The basic reason why we join the world of sports betting is to make money. Therefore, to achieve this goal, we must try to learn everything necessary, master the basic terms (odds, parlay, over-under, handicap, money line) and, of course, know the different sports disciplines of the bookies. This last point is key if you want to make a profit.

Just as each sport has its way of being played (NFL football, NHL ice hockey, soccer, tennis), it also has its ways of being bet on. That is why we will find many options in this wide world of sports betting, some much more complex than others according to our perspectives and experience.

Below is everything you need to know about choosing the perfect sports game to learn to bet.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

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What Sport Is the Best to Bet On?

In Canada, the sport par excellence for betting is ice hockey. The reason is the game’s basics and the adrenaline generated by the matches. There are five skaters (two defensive and three offensive) a goalie for each half of the field, and the game is won by single goals scored in a small net.

It has also been the national sport since 1964, so it is not uncommon for Canadian citizens to grow up watching ice hockey games and learning how to play them. Knowledge of the discipline —the result of years of experience—its rules, the roster of players of each team —the chemistry between them—and the performance of the coaches makes it easy for Canadians to bet on the games. Here’s our NHL guide to What are the most common bets in ice hockey?

What to Consider When Betting?

Here are some key aspects to take into consideration when placing bets:

Choosing a Reliable and Secure Sportsbook

This is just as important, or even more so, than knowing which team to bet on. The reason: the website will have access to our personal and bank details. In addition, the bookmarker is in charge of giving us our money after we have won.

The basic elements to take into account when choosing a sportsbook are:

  • SSL encryption protocol. This will keep our data in total privacy.
  • Variety of payment methods. This will make it easier to deposit the money with which we will bet.
  • Low withdrawal fees. We do not want half of our winnings to stay in the website.
  • Multiple betting markets. In the variety, there are more possibilities to choose the game that best suits our knowledge.
  • Live transmissions with a stable and fast signal. This will make the experience more immersive.
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If you still don’t know which sportsbook to choose, don’t worry, visit our full section of sportsbook comparisons. At Bettipscanada, we care about the security and comfort of our readers. That is why we serve as a link to the best and safest bookmakers worldwide:

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Understanding the Odds System

Once you have a bookmaker to place your bets, it is important to understand how they work. There is a number that the sportsbook assign to each team before the match, and this value will determine how much we will win after betting. This number is called “odd”, and it comes in a variety of types:

  • Decimal (e.g., 1.45)
  • Fraction (e.g., 1/2 or 3/2)
  • American (e.g.: +300 or -300)

In our case, we will work with the decimal system. To learn How Do Betting Odds Works, please click here.


The Oilers vs. Flames game will take place on October 15. It will take place at Rogers Place. Edmonton is the home team. The odds at Bet365 are 1.17 (Oilers) and 1.16 (Flames).

Who Is the Bookie’s Favorite Team?

If we don’t know anything about betting, we would normally think it is the Oilers because they have a higher number assigned to them (1.17). But the correct answer is the Flames (1.16). If a team is assigned a lower odd, it means that it has a better chance of winning.

How Much Will I Be Paid if I Win by Betting?

The answer is simple: multiply the stake by the odds. If we bet $100 on the Flames and win, our profit will be 100×1.16= 116$.

Which Sport to Bet On?

If we haven’t yet chosen a sport, we should ask ourselves this question: which sport do we know best? The answer to this is key to moving forward. We cannot bet on feelings without knowing what is happening on the playing field. This is not about “getting lucky”. It is about the sport and the factors influencing one team to win.

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Which Team to Bet On?

Let’s assume we have chosen ice hockey. Choosing the winning team is the next step. Here it is extremely important to put preferences aside, and put each team’s statistics as a priority. What data should I consider? Study the individual performance of each team in at least their last ten games. In addition, review the behavior of both teams among themselves.

Should check out the following factors:

  • Matches won
  • Games lost
  • OT (games won overtime)
  • Number of total goals for and against
  • Best player (goals, assists, total points)
  • If there are injuries
  • If there have been recent changes.

With all this in mind for each team, the numbers are compared, and it is decided who is the most likely to win. The bookmaker’s odds are also taken into account. The winner, of course, is the one with the data in favor. So should I bet against my favorite team? If the numbers are against you and you want to make money, fanaticism should be left aside.

Last-minute “miracles” in sports usually happen in the movies. On the ice, there is pure reality: the strongest and most agile always win.

What Type of Bet to Make?

This is another important factor to take into account. As is well known, parlay has always been used in Canada as a betting method. One had to choose two or more options regarding a particular match and wait for the results. And most experts combined it with handicap. However, in mid-2021, single bets became legal on Canadian soil.

If you are a novice, it is strongly recommended to place single bets. The reason is basic: to go step by step to gain experience until you fully master the betting profession. In ice hockey, you can choose from the following options:

  • Winner of the match
  • Draw
  • Win over-under or over-under (over-under)

One bet at a time.

How Much to Bet?

This, of course, will depend on our bankroll and our confidence in the choice. It is advisable to start with low figures to gain experience.

How to Learn to Bet on Football?

After ice hockey, Canadian football is the most played and betting sport. The method to know how to bet on this sport, is not at all different from what has already been explained in ice hockey. What does vary is the data of the points (goals) since the dynamics of football scoring are different.

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A key recommendation —if you have no experience with this game— is: to watch a lot of games, preferably focusing on the performance of a particular team until you get to know it completely. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad team, because by knowing its qualities, you will know whether to bet on a winner or loser against another opponent in a specific game.

Now, if you correctly handle the values of the touchdown and its extra points (1 or 2), the down, and the attempts to advance in yards, there is a good basis to start betting. The next thing to do would be to choose the bookie of preference, the match, and, after having analyzed the statistics of each team, choose a simple bet on. Here’s a list of Top Football Betting Sites.

  • Winner of the match
  • Draw
  • Win by over or under so many points (over-under).

Deposits and Withdrawals:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Difficult to Learn How to Bet on NFL Football?

If you have never had contact with the sport and its rules, it will take you some time to be able to bet. You must study a lot about the discipline and its rules, and watch enough matches until you feel confident.

How to Read the Odds Correctly?

In decimal odds, the lower figure is awarded to the preferred team. Why? Simple: the sportsbook will pay less for the team more likely to win.

What Kind of Bets Are Recommended for a Beginner?

Simple bets or Moneyline.

What Sport Should I Start Betting on in Canada?

Preferably, ice hockey.