The most important global baseball events are almost here: MLB has formally announced the start of the World Series for October 22. On the other hand, the post-seasons begin two weeks earlier —October 7— with a new format: “The Wild Card Game”. Click here to view the MLB schedule for the 2022 playoffs.

Being about to witness a competition of such magnitude, and not knowing how to bet on your favorite team is not an option. Here at Bettipscanada, we know this, and that’s why our team has prepared a complete guide that will help you understand how to bet on baseball, what nine innings mean? and other essential details that every bettor should know. Below is the information you need.

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How to Bet on Baseball?

To learn how to bet on baseball, handling certain situations and specific terms of baseball jargon is necessary. Here we will explain the most necessary ones:

Understanding Baseball Odds

To learn how to bet correctly in baseball —and in any sport—the main thing is to know the odds and how to read them, click here to find out more. The bookmakers offer these numbers where we will bet and indicate who is the favorite to win. There are usually three ways in which these figures are presented:

  • Integer or “American”: whole numbers accompanied by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. Example: -300 / +400.
  • Decimal or “European”: decimal numbers. Example: 1.23 / 2.23
  • Fractional: presented in broken or fractional numbers. Example: 117/50 and 33/25.

In America, integers and decimals are more popular so that we will focus on them.

Decimal Baseball Odds

Reading decimal odds in baseball is very simple. Let’s imagine the White Sox vs. Blue Jays at the U.S. Cellular Field. Chicago is home, so Betway’s odds indicate the following:

  • 45 White Sox / 2.1 Blue Jays.

These numbers tell us two important things:

  • Who is the favorite to win (the one with the lower odds)? The White Sox are favored to win the game since their odds are 1.45. A common mistake is to think that those who have the lowest odds are the ones who will lose, and this is not the case. The number is lower, so bettors cannot win as much with the favorite.
  • How much will we win by betting? This is calculated as follows: what we will bet x (the odds-1). That is, if I bet $100 on the Blue Jays odds and win, I will get= $100 x (2.1-1) = $100x 1.10= $110 net.

“Integer Odds” or “American Odds” in Baseball

Reading American baseball odds is not complicated, either. It is as simple as reading the decimal odds. To explain, let’s imagine that the Red Sox vs. the Yankees are playing at Fenway Park. Boston is playing at home, so the William Hill odds indicate the following:

  • -170 Red Sox / +200 Yankees.

As you will see, in addition to a whole number, we have plus (+) and minus (-) signs. Both the number and the signs tell us essential things when it comes to knowing how to bet on baseball:

  • Who is the favorite to win: the one with the minus (-) sign. I. e., the Red Sox are preferred to win the game since their odds are -170. The same mistake happens again: people think the minus sign is synonymous with “bad team” or “loser.” However, the logic used in the case of decimal bets applies: the number is accompanied by a minus sign (-) to show the winnings for the favorite are lower.
  • How much will we win when betting? In the case of the negative odds, the best way to read it is as follows: the negative odds (the -170) indicate that for every $170 bet, we will win $100 net. At the same time, the positive odds (+200) tell us that for every $100 bet, we will win $200 net.
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First 5″ or “F5” MLB Bets

It is a primary type of MLB betting that every fan should know and that you can get at any sportsbook (Sports Interaction, 888Sports, Betway…). What does a “First 5 bet” or “F5bet” mean? Simple: the player bets on the results up to the 5th inning of a match. In other words, the game doesn’t need to end to know if we will win or not.

This type of bet is widespread at the beginning of the seasons. The reason is simple. The innings are usually very long since the teams are still in the process of recognizing their opponents. Therefore, being able to shorten the waiting time for the results with an F5 bet is highly convenient for bettors.

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MLB Bets Run Line

In baseball, “run lines” are the equivalent of run-spread bets. In this case —as in handicapping— the preferred team is assigned -1.5 runs from the start of the game, while the “underdog” (as they call the team that is expected to lose) is given a +1.5-run advantage.

Important: not to be confused with decimal odds.

For example, the Athletics face the Rays at RingCentral Coliseum. Oakland is the home underdog. Therefore, the 888Sports run lines are as follows:

  • Athletics: -1.5 runs
  • Rays: +1.5 runs

This would read as follows: for the Athletics to meet the run line (spread bet), we need them to win by a difference of 2 or more runs against their opponent. For the Rays, they need to win the game or even lose with a one-run difference against their opponent. And yes, even with the Athletics winning 1-0, the run line would be in the Rays’ favor.

It’s important to highlight that such a slight run-advantage disadvantage usually occurs because, on average, the number of runs per baseball game is tiny. For more odds visit 888 Sports.

Combined Score Betting: MLB Totals

Refers to a baseball betting type based on the bookie’s odds. This number approximates the sum of the runs of both teams during the game. The player chooses whether to bet “over” or “under” the average runs, click here to read more about over/under bets.


