When you see a sports betting odds sheet, there are probably some things that you don’t understand. Although, at first sight, it may seem tricky, sports betting odds are pretty simple to understand. Even if, for example, you already know a lot about football and how the game is played, learning about betting odds will help you out in future bets.

Sports betting is a common hobby for gamblers and sports fans. It gives you a chance to express your sports knowledge and may also be profitable.

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The most significant factor in being successful at sports betting is understanding how sports betting odds work. Any sports wager relies on betting odds, determining whether a wager is worth making. The payout of any wager you place is determined by combining the relevant odds and your stake.

However, if all the sports betting odds talk is confusing, don’t worry. We have all been through it before. In this article, we look at betting odds in detail, paying particular attention to the three ways they can be expressed.

Online sportsbooks may present betting in various ways, depending on the sport and location where you’re making your bets. It’s critical to grasp how betting odds work and how we should read them.

All the examples above display sports betting odds in different ways. Despite being presented differently, they all convey the same probability of winning –all will yield $2 of profit for every $1 wagered successfully.

  • American odds: +200
  • Fractional/UK odds: 2/1
  • Decimal/European odds: 3.0

Types of Betting Odds

American Odds

As the name says, the American odds are well-known in the United States. They work differently for favorites and underdogs.

By betting on a favorite, American odds display how much money you need to bet to win $100 (for example, you must bet $200 to win $100 with a -200 odds).

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If you bet on the underdog, a positive number means how much you can win by risking 100 dollars (for example, with a +200 line, you would have to wager $100 to win $200).

Fractional/UK Odds

Fractional odds, often known as UK odds, British odds, or traditional odds, are frequently employed in the United Kingdom. Let’s use a soccer example:

A gambler betting for Bournemouth, who has odds of 6/1 to win, will get a payout of $6 for every $1 bet. That means a payout of $7 for someone betting $1.

And a gambler betting for Manchester United, who have odds of 1/6 to win, will get a payout of $1 for every $6 bet. That means a payout of $7 for betting $6.

Decimal/European Odds

Decimal or European odds are popular in Australia, Canada, and Europe. Many people believe that this is the easiest format to understand. Online sportsbooks will usually display odds in decimal format.

The number represents the amount paid out if you win the bet with decimal odds. When odds are 3.0, you will win $3 for every $1 you bet.

Football Betting Odds

How Do Football Betting Odds Work?

There are a lot of football matches taking place all the time, with bookmakers providing countless wagering alternatives for every little detail of matches. They will provide their predictions on both the match’s outcome and different situations within the match.

Numerous bookmakers continuously have special offers and competitive odds to ensure you get the best value. When the result is confirmed, and your bet wins, you will be paid out the amount you bet and the winnings from the bet.

You can bet on various wagers, including parlays, where you combine multiple wagers to get a big payoff (most football wagers are available in this format).

How Do Boxing Betting Odds Work

Boxing is one of the best-known wagering sports. Numerous wagers may be placed on boxing matches. You may bet on who wins the fight (also known as Moneyline), how the competitor wins the battle, how long the combat lasts, and other variables.

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Despite boxing no longer being as popular as it once was, heavy bets are still placed on big matches between well-known boxers. Sportsbooks do not usually offer fights on the lower end of the scale for betting. These fights typically involve new boxers or those winding down their careers.

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How Do UFC Betting Odds Work

UFC is becoming more and more popular in Canada. Boxing used to be the center of attention, but UFC has captured the masses in the last decade.

UFC cards feature the most outstanding and distinguished fighters, and they take place worldwide, offering enormous betting menus nearly every week of the year.

Like with boxing, there are many wagering options for UFC, including Moneyline, method of victory, and total rounds.

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What is Implied Probability?

It’s crucial for gamblers who want to earn significant amounts of money over the long term to figure out the gap between odds and probability.

It is essential to remember the use of percentages or decimals to express probability. If it’s 100%, something will happen, whereas 0% indicates it will not. Values range from 0 to 1.0 using decimals.

The probability of a coin toss can be calculated easily because there are only two possible outcomes, and each has a 50% chance of occurring. Sports wagering, however, requires careful consideration as many variables exist. In other words, sports gamblers cannot accurately estimate the likelihood of winning, which is why many gamblers lose money.

Regarding sports betting, gamblers should be aware that they can use the odds to determine the implied probability of a specific outcome occurring. Therefore, bettors can determine the bookie’s advantage and whether the wager they are considering is a worthy investment.

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Suppose you want to estimate the implied probability of a football match at odds of 2.00. To accomplish this, you must divide one by the odds value, which in this case would be 0.5. We will use percentages to make things more transparent, so you must multiply 0.5 by 100. As a result, the probability is 50%.

If the odds were 50% in favor of a specific outcome, there would be no point in playing since your chances of losing or winning would be equal.


Sports betting is a popular way to pass the time and make money. At any time, you can bet on any sport using any of your favorite bookmakers.

Odds are the most critical factor when you place a wager on any sport. Odds help you determine whether a wager is worth making. They are also what makes sports betting so interesting.

You always have to remember that understanding how odds work is the most significant factor in becoming successful at sports betting.

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