an expert, click here.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more

DOTA 2: Over/Under Betting

I think this is one of the most exciting and entertaining kinds of bets the DOTA 2 World offers us, since they are millions of possibilities. It’s only a matter of research on the team’s meta and playstyle to win.

Do you know Chinese teams are not as aggressive as the other ones? You can bet the number of kills the match is going to have. Do you know the importance of Roshan? You can bet on how many Roshans are going to be killed. Does the draft tell you it’s going to be a late-game match? You can bet on the duration of the match. Do you think one of the teams has no chance? You can bet on how many towers they’re going to destroy.

The game is complex. There’s nothing essential on DOTA 2. Players and fans love the game for the complexity and diversity it can offer. But if you research enough, it can genuinely become a gold mine. You don’t need to know every aspect of the game to make money with it, so let’s do it!