Unquestionably, ice hockey is Canada’s most popular sport. There were 607,591 registered, licensed players in Canada in March of 2022, which is expected to increase in the coming years. Similarly, the NHL recorded a historic television audience during the last Stanley Cup won by the Colorado Avalanche.

Consequently, a growing number of Canadian fans wonder where they can make safe bets on NHL games. In this regard, once the disc starts to fly, the recommendation is to turn to experienced and reputable bookmakers such as 888Sports, Betway, William Hill, or Sports Interaction.

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Live Betting NHL Picks

First, to make the best NHL picks, the most important thing is to choose a  website with an excellent streaming connection. This guarantees not to miss a single detail of the transmission. Another important factor is that the site has live statistics and odds —Betway, for example—to make the best choice at the moment.

In live matches —especially if you are a novice— it is recommended to opt for single bets rather than parlays. This, of course, is because the action happens instantly, and being aware of multiple aspects of the match can be quite cumbersome.

Studying up on the participating teams is good before it’s time for the game. While live odds and statistics help somewhat, in NHL live picks, nothing beats basic knowledge about the opponents.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Betting effectively on ice hockey is not very different from betting on the NBA, NFL, or soccer. The key, in addition to knowing the basic aspects of the game, is to have accurate information about the match that is taking place. Among the main factors to know are:

The Game History Between the Teams (At Least the Last 5 Matches)

This allows you to see the behavior between the selected teams to predict what may happen in the next match.


On Saturday, October 8, the regular season game between San Jose Sharks vs. Nashville Predators will take place. In the last seven games between these two teams, the Sharks have won 6 times. Who to bet on? The answer is obvious.

Who Is the Local?

This is an aspect that the best bettors do not leave aside. It often happens that, even when recent games have not benefited a team much, the odds are in their favor simply because they are the home team. This is due to psychological and emotional factors of the players themselves, as they are at home and feel the support of their fans. We cannot leave aside the physical wear and tear that the trip implies for the visitors. This factor greatly increases the probability of victory for the locals.

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A particular case is the one that will take place on Saturday, October 15, in the NHL regular season when the Dallas Stars face the Nashville Predators. In the last 25 games, the Predators have won 14 times. However, the odds at William Hill are 1.36 in favor of the Stars against 1.51 for the Predators. The reason? The game will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, in front of 18,532 fans who will support their team with all their might. And the Stars will be in better physical condition than their opponents.

Average Number of Goals Scored by Each Opponent

Knowing this data is also keyespecially if we are talking about over-under bets—and more than the general scoring streak, it is crucial to know the goals concerning the matches between the teams that will face each other. At Bettipscanada.com, we know this, so we do not leave out this important information.


It is feasible to bet that in the next Bruins vs. Coyotes game, Boston will score +1.5 goals. Why? Simple: in the last four games between these teams, all have been won by the Bruins, with an average of 2.5 goals per game.

Who Are They Up Against?

The behavior of the teams varies not only by the location they are in but also by who they are facing.


A case in point is the Vegas Golden Knights, who, in their last 12 meetings vs. Chicago Blackhawks, have maintained a similar goals-against average (33-31 goals for Golden Knights). However, against the Kings —who considerably outscore the Blackhawks in stats, with odds of 1.29 vs. 2.26— Vegas in 22 games have remained moderately even: 72 goals to 61.

If you want a better chance of winning when betting, study the team’s performance against its opponent in at least the last five games.


Most Important Players of Each National Team and Their Statistics

Although the teams work as a whole, some players stand out and are decisive in the victory. Knowing data such as the number of goals, assists, and games played helps spread betting.


It is feasible to bet that Sebastian Aho —from Carolina— will score a goal in the Hurricanes vs. Blue Jackets game that will take place on October 12. That’s not far-fetched, especially since Aho has 37 goals and 44 assists in his last 79 games, six times as many as Columbus’ top player Jakub Voracek.

