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To help fight the issues of scamdicappers, we’ve put together in this article all the detailed information you need to guide you on your betting journey. If you’re serious about making money betting on sports, it is important you give this article all the attention.

What do we know about a “Scamdicapper”?

The key to identifying whether social media-based betting services are honest is vetting their picks. In particular, the more prolific and accurate those picks have been over time, the better. The other key is discovering the source of their earnings. Technically, anyone can claim to be a professional with a few well-placed tweets.

 How many scamdicappers are out there? More than you can count. They’re always on the prowl for unsuspecting betting degenerates like you, trying to keep you in the dark about their latest “sure thing” that probably doesn’t exist. The more you spend on learning about handicapping, the more tired you’ll become of these types of accounts. It’s just not natural to be that optimistic all the time.

How do real handicappers operate?

Picking top-notch bets based on your gut and entertainment research is no easy feat. Fortunately, some communities make it a little easier. These handicapping services allow users to share information and help them pick the best bets by giving back to each other and making the service more popular.

Sports Handicapping offers top-of-the-line picks and services provided by some of the world’s most successful betting experts.

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Scammers Techniques

Handicapping sites whose sole purpose is to defraud Instagram users of their hard-earned cash populate almost every popular hashtag. Betting players who don’t have the time or patience to screen accounts manually are prime targets for these scam artists. The damage to a victim can be devastating, as they find their carefully cultivated follower count has been decimated once they ban the site or shut down their account.

Scamdicappers & Instagram

Social media has become an equalizing force that has torn down the barriers to entry in the industry and has brought opportunities to a much more comprehensive range of people. Instagram has become the most popular platform for scamdicappers; predominantly visual medium. On Instagram it much easier for scamdicappers to sell their customers on a lavish lifestyle than text-based platforms like Twitter. The only voice that gets heard is one that is the most visually appealing, not the one that’s the most logical.

Through Instagram and showing off a luxurious lifestyle, many people who want to sign up for a picks service would first be attracted to an account filled with jewelry photos and stacks of cash because they are more visually appealing than those comprised of a monotonous selection of betting slips.

What is the future for these scam artists?

As sports betting grows, differentiate between legitimate social media handicapping accounts and elaborate online scams. It has become more critical for betting players to learn more about a handicapper’s traits on Instagram and to accurately distinguish between fantasy and reality in the social media space, especially on Instagram. Click here to read more about our betting guide articles.

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