The Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks will play the two first games of the season, in the 2022 NHL Global Series on October 7 and 8 at the O2 Arena in Prague, according to an announcement from the NHL. After a two-season hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NHL will play in Europe for the first time since 2019.

The odds for the first game are 6/4 (2.5 | +150) for the Predators, and 10/17 (1.59 | -169) for the Sharks. While the odds for the second match are 20/23 (1.87 | -115) for the Predators, and 29/20 (2.45 | +145) for the Sharks.

The 2022-23 NHL season will continue, with the New York Rangers (5/6 | 1.83 | -120) hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning (1/1 | 2 | +100) on October 12. The October 12 doubleheader will also feature the Vegas Golden Knights (1/1 | 2 | +100) facing the Los Angeles Kings (5/6 | 1.83 | -120).

On October 13, we will see the Boston Bruins (1/1 | 2 | +100) taking on the Washington Capitals (5/6 | 1.83 | -120). And the Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche (1/4 | 1.25 | -400) will raise their banner that same day against the Chicago Blackhawks (16/5 | 4.2 | +320).

Also, on October 13, Carolina Hurricanes (7/4 | 2.75 | +175) will host Columbus Blue Jackets (10/21 | 1.48 | -210), and the Seattle Kraken (6/5 | 2.2 | +120) will be visiting the Anaheim Ducks (5/7 | 1.71 | -140).

Besides, that day will also feature the Toronto Maple Leafs (20/47 | 1.43 | -235) visiting the Montreal Canadiens (39/20 | 2.95 | +195), followed by the Vancouver Canucks (8/5 | 2.6 | +160) vs. Edmonton Oilers (5/9 | 1.56 | -179). Check the full Stanley Cup tips.

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Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
San Jose Sharks Away 10/17 1.59 -170
Nashville Predators Home 6/4 2.5 +150


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Nashville Predators Away 20/23 1.87 -115
San Jose Sharks Home 29/20 2.45 +145
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Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Tampa Bay Lightning Away 1/1 2 +100
New York Rangers Home 5/6 1.83 -120


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Vegas Golden Knights Away 1/1 2 +100
Los Angeles Kings Home 5/6 1.83 -120


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Boston Bruins Away 1/1 2 +100
Washington Capitals Home 5/6 1.83 -120


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Chicago Blackhawks Away 16/5 4.2 +320
Colorado Avalanche Home 1/4 1.25 -400


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Toronto Maple Leafs Away 20/47 1.43 -235
Montreal Canadiens Home 39/20 2.95 +195


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Vancouver Canucks Away 8/5 2.6 +160
Edmonton Oilers Home 5/9 1.56 -179


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Columbus Blue Jackets Away 10/21 1.48 -210
Carolina Hurricanes Home 7/4 2.75 +175


Teams Location Fractional Decimal American
Seattle Kraken Away 6/5 2.2 +120
Anaheim Ducks Home 5/7 1.71 -140

Who Is the Most Deserving Candidate for Each Match?

Let’s outline these previous numbers to summarize who is the most deserving candidate for each match:


Away Home Favorite Underdog
San Jose Sharks Nashville Predators San Jose Sharks Nashville Predators
Nashville Predators San Jose Sharks Nashville Predators San Jose Sharks
Tampa Bay Lightning New York Rangers New York Rangers Tampa Bay Lightning
Vegas Golden Knights Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings Vegas Golden Knights
Boston Bruins Washington Capitals Washington Capitals Boston Bruins
Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche Chicago Blackhawks
Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens
Vancouver Canucks Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks
Columbus Blue Jackets Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes Columbus Blue Jackets
Seattle Kraken Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks Seattle Kraken

Betting for or Against the Public?

A successful sports betting approach that can significantly boost your bottom line, is betting against the public.

Countless casual, mainly uneducated sports enthusiasts place casual, uneducated wagers. The cornerstone of betting against the public, is the notion that these casual fans are frequently mistaken.

  • Do you think you know more about sports than the typical fan?
  • Do you have a solid sense of when the consensus is incorrect?
  • Do you frequently observe when the media is biased and exaggerates a result?
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You can find amazing opportunities to bet against the consensus, by keeping an eye out for important indications.



Is Fading the Public Profitable?

Simply put, betting against the public entails wagering contrary to what most people anticipate will occur. This is also referred to as “fading” the public.

There is merit in placing a wager on the opposite outcome, if you notice that the action on a wager is extremely lopsided, and that most participants are placing bets on one outcome.

This sports betting strategy is based on the idea that the general public doesn’t always make the proper decisions. Many more people would be successful sports bettors if they were. Many bettors make incorrect predictions, according to those who believe in betting against the crowd. In addition, betting against the crowd necessitates the capacity to recognize when the crowd is mistaken.

Sportsbooks always prefer to have nearly similar amounts of action on both sides of a bet to reduce risk. The sportsbook frequently modifies the lines and odds, to favor the opposing side when most bettors place huge bets on one side.

Moving betting lines are an excellent sign that most people place one-way wagers. Since the sportsbook is attempting to make the less popular side of the bet more alluring, not only is this a good chance to fade the public if you believe they are mistaken, but you can also receive even higher odds.

Bet on the Underdog to Win

Start with a straightforward one: a casual bettor on a game involving Team A and Team B. Although he hasn’t followed either team closely this year, he knows Player C plays for Team A ,and is a hitter. He decides that is sufficient and wagers on Team A.

He is unaware that Team A has been struggling. On the other hand, Team B is on a winning streak and has momentum.

A sufficient number of individuals will wager on the favorites based on notable players or simple psychology. As a result, the favorite receives most of the wagers, inflating the odds on the underdog.

This is an excellent opportunity to wager against the crowd.

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What is a Soft Bookie?

Have you ever heard of the phrase sharp and gentle bookmakers? Here, we’ll explain this and the rationale behind dividing the sports betting market into these two categories.

Sharp Bookmakers

Some bookies offer odds that change quite quickly, and are reasonably close to the actual likelihood of a match. The odds are frequently adjusted in connection to events, and the market using complex mathematical models, computerized algorithms, and a combination of knowledgeable traders. They are referred to as sharp bookmakers.

Soft Bookmakers

A slower-moving soft bookmaker often offers more alluring odds targeted toward recreational players. This means that their odds don’t always accurately reflect the likelihood of a match. When a sharp adjusts its odds, it can take the soft bookmaker minutes, or even hours to follow suit. For instance, it’s not unusual for a savvy bookmaker to change their odds in a matter of seconds if a key player is injured before a game.

More About NHL and Where to Bet

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