Betting on the draw is one of the least-used betting strategies. Despite being frequently disregarded by bettors, it contributes to about 25% of soccer match outcomes.

If you do it properly, betting on the draw can be very profitable. Some teams and leagues are more likely to produce draws than others, and the odds of a draw are sometimes overstated.

Backing the Draw

When placing wagers, we typically favor one team over the other. Because of their players, their form, their tactical advantages, or any other factors, we believe one team has a more substantial chance of winning.

However, sometimes there is merit in choosing to support the draw. You may be anticipating a close game, the sides may be exceptionally skilled at drawing, or there may be a situation in which a draw is advantageous to both teams.

There are plenty of opportunities to locate a winning angle because over a third of the games in some competitions end in draws.

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Betting on the Draw

It’s crucial to receive the most value when betting on the draw. We advise comparing the odds at the betting exchanges, and the odds at the bookies using a service like Oddschecker or Oddsportal.

Contrary to more specialized markets, the exchange odds on the draw market are frequently not all that different from the top bookies’ rates. You want to get the most value possible, so look around for the greatest odds.

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draw betting system

The Draw Advantage

Despite being one of the primary match betting possibilities, bettors frequently ignore the draw.

This could be because most bettors prefer to wager on a specific team to win, as we already explained. That allows people to support that team, whereas supporting a tie can feel odd.

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Therefore, the draw tends to have a smaller percentage of the betting volume than the teams to win. Here is an illustration from Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao’s game:

There is a far more significant percentage of money bet on the teams to win than on the draw, despite Real Madrid being put at 1.82 and the draw at 3.9.

According to the number of bets, almost $45,000 on Real Madrid has been matched, but only $15,000 on the draw.

The quantities matched on all three should, in theory, be roughly equal, though this is highly infrequently the case.

This indicates that the bookmakers frequently give a little greater price on the draw than they ought to. They do this because they are aware that few people will support it.

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Draw Betting Strategy

Stats must be carefully considered if you plan to wager on the draw.

There are far more draws for some teams and leagues than for others. You can see excellent examples of this using a website like Soccer stats.

The high percentage of games ending in draws can be seen, for instance, in the Brazilian Serie A during the 2021 season. Compared to other leagues worldwide, the Brazilian Serie A had a high proportion of draws (30% of games during the 2021 season ended in draws).

Additionally, certain clubs have a strong tendency to draw games. Consider the Brazilian league standings for the entire 2021 campaign. In this instance, Ceara drew an astounding 17 of their 38 games or just under 50% of them. They were a solid squad to wager the draw on throughout the season.

Looking Under the Radar

While it’s possible that some teams are worth betting on to draw frequently, it’s also possible that they are relatively “obvious” choices, in which case the odds for the draw are probably low. The likelihood of a draw generally tends to be lower in leagues with poor scoring. Therefore, it may be wiser to go for less obvious options.

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It may have shocked some that Villarreal drew many of their games during the 2020–21 La Liga (Spain) season.

Thirteen games were drawn, which is a lot for a team that finished in the top seven of the standings, and went on to win the Europa League.

They won almost as many games as that. Additionally, a sizable percentage of those games were played at home, where they lost eight and drew six.

With 60 goals scored throughout the season, Villareal had a high goal-scoring average. However, they had seven total 1-1 tie, which was a lot.

The draw price was frequently between 4 and 6, offering significant value to those who backed it.

This illustrates how to locate draw bets with high value, even though they may not be the obvious ones.

Of course, it’s crucial to understand that team dynamics change with time, and factors like new management or personnel may cause a club to draw fewer games. It is essential to keep an eye on these factors from season to season rather than assuming that teams will always remain the same.

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Backing the Draw In-Running

Waiting until matches have begun play and searching for better odds on the draw during the contest, is another strategy for betting the draw.

One team may enjoy a 1-0 lead, but the losing team may control the game and appear to equalize.

In these situations, backing the draw can be favorable because you’ll have a chance to cash out if there is an equalizer.

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The draw odds could be in the region of 4.0-4.5, providing a lot of value.

Tools like the In-Play Trading scanner can simultaneously watch dozens of matches, and pinpoint the locations of such occurrences. It will warn you when one party is under pressure and on the verge of agreeing to new terms. Alternatively, you can use websites with live stats like Flashscores or Sofascore.

The beautiful thing about this strategy is that, in the event of a late equalizer, you will be sitting on a very sizable profit as the draw odds may have decreased from roughly 4.0 to less than 2.0, allowing you to cash out for a profit that is assured. Additionally, you could see a significant profit if the adjustment occurs very late.

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One of the most popular sports betting strategies is to back the draw, and by arming yourself with the correct stats and preparation, you may be able to benefit from it.

One way to approach the market is by researching the teams that tend to draw a lot of games.

Another tactic is to wait until the game starts before watching how things progress.

In either case, if you’re going to gamble on the draw, exercise caution and only stake money you can afford to lose.

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