This article will cover bank wire transfers as a deposit and withdraw method regarding betting sites in Canada. If your interest is in finding out more about depositing and withdrawing money from betting sites via bank wire transfers, keep reading!

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What Is a Bank Wire?

Banks around the world administer wire transfers, which are electronic financial transfers. When you initiate a wire transfer, you must provide the receiver’s name and account number, among other information.

Because wire transfers are settled electronically, they do not involve the physical exchange of money. This way, funds can be transferred securely and quickly without exchanging cash.

So two parties can safely and securely transfer funds, even if they are in different locations.

Is It Legal to Deposit on Betting Sites With Bank Wire in Canada?

Yes, depositing and withdrawing on betting sites through bank wire in Canada is legal, but not all betting sites accept bank wires as a payment method.

In the 1990s, Canada legalized online gambling at a federal level. Only parlay bets were permitted until June 2021, but Canada has legalized single-event sports betting. For this reason, you can bet on sports such as football (including European leagues and Champions League), MMA, and e-sports, among others. Each Canadian province regulates sports betting, so what you can or can’t do depends on the province you live.

For more information about legal issues on online betting in Canada, visit Legal Bet Canada.

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Can You Deposit and Withdraw on Betting Sites With Bank Wire in Canada?

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw to/from a betting site using bank wire in Canada if the betting site accepts bank wire as a payment method.

In Canada, some betting sites (like Bet365 and Betway) accept bank wires as payment methods, while others (like Melbet and 22bet) don’t.

Bank Wire Fees for Betting Sites

Bet365 and Betway don’t charge a fee for deposits or withdraws from your bank account to the platform or from the platform to your bank account through bank wire, but the process can take up to five days, and your bank can apply a fee. To be sure, ask your bank for advice.

Pros and Cons of Using Bank Wire Betting Sites

It is common for betting sites to use wire transfers, but you should be careful. It is necessary to research the security of a bookmaker to ensure that you can place bets confidently. You are looking for a website that offers numerous payment options, but all must include the latest online security measures.

Bank wires are excellent for transferring large amounts of money to and from betting sites. This is important if you are a high-stakes bettor who wants to move your money onto and off betting sites because otherwise, you will have to make a lot of small payments to accomplish this.

The most significant advantage of using bank wire on betting sites is that you may deposit and withdraw as much as you want. And the only real downside is the time it takes to send a transfer.

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Betting Sites and Bank Wire in Canada


Melbet is an online betting and online casino platform that operates on an international scale. These services are accessible thanks to a license from the Curaçao government. Melbet DOESN’T accept bank wire deposits or withdrawals in Canada. This information was verified in the “Deposits” section of the website and with customer service.


Betway is an online gambling company founded in 2006 that operates in countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Betway DOES accept bank wire deposits in Canada but not withdraws. This information was verified in the “Deposits” section of the website and with customer service.


22bet is an online gaming firm that provides sports betting and online gambling services. It is Europe’s largest bookmaker, and it was established in 2018. 22bet DOESN’T accept bank wire deposits or withdrawals in Canada. This information was verified in the “Deposits” section of the website and with customer service.


Using bank wires is a great way to deposit and withdraw money on betting sites in Canada. A lot of bookmakers in Canada use bank wires, so you probably can find a betting site that accepts this method of payment.

Before registration, do a quick search for whether the bookmaking company you want to bet with accepts bank wires. Ensure that the betting site you select is reliable and safe, and then use bank wires to deposit and withdraw as much as you want.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

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