The Braves face the Cardinals at Trust Park. Atlanta is at home. Sports Interaction offers the following combined score betting:

  • Over: 5.5
  • Under: 5.5

The bettor must determine whether the run total of both teams is greater or less than 5.5 runs. Although it seems like a no-brainer, at BettipsCanada, we insist on considering all the factors that can affect the scoring of runs in a baseball game. Understand: recent statistics of the Braves and Cardinals (both in their performance with the other teams and between themselves), weather, who is the home team and their typical performance at home. As you can see, getting it right requires studies. It cannot be left to chance or hunches.

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Other Basic Baseball Betting Tips You Should Know

Live Betting

They are also recommended only to experts, and are given at the time when the matches are taking place. If you are going to bet live, it is best to go to a website with an excellent provider of real time statistics for each team. Also, if possible, you should know team status (if there have been last-minute changes, injuries, or permissions). Currently, and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the unforeseen events that directly affect the matches have increased.

Prop bets

They are a particular betting type. Using them in the playoffs is recommended because, at that time, you have a better notion of each team’s capabilities. Now that you can place single bets in Canada, do one at a time and take it easy. In our article on single bets in Canada, we tell you more.

With them, you can try to predict:

  • The number of runs per team (or particular player)
  • The number of strikes per team
  • The number of home runs
  • Stolen bases by team or by particular players
  • The number of players struck out (or any particular player).

Parlay Bets

The betting type is par excellence for Canadians. It is recommended to be used only by experts. You can place parlay bets with confidence when you have more experience in MLB. You can choose two or more possible situations within a game in the parlay. For example, a combination of 5 options would be:

  • A winning team
  • Over 5.5 runs
  • 3 strikeouts
  • 5 innings
  • 3 home runs.

“Grand Salami” Bets

Refers to a betting type that seeks to predict the number of runs a team will win a game by.

Future Bets

It determines which team will win in its division or the general competition. They are risky bets, even if you have the specialists’ odds. Baseball is a highly complex and ever-changing sport. The games are subject to a large number of variables. This betting type is also recommended only for experts.

How to Bet Better on an MLB Game?

There are no magic ways to win at MLB betting. There is only one rule: study. And even if you have studied a lot of the different variants that affect the development of a game, and have a 90% chance of winning, it is possible that 10% of the odds will be against you, and you will lose your bet. Losing is part of betting —if you are not familiar with arbitrage betting, of course—. Read our full article about Arbitrage Betting here.

However, studying matches continuously before betting (statistics, environmental situations, who is local, behavior and performance of the players, if there are injured, last-minute news, etc…) will allow you to develop little by little what is called “bettor’s criteria”. I. e., practice will make us choose with less time the option that will benefit us the most in a given match.

If you are a beginner, take advantage of the fact that single bets have been legal in Canada since 2021. So make single bets until you become familiar with them, then you can try prop bets and, later on, having a better knowledge of the discipline, enter the world of parlays. To try prop bets like an expert, click here. 

  • 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
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Advantage list
  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
Disadvantage list
  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent


What Does Less Than 8.5 Mean in Baseball?

This question can refer to two things:

  • The combined score betting. An under bet in which it is stated that the total of runs for both teams will be less than 8.5.
  • Grand Salami” betting. A bet indicates that a particular team will win with less than 8.5 runs. It is trendy among experienced bettors.

What Does 9 Innings Mean?

Refers to the usual length that a baseball game usually lasts. This can drop to 8.5 innings if the home team is up by more runs than the opposition at that point in the game. An inning should be over when the 3 outs are achieved.

None of the opponents may score any runs during the game or that they reach the 9th inning tied, which would inevitably lead to “extra innings”. In this case, the team that scores the most runs at the end of one of those extra innings wins.

Interestingly, the Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings played the longest game in MLB history. It happened in 1981, and the game went 32 innings! It was a historic April 18 for baseball.

How Do Innings Work?

Both teams have batting rights in each inning. Each team’s right to bat is considered half an inning. The home team opens, and the visiting team closes. An inning is over when 3 outs are completed —either by strikeout, flyouts, forced out, doubled out, or out on an unforced runner—.

Why Happened the End of the Expos de Montreal?

It happened because of the franchise’s move to Washington. This was something that had been planned for a long time by the team’s owners. Changed the team’s name to the Nationals upon arriving at their new home.

Many don’t believe the Expos ended simply because the nickname they have been known since their founding in 1969 changed. No. They are believed to be still around, and the Nationals are their “spiritual successors”. Indeed, the 2019 MLB championship won by Washington is also considered to belong to Montreal.

What Is the Name of Toronto’s Baseball Team?

Blue Jays.

How Many Baseball Teams Are There in Canada?

From the MLB, only one: the Toronto Blue Jays.