Sports betting in the 21st century are more related to science than to chance or superstition. In this regard, machine learning is one of the most used technologies in the NBA League. According to research by Josh Weiner (2021), ML has an accuracy of 66-74% in predicting sporting event scores. However, it is necessary to consider the imponderables that may affect the outcome of a prediction.

These factors include injuries, athlete fitness, player transfers, and coaching changes during a game and during the entire season. The perfect prediction as the 100% accurate sports betting simply does not exist. But if you know the stats and keep up to date, you improve your chances of making good choices and, of course, of winning.

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Top Favorites to Win the NBA

Golden State Warriors

The San Francisco squad has the perfect mix of veteran players used to the pressure of big games and young athletes hungry for glory. If you have the “greatest shooter that God ever created” (Stephen A. Smith on Stephen Curry), the chances of winning are really high. Additionally, the signings of Donte DiVincenzo and JaMychal Green add even more depth to an already strong roster. More Warriors Betting Tips.

Milwaukee Bucks

So far, the Wisconsin team’s only important hire is Aussie Joe Ingles. Do they need more? Probably not, because last season was only ruined by one significant imponderable: Khris Middleton got injured during 1st round of the playoff. But, if Holiday, Middleton, and Antetokoumpo get to the next postseason healthy, perhaps a showdown between the last two NBA title winners will occur in the Finals.

Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard’s return puts “LA’s little brother” among the strongest teams on both sides of the court. Furthermore, Reggie Jackson exploded in the 2021 – 2022 season, Paul George is expected to be healthy, and John Wall has been signed. All of this in combination with a very deep roster: Batum, Covington, Kennard, T. Mann, Marcus Morris, Powell, Zubac… It will be a fantastic team.

Boston Celtics

After qualifying for the 2022 finals and losing to the GSW, the Massachusetts squad is hungry for revenge. In this regard, the Celtics management has added some very interesting players (Danilo Gallinari and Malcolm Brogdon) to complement the Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart formidable trio.

Who has the worst record in NBA?

The teams on this list are squads that have been built with the future in mind. As such, it is even in the best interest of some of them to be among the worst in the league again in order to get first picks in the next draft.

Orlando Magic

When a team loses more than 60 games, it is a disaster… isn’t it? Truth be told, the Florida squad has been able to pick up a very interesting set of young players led by Cole Anthony, Jalen Suggs, and Franz Wagner. Additionally, Orlando obtained the No. 1 pick in the 2022 draft, Paolo Banchero. The Summer League has been very interesting for them.

Houston Rockets

The Texan squad is the perfect example of a team in a long transition after a period of big stars (Harden, Paul, Westbrook, Capela…) that didn’t go well. Most of their players are young athletes with a very promising future: Jabari Smith, Tari Eason, Usman Garuba, Kevin Porter Jr., and TyTy Washington Jr., among others.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs fell just short of the 2022 postseason after losing in the playoffs to the New Orleans Pelicans. But, the team’s management just made a very risky transfer: Dojounte Murray has been sent to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Danilo Gallinari (who ended up in Boston, for now), three first-round picks, and a future pick swap. All these decisions point to a very long-term squad construction.

Sacramento Kings

Kevin Huerter and Malik Monk are the new faces of the team that made one of the worst moves in recent years: the transfer of Tyrese Haliburton to the Indiana Pacers. Perhaps the selection of Keegan Murray with the No. 4 pick in the first round of the 2022 draft gives the Kings a little hope. However, the Californians will surely miss the postseason for the 17th consecutive time.

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What are the best NBA Betting Strategies and Tips?

The primary strategy of any amateur bettor is to keep up to date on the player form, tactical developments, rule changes, and any other relevant factor related to the NBA that may affect the scores. Secondly, it is always important to resort to reliable sources whose statistical analyses include information obtained by applying machine learning and other technologies, Big Data, and biometrics. More Tips to Bet on NBA.

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Another very important aspect is timing because the intensity and player rotations are very different during the regular season compared to the postseason (when rosters are shortened). Below are the strategies preferred by users and bookmakers.

Team Schedule

The first step is to review each team’s schedule to determine if players are playing on tired legs or if they have had enough rest. A team with many games scheduled in a given week may choose to rest its star players for Saturday’s or Sunday’s game.

This tactic is especially common when the team is on tour during the regular season. However, the reverse case is not necessarily good. A team that rested too long could be “rusty” and lose to a squad on a winning streak. So, you should consider all of that when making a decision.

Division runners-up falling

Generally, less experienced users prefer to bet on the team that has the most wins at the time. However, in matches between teams in the same division, bettors can take advantage of this to increase their winnings by betting on the theoretically weaker team if the pace of play is slow and they have a good defense.

