It’s time for the NHL odds. The National Hockey League officially announced the schedule of matchups. There will be 1,312 regular season games and 108 preseason games. For all the fans who are wondering, “How to make sports bets on field hockey?” we created a full guide that will help you choose the best option for each matchup.

Making the single right bet or the best Parlay among the 16 teams that will face each other in the NHL is not complicated if you know how to read the odds. Let’s take as an example the November 1 matchup in Washington between the Golden Knights and the Capitals.

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What do the experts tell us? Bet365 has odds of 18.00 for the Golden Knights and 31.00 for the Capitals. What does this mean? Simple: the lower odds (18.00) show us the preferred team to win the match. This is logical when we study the last few games between these teams: Vegas has won 3 of the 4 recent meetings against Washington.

This same tactic can be applied in each and every game in which spot betting Canada is to be made. One of the most important aspects here is to choose a safe sports place for online betting. Among the most recommended ones are 22Bet, William Hill, and Sports Interaction —without leaving aside, of course, the aforementioned Bet365—. These sites, in addition to safeguarding your security, provide recent and accurate information about the best odds for each match.

Below are some NHL betting odds suggestions for the best matchups that will arise in this 2022-2023 season:

NHL: Some of the Best Hockey Matches September 2022

Coyotes vs. Ducks | Tucson, Arizona, September 25, 2022

Of the last 21 games played between Arizona and Anaheim, 13 have been won by the Coyotes, with an average of 3 goals per game. The reading on this is simple: 61% chance of victory for Arizona, and if we add to this that they will be the hosts, the odds increase slightly.

The best bet, in this case, would be a money line parlay in favor of the Coyotes with over 2.5 goals. Not to mention that one of the goals could come from Clayton Keller (undisputed leader with a personal record of 28 goals and 35 assists last season).

Maple Leafs vs. Senators | Belleville, Ontario, September 22, 2022

Toronto is the favorite in this matchup. Of the 23 NHL games in which they have faced each other, Maple Leafs have won 15 against Ottawa’s 8, for effectiveness of 65.21%. They have a 3.69 goals-against average, so a simple NHL under 2.5 bets would be perfect.

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Not to be overlooked is the possibility that Auston Matthews will score a touchdown. He was the star of the team last season with 60 goals and 46 assists, 106 total points.

Sharks vs. Kings | Ontario, California, September 28, 2022

This matchup is another one of the most anticipated due to its excellent NHL betting odds. In the last 17 meetings, the Sharks have won 12 times, with an efficiency of 70.5% and a goals-against average of 3.17 per game. San Jose is among the NHL’s best bets.

Timo Meier is a standout for the Sharks with 35 goals and 41 assists last season, so including him in the Parlay as a scorer would not be unreasonable.

hockey betting

NHL: Some of the Best Hockey Matches October 2022

Stars vs. Blues | Independence, Mo., October 1, 2022

Between these two giants, St. Louis has won 13 of 22 meetings against Dallas. With the Blues being 59.09% effective, they are a favorite at the NHL odds. Their 2.45 goals per game facilitate a simple bet at over 1.5, considering the strong possibility that Vladimir Tarasenko —their star player— will score at least one of the goals. Tarasenko stood out last season for his 82 points (34 goals and 48 assists).

It is not out of the question to bet on a draw between the teams.

Oilers vs. Canucks | Abbotsford, B.C., October 5, 2022

Edmonton, without a doubt, is the favorite in this matchup. With 16 wins out of 24 games played against Vancouver and an average of 2.75 goals, there can be no doubt about it (66.66% efficiency).

Oilers star Connor McDavid stands out as a potential goal scorer. In the 2021-2022 NHL season, he scored 44 goals and had 79 assists (123 points). Having him among the possible scorers is a sensible option when betting.

Nashville Predators vs. San Jose Sharks | O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic, October 8, 2022

The Predators are, without discussion, the favorite in the NHL betting this round. Of the seven games they have played with the Sharks, they have won 6-1, which translates into an 85.71% efficiency rate. And if we talk about goal average, they have 3.57 goals per game. The odds of Bet365 indicate a notable preference for Nashville, giving them 1.57 against 2.60 for San Jose.

Roman Josi is in the eye of the fans as a possible scorer. No wonder his 23 goals and 73 assists speak for themselves.

