• 100% up to $100
  • 5.0
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  • Great odds
  • Extensive amount of games covered
  • Exceptional bet types available
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  • Web version of the site can be confusing to stake
  • Cash out option is not smooth or consistent

Sports handicappers (a.k.a. “touts”) no longer rely solely on late-night infomercials or flyers stapled to telephone poles to promote their services. They have turned to a far more powerful tool: social media, especially Instagram, where they can build their brand, connect with followers and ultimately sell their picks.

When you’re looking for a sports betting service, it’s essential to evaluate the legitimacy of the service. We provide helpful information on how to do so.

In order to spot a scamdicapper, we’ve created a list of six telltale signs that will help identify them before they can do any harm.

1. The Portrayal of Their Account Is a High-Roller Lifestyle

If an Insta-profile full of stacks of cash and luxury items are the main images that pop up when you browse a sports handicapper’s account, there’s a good chance the owner isn’t spending his or her days working to provide his clientele with the best possible picks.

These sports gamblers are probably frauds; they’re not making their money through handicapping. No successful handicapper would let $100 bills blow away in the wind.

The best sports handicappers on Instagram know better than to draw attention to themselves. They know that if they speak too loudly, they run the risk of attracting unwanted scrutiny from the places where they wager their own bets, whether that be at a traditional sportsbook or an online betting site. The best handicappers know it’s better to show off their clout by quietly winning over time than by trying to attract attention in front of a crowd.

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Legitimate sports handicappers succeed because they put in a great deal of work researching and analyzing games and betting lines. They know that everyone always ends up experiencing losing streaks. That humility is a crucial factor in being a successful sports bettor—they do not have the same attitude as scamdicappers.

2. No way to Verify or Available Win/Loss Records: A Lack of Accountability and Openness

Handicappers must make their lifetime win/loss record available so that you can verify their success. As it was mentioned in our article on the differences between how handicappers and scamdicappers promote their craft on Instagram, scamdicappers will not be eager to promote their lifetime wins/losses—for the apparent reason that they cannot lay claim to an above-average winning percentage.

If an account seems to be focused on its most recent success, you should proceed with caution because it is likely that the owner of that account is a fraudulent handicapper.

If their winning streak were longer or their lifetime percentage higher, they would likely use that on their social media pages.

3. Too Much Shine, Too Little Knowledge

If you spot a sports handicapping account that features memes and inspirational messages, and sports news, we recommend that you avoid it.

One of our favorites is accounts for handicappers, which regularly posts pictures of Jordan Belfort and quotes attached to them from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, actual accounts promote one of America’s most known fraudsters as a role model. The reason for avoiding these accounts should be to showcase themselves.

The best handicappers spend most of their time making picks and selling them to clients–not trying to entertain you or convince you that they are geniuses. Over a long enough timeline, their winning percentage will become evident.

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4. Many Memberships Tiers

No legitimate services are offering different tiers of membership, separated by price. Any Instagram handicapper with tiered membership levels is almost indeed a scamdicapper.

It is generally acceptable for a tout to offer different packages of picks, but they should not be providing different picks to clients according to their subscription price.

Multiple membership tiers are often associated with fraud because they provide different winning percentages. The most successful tier is marketed to clients, while the lesser performing tiers are ignored.

5. Impossible and Fake Promises

An account can’t guarantee constant wins or offer its clients a 60% or higher winning percentage. They’re usually lying.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed win in sports betting. Famous sports bettor Steve Fezzik says that the best players in the world have a win percentage of 55% over their lifetimes. Bettors usually break even at 52.4% (assuming standard -111 juice), while ROI doubles at 53.4% and doubles again with every percentage above that.

watch out for scammers

If a gambler bets 10 percent of his bankroll while starting off with $1000 each day at a win percentage of 60 percent, he will have more than $5 million five years later. Since the best sports bettors in the world cannot ascend beyond a 55 percent winning percentage, an Instagram-based tout cannot either.

6. Accounts that have no comments but Many Followers.

Some scammers have begun purchasing Instagram followers and likes to make themselves appear more legitimate than they really are.

Simply look at the comments to avoid falling prey to this silly trick. If a post has 1,000-plus likes, but no one is commenting, you’re possibly dealing with a scamdicapper.

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If you wouldn’t buy something on Amazon without reading the reviews, why would you use a handicapping service without talking to any of its clients? In other words, don’t judge a handicapping service by its Instagram numbers.

Are you Picking a Sports Handicapping Service on Instagram?

Although scamdicappers do share specific characteristics, no two are exactly alike. Each day, they invent new scams to trick new clients because social media can make it difficult to determine whether someone is a scam or not due to it being decentralized.

If you watch for the red flags listed above, you are less likely to lose your money to a cheat.

Our next article in a series on handicapping services covers the dos and don’ts of selecting a service. The more you know about the process, the better off you will be.

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