Home court advantage

NBA fans can be particularly disruptive and rowdy (especially during the postseason). For this reason, home field advantage is always an inescapable factor, as even the weakest teams can be inspired by the support of their crowd against the strongest squads.

Avoid “lucky” bets

“Good luck doesn’t exist in-game prediction” that’s what any honest advisor would tell you before making a decision. Instead of relying on superstition, a good bettor looks at the runs (the current team streak plus the specific streak against a given team). In addition, you must stay focused on total betting more than handicapping individual teams and avoid parlays.

What are the Point Spread Bets in NBA?

In any NBA game, no matter the specific mismatch, the point spread bets levels the playing field and calculates how many points separate the two contenders. To do this, bettors analyze both teams and consider the imponderables that can never be anticipated at the beginning of a season. That is the current shape of the players, current streaks, and critical injuries.

What does a negative spread mean in basketball?

This is a value ruled by the favorite and the underdog existing in every point spread. The negative sign (-) indicates the point differential that the favorite must obtain in order for bettors to win their bet. For example: according to CBS Sports (2022), the Golden State Warriors were -4 ATS in game 5 of the 2022 Finals against the Boston Celtics (the match ended with the GSW victory by 104 – 94).

Team Spread
Golden State Warriors -4 (-110)
Boston Celtics +4 (-110)

What are Player, Team, and Game props bet?

NBA prop bets are stakes on the specific statistical performance of a team, player, or even a game. This means that the success of this type of bet does not depend on the final score of a match. The most common is the NBA player props bet, but there are also bets on the total points in a match or a team’s minimum rebounds, for example.

Most Popular NBA Players Props Bets


Bookmakers often post a number close to a player’s average points for punters to wager on whether they will beat (or not) that number in a given game. For example: “LeBron James Over/Under 25 points”, “Giannis Antetokoumpo Over/Under 28 points”…

Threes Over/Under

This is a prediction of how many 3-points baskets a given player will score during a specific match. For example: “Kevin Booker will score 5 three-points baskets against the Dallas Mavericks”. When the bet is “over,” the bettor wins if Booker scores 5 or more 3-points baskets; when the bet is “under” the bettor wins if Booker doesn’t score at least 5 three-point baskets.

Player to Score the First Basket

This is one of the riskiest bets. However, a recommendation, in this case, is to review who is usually the player of a team to make the first shot (it is not always the star player). Another example could be betting on a player who has a good long-range shot if the opposing team has poor perimeter defense.

To score a Double-Double

This bet is usually placed at the bookmarkers as “yes, or no” a given player will make a double-double. The most common double-doubles in the NBA are +10 points and +10 rebounds made by centers (Nikola Jokic, Rudy Gobert, Jonas Valanciunas); and +10 points and +10 assists made by point guards (James Harden, Trae Young, Dejounte Murray).

To score a Triple Double

The triple double is one of the most extraordinary statistics in basketball (the bookmarkers usually place it as “yes or no”). It is a feat within reach of complete players, capable of achieving double digits in three different sections. The NBA players with the most triple doubles in recent years are Nikola Jokic, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Luka Doncic, and Dejounte Murray.

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Assists Over/Under

This bet is based on predicting how many assists a player will have in a specific game. For example: “Kyrie Irving will have over/under than 5 assists against the Philadelphia 76ers?” On the other hand, a bet case with good odds of winning could be “Chris Paul will make more than 8 assists in a game against Orlando”.

Rebounds Over/Under

This bet is founded on predicting how many rebounds a given player will have during a game. For example: “Bam Adebayo will have over/under than 10 rebounds against the Toronto Raptors?” It should be noted that rebound bets are usually relatively safe if they are related to players who lead that statistic (Antetokoumpo, Gobert, Valanciunas…).

The player to score the most points

This bet is based on predicting who will be the player with the most points in a specific game. For example: “Kevin Durant will be the leading scorer in the Nets vs. Heat match?” Other players who are great bets to lead a game in scoring include Luka Doncic, Giannis Antetokoumpo, Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, and Nikola Jokic.

Steals Over/Under

This bet is based on predicting how many steals a given player will have during a game. For example: “Paul George will have over/under than two steals against the Portland Trailblazers?”

Imagen 1.png ..

NBA Top Players

Joel Embiid – Points per game

The Philadelphia 76ers’ center was outstanding during the 2021-2022 regular season. For this reason, the Cameroonian is considered the franchise player. However, injuries have prevented him from shining at his highest level in recent years. I mean, if he stays healthy, he could be even more dominant.