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NHL: Some of the Best Hockey Matches November 2022

Colorado Avalanche vs. Columbus Blue Jackets | Nokia Arena, Tampere, Finland, November 4, 2022

These teams have met very few times, only 5 games in the last 4 years. Of which, 2 have been won by the Avalanche and 3 by the Blue Jackets. However, thanks to Colorado’s performance last season, Bet365 odds benefit them with 5.25 against 67.00 for Columbus. The betting is clear for bettors.

Mikko Rantanen is one of the promising players on the pitch on November 4. His 36 goals and 56 assists last season indicate that he can be an effective contributor to the 3-goal average that the Avalanche vs. Blue Jackets has been accustomed to.

Boston Bruins vs. Calgary Flames | T.D. Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, November 10, 2022

Of the 5 games these teams have played, 3 have gone in Boston’s favor. However, the bet365 NHL futures are in favor of the Flames at 16.00 versus 26.00 for the Bruins. Calgary’s 3.6 goals-against average strengthens the odds, as does the performance of Johnny Gaudreau (40 goals, 75 assists) and the rest of the team.

Betting on a tie can’t be ruled out.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Montreal Canadiens | Bell Centre, Montreal, November 12, 2022

The difference between the two teams is small (6-5 in favor of the Penguins), Bet365’s odds mark a gulf between the teams: 23 in favor of Pittsburgh against 126 for Montreal. All indications are that the Penguins’ best player (Jake Guentzel, with 40 goals and 44 assists) will give plenty to talk about to perpetuate his team’s 3.18 goals-against average against the Canadiens.

In this case, a simple draw bet is also not out of the question.

NHL: Some of the Best Hockey Matches December 2022

Colorado vs. Buffalo | Buffalo, NY, December 1, 2022

December starts with a long-awaited meeting for Canadian bettors. And no wonder the last 5 meetings between these teams have been won by Colorado, and it doesn’t look like things are going to change. Sure money, apparently yes. The odds strengthen the preference for the Avalanche, with 5.25 against 51.00 for the Sabres.

Mikko Rantanen remains among the favorites to score and maintain Colorado’s 4.2 goals-against average streaks against Buffalo. Recall that the Finn had 36 goals, and 56 assists in the 2021-2022 season.

Nashville vs. N.Y. Islanders | Elmont, NY, December 2, 2022:

This match will be a very special one according to the predictions. Despite the fact that Nashville has won the last 4 meetings against the Islanders (4-0), with 5 goals on average per game, the odds of Bet365 point q that New York is the favorite with 34.00 vs. 51.00 of the Predators. It’s a bit of a sharp bet. Obviously, the programs benefit the Islanders because of their performance last season.

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It’s a matter of trusting the numbers and projections and waiting. Of course, Roman Josi persists as a favorite among potential scorers (23 goals and 73 assists last season).

Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 3

The over/under is 3-2 in favor of Pittsburgh in the last 5 meetings. The two teams are neck and neck, as their stats are very similar, with 2.2 goals against average for the Penguins and 2.0 for the Blues. In fact, Bet365 odds have them even at 23.00 each.

Anything can happen! But keep an eye on the Penguins’ Jake Guentzel and his 40 goals and 44 assists and the Blue’s Vladimir Tarasenko’s 34 goals and 48 assists.


How Do You Bet on Hockey?

It’s simple, choose the portal of your preference. Among the Canadian online gambling sites, we recommend 22Bet, Bet365, William Hill, or Sports Interaction. After the formal registration, go to the NHL section, and choose the match of your interest. Once there, analyze very well the odds of each team, and bet on your favorite one. Remember that the lower the odds, the more likely it is that the team will win. Read More About NHL Betting Sites & Markets.

What Are the Three Options in Hockey Betting?

The answer is really basic. It refers to the fact that there are only three possibilities in a field hockey game:

  1. Team A wins
  2. Team B wins
  3. That a tie occurs.

How to Make Simple Bets?

And yes, since 2021, it has been possible to do simple NHL public betting in Canada. Basically, after choosing the game of preference, you have to decide what to bet on within the universe of possibilities. Do you think Pittsburgh can beat St. Louis? then, bet the amount you consider that this will happen. Do you think it will be a draw? Then choose only that. And so on with all the other options.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

and much more