This information is also perfect for parlays or single bets, depending on the bettor’s preference.

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NHL 3-Way Handicap

The three-way handicap in hockey bets is a system designed to equalize the chances of winning, even if the NHL predictions of the bettor are the underdog. This type of betting has three possible outcomes, home victory, away victory, and draw. In addition (as with any other handicap bet), the bookmaker considers the goal difference in a specific match.

As a result, the positive handicap is assigned to the weaker team. On the other hand, the negative handicap is assigned to the favorite team of the match. Then, the bettor can win a handicap bet on the weaker team even if the final score is a draw.

For example, the NHL season opener between Nashville Predators vs. San Jose Sharks has odds of 1.55 and 2.60, respectively (according to Bet365). In this case, a handicap bet could be (-2) in favor Nashville. Therefore, the Predators must win by two or more goals for the bettor to win his wager.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if they did, as in the last seven meetings between these two teams, the Predators have averaged 3.57 goals per game.

Bet365 NHL Picks

Bet365’s slogan is “watch and bet on the NHL live at bet365”. As it turns out, this bookmaker offers high-definition streaming broadcasts to all its users. This company offers a very complete ice hockey statistics section to help the bettor make the best choice in his NHL bets. As if all that wasn’t enough, Bet365 has a special NHL Early Payout Offer, which increases the odds of winning.

With this promotion, the user can place straight payout bets when the team he chose as the winner gets a lead of at least three goals. Other advantages of Bet365 NHL are Parlay bonuses, reload offers, loyalty points for registered members, and free funds on the first deposit.

Betway NHL Lines

Betway offers its customers the possibility of obtaining excellent odds plus a wide variety of bets during the 82 games of the NHL regular round. But that’s not all. This bookmaker offers daily bets to its customers and bets related to transfer rumors during the days that there are no matches.

Furthermore, during the fall of 2021, Betway was named the “official sports betting partner of the League” thanks to a multi-year contract with the NHL. Among his most outstanding promotions are the 100% deposit bonus up to $200, props bets, and an excellent welcome bonus. Should note that Canadian users must navigate under a VPN to access the 365 portal or its mobile app.

William Hill NHL Picks

William Hill has strived to offer the best service, and the most attractive sports promotions to keep its customers happy. Its 80 years have served them well in knowing what each generation of bettors in Ice Hockey and other disciplines need. Options such as “Create #MyBet,” “CombiPLUS+,” “We love Sundays,” and “Boombets” make the betting experience at this portal unique.

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Worrying about security on this site is the least of their worries. They have the best encryption protocols, which guarantee data confidentiality. Live the NHL season 2022-2023 to the fullest by betting, and taking advantage of the extraordinary odds of William Hill is a pleasure and an opportunity that ice hockey lovers should not miss.

Sports Interaction NHL Lines

If you want to bet your NHL lines from Canada, then Sports Interaction is the best option. It is the Canadian bookmarker par excellence. The advantage of this sportsbook over the rest is that their knowledge of ice hockey is superior because they live it daily. They are Canadians who have created a betting space for Canadians, a safe environment with the best predictions and odds to win the juiciest prizes in this NHL season 2022-2023.

Their promotions, excellent streaming service, and 24/7 attention await you.

Frequently Asked Questions About NHL Picks

How Long Does a Hockey Game Last?

Field hockey games, including breaks, last 90 minutes (1.5 hours). There are three action periods of 20 minutes each (1 hour in total), and between them, there is a break of 15 minutes (i.e., two totaling the remaining 30 minutes).

Canadian Olympics’ Golden Medals?

Canada has demonstrated its power in the NHL, even at the Olympics. In fact, in the first 30 years of this great sporting event, the Canadian national team won six gold medals. The Canadian national field hockey team is still among the most respected worldwide.

Does NHL Include Canadian and Us Teams?

Yes, the National Hockey League includes U.S. participation. There are 25 U.S. and only 7 Canadian teams for a total of 32 teams.

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