Dota 2 scene is at the peak of the year. With the new patch 7.32b, the meta has changed, and teams are adapting to the heroes and map modifications. And with the upcoming events, the teams will need to adapt as fast as possible while preparing for The International, the tournament with the giant prize pool in the history of eSports events. Click here for the best sportsbooks in Canada to bet on Dota 2.

But the teams playing The International are not the only ones currently working on, since Tier 2 and 3 Scenes are developing their tournaments, mostly thanks to Beyond The Summit organization, run by Dota 2 personalities David ‘LD’ Gorman and David ‘GoDz’ Parker. Whose efforts to spread the ‘not Tier-1’ scene is paying off, and many young talents can make a living while doing the thing they love the most.

Since Valve has a policy of 0 match fixing (the older ones will remember the ‘322’ incident), it can be a significant opportunity for those who follow the scene to bet and win, maybe finding that underdog that can make you cash out some significant earnings.

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BTS Pro Series Season 12: Southeast Asia

Behind The International but also in Southeast Asia comes BTS Pro Series. The 12th season of the American organization comes to the region to make an online tournament with a $40.000 prize pool. Although it isn’t a Tier 1 competition, it looks like one of those, thanks to some big teams competing.

Heavy Weights in Southeast Asia

Boom Esports, Fnatic, and Team SMG are the teams that you will want to watch. After the fiasco of TI Qualifiers, where a lot of SEA teams didn’t present their lists on time and couldn’t compete for a spot at The International, the organizations and, of course, the players will try to feed their hunger for glory by starting this new season with a victory in BTS Season 12.

Team SMG Needs to Prove Themselves

They will not compete for the money but the glory and the revindication that most need. Daryl ‘IceIceIce’ Koh, recently kicked from Team Secret, rejoined the server and has given him the best times in the competition, reuniting with former teammates Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng and Kam “Moon” Boon Seng. They will try to show if they still got what needs to be competitive in the high spheres of a game, which makes you need to show your capabilities to adapt and overcome.

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But indeed, the teams that you must watch this tournament are the two who managed to qualify for The International: Boom Esports and Fnatic.

Is Boom eSports the Team to Bet on?

Boom eSports have shown a lot of solidities this last year. They harvested the necessary points to achieve a direct invitation to The International by winning the regional DPC Season. They even won Gamers Galaxy Thailand 2022 against Polaris. Click here to visit Betway to see the odds available on eSports.

Fnatic Can Be a Surprise

On the other hand, Fnatic was the last team to get a direct invitation, only one point ahead of Russian organization Outsiders. They looked slightly inconsistent during the year, but there is undeniable chemistry between the Philippine players. The only thing they need is a meta according to their aggressive playstyle and some good days, and they will give the spectators a pretty good spectacle.

Behind the three favorites comes Hokori, the only non-Asian team of the tournament, Neon Sports, Army Geniuses (InYourDream’s team), Execration, Lilgun, and the new young TNC Predator roster; who once used to surprise us all by eliminating OG in one of the best series The International has ever had, but today they look like a shadow of their former selves.

Im 4

BTS Pro Series Season 12: Americas

On the other side of the globe, we’ll have the American version of the BTS Pro Series, thanks to the same organization. Not as entertaining as the Asian version since there’s no team qualified for TI, but indeed a pretty good opportunity for some teams to show what they are made of. Find out how to bet on Dota 2, click here. 

Is North America Still a Good Region?

The North American region had shown some downgrades since their peak performance, when Evil Geniuses managed to win The International 5. After the retirements of North America’s two most important players, Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis and Peter ‘PPD’ Dager, the region have not been the same.

Although talents like Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev or Quinn Callahan, the teams from North America seem to not be at the same level as Chinese and European teams. BTS is always a place for the new talents to start feeling what to compete is like, and a win in this tournament is not only an economic booster but also a morality one.

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On paper, 5RATFORCESTAFF seems like the to-go option for this tournament, if you want to bet on a North American team. They were the only team that managed to stay in Division I of the DPC Tour 3, achieving 6th place and sending The Cut and Felt to Division II.

But if you take a closer look at the results, you will see that the difference between these three teams is almost nothing. While The Cut and Felt ended the season with 13 losses each, 5RATFORCESTAFF lost 12 matches, enough for them to survive another season in the highest category of the DPC system.

Team DogChamp is the other north American team in this tournament. They didn’t manage to ascend to Division I, and they also had a recent roster change, so we can expect to be the underdog of the tournament, or a total failure while they manage to get synergy. Here is our complete section for betting on eSports.

South America Is Becoming Stronger

South America also has a complex variety of participants. We have Ravens commanded by ex-Infamous player Benjaz and No Runes, formerly known as Coritiba Esports. Both teams managed to get their spot in Division I winning almost every match in Division II, while 5ManMidas didn’t manage to get promoted.

The teams that already were in Division I are SG E-sports. They indeed suffer from communications problems since they have a German carry player, a Brazilian support player, and three Spanish speakers. However, they expect better performances in the future since they are working in their synergy.

Valorant is another growing e-Sport, in this link we tell you everything you need to know.

Can the Boys Recover Their True Form?

Finally, we have the Wolf Team, the former players of SG E-sports. Maybe the first south American team showed the world that the region is ready to compete at the higher level of the competition. Everybody who watches Dota 2, and mainly the gambles remember the series they won against Team Secret.

HFn, 4dr, tavo, Kingrd and KJ will try to recover the level they once had, and if they are having a good week, surely, they will be a solid contester in this competition.

EEF Dota 2 Qualifier

The Only Tournament Played by Countries

The EEF Qualifier is indeed an atypical tournament. It steals the format of the WESG tournament and groups the players not on teams but nationalities. Truly a diverse tournament that will allow spectators to watch new talents, and glories of the good old days, like formerly The International 3 Champion, Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg.

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Does Loda Still Got It?

Alliance’s ex-carry and now the organization’s owner will defend the colors of Sweden, who is undoubtedly the team to watch -and maybe bet- here. He will be accompanied by professional players Axel ‘Pablo’ Kallman, and Jonathan ‘Bengan’ Hansson, both of Europe Division II ‘Team Bald.’ Indeed, the most solid team in all three lines.

The Guys to Watch

The other players to highlight are Tamás ‘Low-skill’ Kaszás, a carry player from Hungary, Nikola ‘LeBronDota’ Popovic from Serbia, and Artem ‘Loren of’ Melnick, who will play for Ukraine.

The Rest

Czech Republic, Wales, Poland, Georgia, France, Kosovo, Norway, Montenegro, Spain, North Macedonia, Romania, Azerbaijan, and Israel will also compete in the group phase, and try to achieve a place in the IESF World Championship 2022.

A lot of new players here, indeed the scouting teams of the prominent organizations, will be watching, trying to haunt new talents for their squads.

RCS eSports Open

Finally, we have a little tournament in the CIS Region. RCS eSports open is a tournament organized by SGL eSport with a prize pool of $8739usd. Luna Gaming, HOTU, CoolStoryBob, and Blasterbl will compete to win this small Tier 4 tournament, the lowest-ranked event of the competition.

Luna and HOTU will face each other in the first semifinal. CoolStoryBob and Blasterbl will compete in the second one on September 24. The next day, the two winning teams will compete for the glory and maybe a little recognition. Good luck, teams!

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