Qatar is one of the Persian Gulf’s smallest yet most powerful nations, and there are a lot of fascinating facts about it. It’s one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and will be the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Below are some curiosities about Qatar. These Qatari facts might stir your curiosity to the point that you start thinking about visiting the country soon! If you want to know more about betting in Qatar, click here.

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Almost 90% of the Population Are Not Qataris

The fact that ex-pats adore Qatar is one of its best-known characteristics. Many individuals move into the country to benefit from the beautiful weather, the relaxed way of life, and the tax-free salaries.

There are around two million ex-pats living in Qatar. According to this statistic, Qataris themselves are currently the minority. Qatar has developed into a melting pot of various ethnicities and traditions while only making up 12 percent of the population.

Has No Trees Except a Few in Private Gardens

You shouldn’t be too surprised by this exciting truth about Qatar. The majority of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are desert countries with scant amounts of trees and other forms of vegetation. The majority of the trees and lush surroundings are man-made.

Qatar is one of just four places in the entire globe without forests. The country does have some vegetation, but you will never find a forest there. You can still take in a lot of breathtaking sandscapes, though!

Weekend Is Different

Most of the Western world has five working days and two weekends. We most frequently associate the weekend with Saturday and Sunday, right? Well, the weekends in Qatar are Fridays and Saturdays.

Most nations in the UAE don’t observe the familiar weekends in the West. Since Friday is considered a blessed day in Islam, several nations, including Qatar, do not have business hours on that day. Workweeks begin on Sunday and end on Thursday. Discover the activities planned for the World Cup.

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One of the Best Airlines Worldwide

The national airline of Qatar, Qatar Airways, has been recognized as the world’s greatest airline for three years. It offers both domestic and international services to all seven continents. Qatar Airways once operated the world’s longest scheduled flight between Doha and Auckland. It had a duration of 16 hours and 30 minutes.

Gas is Very Cheap

One of the world’s richest nations, Qatar derives most of its wealth from natural resources like oil and gas. The exports of these two items make up 60% of Qatar’s GDP, and as a result, the country’s citizens benefit from various advantages.

Cheap gas is one of the finest benefits. Qataris benefit from affordable gasoline prices and don’t have to spend much money filling their tanks. You might discover that buying a few lattes at Starbucks is more expensive than filling up your tank in Qatar.

Second Flattest Nation in the World

If you enjoy hiking, Qatar might not be your best place. After the Maldives, it is the second flattest nation in the world. The highest point is around 338 feet above sea level, with an average elevation of 91.9 feet.

You won’t find any cliffs or sloping slopes in Qatar. Skyscrapers will be your only source of information on the size of the area. There are a lot of flat areas in the country, and they are also fairly lovely to look at.


The Flag Is Special and Has Great Meaning

You’ll see their flag flying everywhere regardless of where you go in Qatar. The flag is beautiful, but it also means a lot.

The nine serrated edges symbolized the incorporation of Qatar as the ninth member of the united Emirates under the terms of a 1916 treaty signed with the British.

The maroon hue is Qatar maroon or Pantone 1955 C, symbolizing the Al Khor Island purple dye industry. The flag is distinctive as the only flag in the world that is twice as wide as it is tall.Men Outnumber Women Three to One.

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In Qatar, you’ll note that there are many more men than women. There are three men for every woman in the country, according to the most current census, which was conducted in September 2020.

Out of the total population of 2,723,624, only 754,592 people are women. Qatar has the highest male-to-female ratio of any nation on earth.

Doha, the Capital City, Is home to 99% of Its Citizens.

You already know that Qataris make up a small percentage of the country’s population, but did you know that most of them reside in the capital city of Doha? Exactly 99% of them!

This is partly because most of the land is desert, which cannot support much of life. The second factor is that practically all Qataris are extremely wealthy and can afford to reside in the capital.

The Ruling Family Has Been in Charge Since 1868

Throughout history, many families have held power in various countries. However, an interesting fact about Qatar is that since Mohammed Bin Thani signed a treaty with the British in 1868, the royal family has remained the same.

The most powerful family in Qatar is the House of Thani, as the regal line is referred to, and it significantly impacts politics and the economy.

Many properties in London, England, are owned by Qatar

This interesting fact about Qatar is, in fact, very astounding. Qatar has numerous real estate investments, but the majority are in London. The projected $313 million cost of the new residence for the Qatari Royal Family is also being spent in London.

Qatar outpaces the Queen and the Mayor of London’s office regarding their real estate holdings in London. Qatar is the largest landlord in London, owning more than three times as many properties as the Queen.

Qatar Will Host the Soccer World Cup For the First Time in an Arab Nation

The FIFA World Cup is the most thrilling football-related event. The tournament will be held in Qatar for the first time by an Arab nation.

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In addition, it will take place in the smallest nation to have ever hosted it and only in the winter. Additionally, it will be the first World Cup to be carbon neutral.


How long will the 2022 Qatar World Cup last?

This World Cup will be the first not to be hosted in May, June, or July. It will be played in a shorter timeframe of roughly 29 days. The tournament will take place from late November to mid-December. Read More about World Cup Predictions.

When is the inauguration of Qatar 2022?

To enable the host nation to play after the opening ceremony on Sunday, November 20, FIFA has shifted the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar forward by one day. The 60,000-seat Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, north of the Qatari capital Doha, will host the opening ceremony and the tournament’s opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

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