The Stanley Cup party begins on October 7, and everyone wants to know the best NHL picks. The bookies have their odds ready for the league’s favorites, with Colorado Avalanche leading the predictions with +450. The Toronto Maple Leafs follow them at +800 and last season’s runners-up —the Lightning— at +900.

The competition is tight, but if you have good data at the time of the game —games won, games lost, goal average, best players, matches between the teams—bets increase their chances of success. Want to know the best NHL predictions for this 2022-23 season, then stay with us.

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NHL Betting | Winning or Losing Team of the Match

Determining who wins or loses in an Ice Hockey game, rather than luck, depends on statistical and situational factors. The first thing to do is to analyze data from at least the last five games between the two teams. What data to look at? Simple: the number of games won, the average number of goals, and the total points of the most valuable players.

The decision is easy if the numbers are different by 20 or 30%. For example, in the Friday, October 14, Blue Jackets vs. Lightning matchup, the Tampa Bay team won 14 of the last 23 games and scored 70 goals against 63. Without hesitation, I would put my money on the Lightning. This season’s predictions are on fire.

If the numbers are equivalent, then there is a 50/50 chance that either will win. In this case, to tip the scales, you must see who will be the home team. This simple fact can give a 10 or 15% more probability of winning to one of the teams. The reason is basic: the wear and tear that the visitors usually suffer during the trip, the little rest, and the lodging conditions, something that does not happen with the locals. A clear example is a game that will occur on October 12 between the Maple Leafs vs. Capitals at the Scotiabank Arena. The statistics are equivalent, but Toronto is local, which puts the odds of William Hill at 1.01 in favor against 1.31.

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Another factor to take into account is the roster of each team. You must study whether you will be playing with the original roster, or if there are any injured players. This is another determining element in making NHL lines effective.

Winner of the Period | NHL

It doesn’t matter how many cups a team has won in this instance. The case of the Canadiens, 24 Stanley’s, has not won for 30 years, the reason being that the team that won it no longer exists. Must always update us with recent data, both individual and collective.

  • How does one team react against another on the field? We must know.
  • Which players have the most goals and assists in each game? We must know.

In the specific case concerning the initial question, predictions point to the Colorado Avalanche taking the title this 2022-2023 season. A future NHL parlay bet on this team is backed at +450 by the most prestigious bookies, such as Betway. The reason is simple: the roster, the effectiveness in the past season, their statistics compared to the rest of the teams, and, not least, that they keep the recent spirits, which gives them a psychological and emotional advantage.


NHL Predictions | Bet on the Number of Goals

Each team’s goal average is key in determining who will win an NHL ice hockey game. But, it is not enough to know the individual statistics, as we have already said. It is necessary, obligatorily, to know how teams respond to each other. The behavior of a team is different for each opponent.

A clear case of this will be on October 13 between Predators vs. Stars at Bridgestone Arena. Nashville has won 14 of the last 25 games and is playing at home. But the odds of Betway benefiting Dallas are 1.36 against 1.51. The reason? Easy: the Stars’ goal average when playing Nashville: 66 vs. 54 in those same last 25 games.

And yes, the goal average counts, but more important is the same statistic between the teams facing each other. We recommend, in this case, at least a study of the last ten matches. Do not forget that each team’s roster is complete and in optimal condition. That is also fundamental.

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In the case of handicapping (European or Asian), it requires full knowledge of the statistics of the teams, both individually and concerning the contender. Why? Simple: you cannot subtract points from a team, before a field hockey game without knowing how it will behave on the ice.

As is well known, handicapping allows that, by subtracting points from a favorite contender before a game, the odds assigned to it go up by a percentage. Therefore, if you win under the imposed conditions, there will be considerably higher revenues.

A perfect case of a handicap bet that can pay off handsomely, is the Penguins vs. Coyotes game on Thursday, October 13, at PPG Paints Arena. Pittsburgh has won the last five meetings against Arizona by an average of 3.2 goals per game. Meanwhile, the Coyotes have averaged 1.8 goals per game.

Betway odds are 1.23 (Penguins) and 4.01 (Coyotes), respectively. Based on this data, a 3-1 result in favor of the Penguins would not be far-fetched. Therefore, and being conservative, a -1 handicap bet in favor of Pittsburgh would be logical, and very possible and would allow the odds to rise to 2.23.

However, the more adventurous ones, thinking in a 3-0 or 4-1 scenario —which is feasible, and even more knowing that the Penguins are at home— could opt for a -2 handicap in favor of Pittsburgh, which would increase the odds to 3.23 and with it the winnings.

Combined Bets

If you handle the data properly, it is easy to hit 2-figure combination bets on ice hockey. As we have been talking about, it is all about knowing the numbers, statistics, and conditions under which the games are played.

A perfect double-digit combination bet would be that in the game on Saturday, October 15, between Maple Leafs vs. Senators, at the Scotiabank Arena, the Toronto team will win and that one of the goals will be scored by its star player: Auston Matthews (60 G / 46 A). This is not strange when reviewing the numbers between these two teams. 15 Maple Leafs wins in the last 23 games with 3.65 goals per game average.

Knowing that Toronto also plays at home would allow them to make a perfect triple combination and add that, in addition, they will win with under 2.5 goals. The data speaks for itself.

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Live Bets

In addition to what has already been said, getting the most live bets on ice hockey requires getting rid of fanaticism. There is no best team if the circumstances are not right. There is no such thing as luck in betting. On the other hand, every good bettor must have a bookmaker that meets his needs in terms of connectivity (no streaming crashes) and security and whose odds are a little ahead of him. Betway, William Hill, and 888Sports are exemplary cases.

Having chosen the Sportbook, it is time to know what kind of bets to place. If you do not have the experience, the best thing to do is to go for the moneyline that, even if you win little on them, you win. Another recommended bet is the over-under, having at hand, of course, the statistics, forecasts, and odds section of the website where you are. This is the only way to be sure of what you are doing.

A safe live bet? Easy: in the match that will take place on October 15 at 07:00ET between Bruins vs. Coyotes at TD Garden, the Boston team will win by more than 1.5 goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does a Hockey Game Last?

An ice hockey game lasts 90 minutes. The time of the game is divided as follows: 3 halves of 20 minutes each and two intermediate breaks of 15 minutes each.

Canadian Olympics’ Golden Medals?

Yes, Canada has won six Olympic gold medals in ice hockey.

Does NHL include Canadian and US Teams?

Yes. 25 of the NHL teams are American. Only seven teams are Canadian.

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