Rudy Gobert – Rebounds per game

The Frenchman center is a guarantee in defense (he has won the DOY award twice) and life insurance under the boards. Probably the only flaw pointed out by his detractors is the little offensive contribution (He is one of the strongest and tallest players in the league).

Trae Young – Assists per game

Trae Young was not the assisting leader of the 2021-22 regular season. But he’ll surely increase his numbers for years to come, especially if he keeps alley ups partners like Clint Capela, John Collins, or DeAndre Hunter.

Jaren Jackson Jr. – Blocks per game

The forward center is one of the reasons for the improvement that the Grizzlies showed during the 2022-23 season. If Jackson Jr. can stay healthy, the Memphis team will maintain the defensive hardness that got them to the postseason and the energy that put even the Golden State Warriors in trouble.

Dejounte Murray – Steals per game.

The former guard of the San Antonio Spurs showed great defensive ability during the 22-23 season. Furthermore, he is a young player with great potential and a promising future. For those reasons, Murray is likely to increase his stealing stats (along with his scoring and assists) over the next few seasons.

Stephen Curry – Thee points made

The current king of the NBA continues to amaze basketball fans with his incredible scoring ability. In addition, he has been able to stay in excellent physical shape and add other assets to his offensive arsenal. There is no valid reason to believe that Curry will not remain the most prolific 3-point converter.

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Best Bets available on the NBA

Live betting option

This is one of the most exciting forms of betting in the NBA. Some bookmakers offer good quality platforms capable of accepting different bets every minute of the match. For example: which team will win the current period? Which team will be penalized for collective fouls? How many free throws will the away team make?

Over & Under

The total bets are oriented to determine if the sum of points of a match exceeds a certain number (generally, it is 220). In this sense, it is considered OVER if the bettor predicts that the score will be greater than that number, and it is considered UNDER in the opposite case. For example, bettors will tend to bet UNDER 200 points on a Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics game because they are both excellent defensive squads.


According to Sports King (2022), the term BTTS refers to “Both Teams to Score.” This kind of bet is most commonly used in soccer and baseball than basketball. In NBA, BTTS is usually settled for predicting that both teams will score more than 110 points. In that case, the bettor can pick only one option, “yes” or “no.” This is considered a low-risk bet when both teams have an equal chance to win the game.

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The parlays in the NBA work in a similar way to parlays in any other sport. That is, as a bettor places a greater number of simultaneous bets (on predictions in different matches), the profit margin is multiplied. In some bookmakers, the parlay bet can combine predictions on match results along with bets related to player statistics and/or BTTS.

Halftime Bets

It is a simple bet (generally available at bookmakers with live betting) that consists of predicting what team will be leading at halftime.

Double Chance

This bet has a higher reward than simply predicting the winner of a match. A Doble Chance bet consists of predicting that the same team that is ahead at halftime will be the same that will win the match.

Top Matches to bet on NBA

The most attractive matches to bet on normally correspond to those played on important dates in the United States: opening day, Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving, and Christmas, among others.

Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers (October 18th, 2022)

Basketball fans around the world will want to witness the form of the 2021-22 championship winners. So, the Golden State Warriors will face the LA Lakers (the biggest disappointment of the year 2022). But, in any case, a Curry vs. LeBron matchup will always be exciting.

Toronto Raptors vs. Atlanta Hawks (October 31th, 2022)

The Scotiabank Arena of Toronto will be the scene of the matchup between The Raptors and Hawks on Halloween. At first, it does not seem like a highlighted match because none of them is considered a title contender, but both are two young squads with energetic athletes and rising stars (Pascal Siakam and Trae Young, respectively). The show is guaranteed.

Knicks vs. 76ers (December 25th, 2022)

An NBA game in the Madison Square Garden on Christmas day is always special and a magnet for the sponsorship of good brands. In this case, it’s hard to imagine the 76ers not going with all their superstars against Julius Randle’s side. The excitement is guaranteed (regardless of where New Yorkers are in the rankings at the time).

Best The NBA Sportsbooks in Canada:


Fanduel offers a great variety of sports betting, including promotional codes to access exclusive offers on NBA games. This company has a good reputation among specialized bookmaker review sites. Likewise, the comments of the users show a high acceptance.

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BetMGM is one of the most prestigious bookmakers in the world. This company operates 100% legally in Canada under the license of iGaming Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. For Canadian users, they offer all kinds of options: spreads, BTTS, parlays, in-play, totals, live betting…

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Sports Interaction

This is a company established in 1997 and has extensive experience in sports betting. Besides, they offer detailed information on their portal in order for Canadian users can make any type of bet safely. The legality of this company is endorsed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

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